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How To Actually Make Baby Shower Bingo Fun

Because it doesn’t have to be boring.

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If you’re invited to a baby shower, chances are you’re going to be playing some games. Maybe you’ll have a contest to see who can chug apple juice from a baby bottle the fastest, or stick your hand into a soggy diaper and (blech), figure out the “contents.” One baby shower game that’s sure to be on the play list (and doesn’t suck) is bingo. But if you’ve never played baby shower bingo, be ready to get your game on. After all, there’s probably a diaper cake prize on the line, and you’re definitely going to want it.

How To Play Baby Shower Bingo

In traditional bingo, numbers with a letter are called out randomly. You win by having a Bingo pattern, which is typically a line with five numbers in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal pattern. Not so with baby shower bingo, which encourages creativity as you come up with ideas on your own to fill the bingo card out with. “Each guest receives a blank bingo card and writes in the boxes their guesses on what the gifts the mom-to-be will receive, for example diapers, bib, blanket etc.,” celebrity caterer Andrea Correale, founder and president of Elegant Affairs tells Romper. “As the gifts are being opened, the guests mark off the gift if they have it on their card, and like traditional Bingo, the first person to get five in a row yells ‘Bingo’ and receives a gift.”

What You Should Include On A Baby Shower Bingo Card

You might not realize how competitive you are until a pretty cool gift is at stake. So if baby shower bingo is the next game up, you’re going to want to start picking products that would probably be bestowed upon the baby as a gift. “Some fun items to add to your bingo card are, furniture, stroller, book, swaddle wrap, and even ‘something handmade’ or ‘something personalized,’ suggests Correale. Plus, if you know the gender of the baby, you can add items very specific items for a challenge, like a flower onesie, a blue car seat, or a pink blankie.

Need some more ideas? Here are some additional items that you can include on your baby shower bingo card to maximize your chances of winning:


Sleep sack



Car seat

Changing table

Bottle warmer


Diaper bag

Bath tub

Nursing bras

Diaper pail

Baby clothes

Crib bedding

Breastfeeding pillow


Burp cloths

Baby toys




Swaddle blanket

Picture frame

Sippy cup

Baby book


Musical Toy

Hooded towel

High chair

Baby Shower Bingo Cards

When it’s game on, these baby shower bingo cards will make the party pretty and fun

Printable Baby Shower Bingo Game
If you don’t want to be bothered having to fill out a card, this baby shower bingo card template from KaciBellaDesigns is an easy, breezy option. Just mark the item off each time a gift is unwrapped — you can win with horizontal, vertical, or with diagonal lines. The digital PDF comes with 40 bingo cards that you can print out.
Baby Shower Bingo Card
Planning to have a gaggle of guests at the baby shower? This animal-themed sweet baby shower bingo printable comes with a whopping 100 pre-filled 5 x 7 inch game cards. It also includes instructions and an entire word list, too.
Baby Shower Bingo Card
Aspen Jay
If you’re looking for guests to get to know each other, this elephant-themed baby shower bingo card from Aspen Jay can help. Guests can convo with each other as they try to figure out what items to put in the squares — and laugh when their guesses are totally wrong. It’s a free download, and two 5x7 bingo cards will print out on each page.
InvitationHouse Pink Floral Baby Shower Bingo Cards
For a decidedly sophisticated soiree, these floral baby shower bingo cards can make your shower even more sensational. The pre-filled 5x7 cards are printed on 110 lb. card stock, and come in a 24-pack. It even comes with a caller’s card and instructions so that there’s no confusion when it comes to who the winner is.
African American Baby Shower Bingo Game
This baby shower bingo card from Etsy seller BuyMeSomeHappiness includes items for both Mom and Baby. Things like swollen ankles, contractions, no sleep, and an epidural vie for space on the board with baby-related items like a bassinette, rattle, diaper, and crib. The free center space features an adorable baby, and the downloadable PDF features 30 bingo cards that you can print out on an 8 ½ x 11 inch paper.

No matter how you feel about them, baby shower games are here to stay. But of all of them, baby shower bingo takes something that’s typically pretty boring (the guest of honor unwrapping one onesie after another for what can feel like hours on end), and makes it more fun… especially if you’re sipping an adult beverage while doing so.

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