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These baby names that mean hope personify love.
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These Bold Baby Names Actually Mean Hope

They’re all so cool, it’ll be hard to choose.

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Newborn babies bring fresh anticipation and a desire for a better future. In fact, they fill us with hope! Eda J. Leshan said, “A new baby is like the beginning of all things — wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” And having some baby names that mean hope in your back pocket, ready to go when your little drop of wonder and hope arrives is worth it.

It was in the 17th century when Christians began to use Hope as a name for girls, according to Nameberry. In Old English, the word hopian means “to hope” or “positive expectation” as stated on Wordsense’s website. And the word hope was later created.

Although Hope is a girl's name, there are many boy names that share the meaning and significance of this special virtue. So you’ve got options.

Because of hope, we all have something to look forward to, and finding a name with this meaning is perfect if you’re expecting. This list is packed with beautifully unique names, including some you may have never heard before. And if you have you might have never guessed the significance of their meaning.

Hope is the one thing we all grasp for when things are messy and life gets out of control. Every time a baby enters this world it’s like a burst of hope for humanity. Admit it — the thought of your new addition makes you want to step up your life game. And these baby names that mean hope can give it an even heavier, but lighthearted, meaning.



If you love the name Hope, then stick to this! It’s classic, graceful, meaningful, and endearing. The girl's name is perfect for your precious daughter and it literally never goes out of style. Hope originated from Old English and was first used as a Christian name in the 17th century. The beautiful name has been around for quite some time and your baby girl will be one in a long line of people to carry it.



If you’re having a girl, Brayleigh is a unique American name for her. It seems like a combination of two names, but it still has a simple sound that works. Brayleigh means “ray of hope,” and that is a promise of better. Your baby girl will be a big dreamer, so get ready to watch her soar.



Raza, which means “hope,” is an African name given to boys. Can you imagine the future of your baby when they have this name? It will definitely be big, colorful, and creative. Raza is so uncommon that people won’t be able to help their intrigue. Your Raza will not only inspire the people he meets, but his life will also be lived outside the box. And that’s a lot to look forward to.



This Spanish name, Esperanza, is another beautiful choice for a girl that means “hope.” It radiates whimsy and fulfilled wishes, and your little princess will light up every room with her optimistic aura. You can also consider a fun quirky nickname like Espie.



Jonah is Hebrew and means “dove,” which is a symbol of hope. Jonah was a biblical figure that brought word of God’s grace to the people of Nineveh. Although his stubbornness caused him to initially resist God’s command, he carried a message of hope. This is a strong ‘J’ name for your boy who will fill your home with hopeful expectation of what’s to come.



Ashia has a very close sound to the name Aisha. The difference is subtle in how the ‘A’ is pronounced and the meaning of this Arabic name, “life and hope,” gives you a beautiful reason to embrace it for your little girl. Your bubbly, bouncing little girl will radiate optimism and no one will be able to miss it.



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Dylan, a name with Celtic origins, has become a staple among boys, but you can also treat it as a gender neutral name.. If there’s a group of friends, you can almost guarantee there’s a Dylan in the bunch with a big personality. And that’s pretty fitting because it means “a ray of hope.” Your sweet one will move through the world full of positive anticipation and it will definitely be contagious.



Natia ties back to many roots — Australian, Chinese, and Polish. The sweet girls' name that means “hope” will reflect wisdom and self-awareness for your daughter. And those are the traits of a leader. So don’t quiet her bossiness, she’s just practicing for the future.



Taraji means “anticipation and faith,” which are attributes of hope. This girl name is derived from the Swahili language and is a bold name that is totally outside of the norm. And you have much to look forward to because just like the famous actress Taraji P. Henson, your daughter will grasp to her life and aspire to her greatest potential.



Deene is a gender-neutral name that can be given to a boy or a girl, but this is more of a feminine spelling as opposed to the traditional spelling of Dean. Both names, however, are pronounced the same. Deene, which means “hope,” has French roots and it carries a graceful calm with it. Don’t pass up on this one if you’re looking for something a little different, but with a classic sound.



Amala sounds like the name of an exotic princess. It originates from the Arabic language, and it means “hope.” Amala is not a name that you’ll hear a lot in the U.S., which would give your little girl even more exclusivity in identity. Her hopeful personality will be one of a kind.



This Russian name (which also has Arabic ties) is the epitome of elegance. Nadja means “hope, tender, delicate,” and your daughter will purely reflect all these attributes. Her smile and tender demeanor will pull others in, and her presence alone will be a warm comfort.



Zita is both a charming and uncommon name for a girl. Its origins are Spanish, and it means “little hope,” so your tiny bundle of joy comes into this world full of life, excitement, and anticipation. There aren’t many girl names beginning with ‘Z,’ but Zita will be perfect for your ambitious daughter.



Many names either start or finish with “Lynn,” but I can’t promise they have a more beautiful meaning than Laelynn. It is a Canadian name for a girl and means “flower of hope.” Big wow! Watching your little girl blossom will be a reminder every day of how bright her life will be and the blessing and hope she shines into your family.



Asha has origins in Swahili, Hindi, and Sanskrit. This simple but pretty name has such a powerful meaning, “hope; life.” When it comes to popularity, Asha falls somewhere in the middle. But if it meshes well with your family name, and you’re going for something starting with an ‘A,’ it’s a pretty darn good pick for your little girl.

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