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These baby names similar to August have strong, quirky vibes.
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20 Baby Names With Similar Vibes To August

These baby names are all strong and a little quirky.

One of the most exciting times during pregnancy is thumbing through the many names you can choose for your baby and imagining how nice a ring it will have. If you’re looking for a big name that is unique with a powerful meaning, you can stop your search with the ‘A’ section, because the name August fits that bill.

According to Behind the Name, the month of August was named after the Roman emperor Augustus, but your baby doesn’t have to have been born in this summer month to identify with the strength of its meaning. Originating from the Latin language, August means “great, magnificent,” and it is gaining popularity. In 2019, the name was listed among the top 170 names in the US. But that’s no surprise because recently celebrities, like Mandy Moore and Princess Eugenie, have chosen to name their newborns August. Yes, it’s typically given to boys, but it’s considered a gender-neutral name.

Although it can seem like a quirky name, it has strength, eccentricity, and individuality. And there’s nothing wrong with quirky anyway. Here are a few to consider if you’re looking for baby names like August that carry their own staple and strength.



Magnus is a name that dominates and commands respect. Like August, its origins are Latin, and it means “greatest.” Both these names have strong meanings, and if you want to go for something different and special, this is an option.



Oswald is a boy’s name that has English origins. It means “divine power.” Like August, Oswald is unique, even amongst names beginning with ‘O.’



The name Max partially shares its meaning with August. It has English origins and stands for “greatest.” Although this name is English, it was derived from the Latin name Maximilian. This shortened version is more commonly used and, according to Nameberry, is gender-neutral.



In 2019, Gabriel was listed in the top 37 names for boys in the US. It’s Hebrew for “God is my strength.” Like August, this name is attached to a month. Gabriel is known as the patron saint who governs the month of January.



Who would hear this name and not think of the movie Gladiator? Maximus is a leader’s name! Like August, it is Latin and means “greatest.” If you choose this name, don’t be surprised if your little one has the heart to always want to win.



Massimo is Italian for “the greatest.” It’s another large name like August and as of 2021, it places 886 among names in the US (according to Nameberry). Just another reason why this name would share the platform of standouts.



Allegra is another ‘A’ name that carries a quirky vibe like August. From its Latin origins, it means “joyous.” Although this name is pretty uncommon in the US, there are a few famous people like Allegra Versace, daughter of the famous designer Donatello Versace who carries it. It’s definitely one to consider.



I don’t think anyone can hear this name without equating it to one of the most suave, charming, commanding, and accomplished actors of all time, Denzel Washington. And true to his legacy, this Cornish name means “powerful.” It is just as different and solid as August.



Ethan is a Hebrew name that means “strong, firm.” Not only is this name biblical, but it is a popular ‘E’ name for a boy that was ranked in the top 10 boy names in the US in 2019, according to Nameberry. Like August, it has a meaning that you can be proud of.



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With this classic name, it’s hard not to follow it up with “the Great,” which puts it in the same category as August. Its origins are Greek and mean “defender of men.” If you choose Alexander, don’t be surprised if you have a little hero on your hands.



Anthony is Latin for “priceless one.” This boy’s name has maintained its rank in the top numbers. Some people choose to use Amp as a shortened version, like Auggie for August. If this is a baby you’ve longed and waited for, this priceless name is one you want to consider.



You may not know this, but Sandra is originally taken from another ‘A’ name, Alessandra, which is Italian from Greek. It means “defending men.” If you like sweet nicknames, you can shorten this girl’s name into Sandy for your baby, so they can have a summer feel like August.



Valerie has become very Americanized in its use, but its origin is French. This girl’s name means “strength, health” and has been a trendy choice for many years.



Valencia may seem Italian, but its origin is Spanish and means “brave, strong,” making it a solid choice like August. It brings to mind names like Valerie and Valentine and can have a cute shortened nickname like Val.



Audra is a girl’s name and in the same sound family as August. It is English for “noble strength.” If you like Andrea or Audrey, this is another spin on the name that is vintage and stylish.



Kano probably isn’t on many people’s list in the US, but that’s one reason you should consider it. It is Japanese and African and means “the god of the waters.” Like August, this boy’s name will definitely draw attention, and it carries a lot of depth with it.



You may not have heard of this Hebrew name before, but you can definitely add it to your shortlist of choices if you like August. It is a girl's name that means “strong.” You won’t regret choosing such a classy and poised name for your precious one.



This name has Italian, Polish, and Russian origins and has a heavenly ring to it for obvious reasons. It is given to girls and means “angel, angelic.” It is a longer ‘A’ name like August, but has a similar sweet sound.



Adinah, like August, is an airy name with fantasy and mystery. The name is Hebrew and means “delicate.” It isn’t common in the US, more so in Israel. But its gentle sound will work beautifully for your little girl.



Here’s another name from a month. June is a Latin name typically given to girls and represents the month which is named for goddess Juno. June is a gentle name with a strong origin.