The Perfect Mani

Bows, Bears, & More Baby Shower Nail Inspo To Fit Any Theme

From simple pink and blue looks to 3-D embellishments.

Your baby shower is such a fun milestone to look forward to. You’ve probably soldiered on through some morning sickness, exhaustion, and swollen feet, and it feels good to know your loved ones are getting together celebrate your pregnancy (and look forward to finally meeting your baby). So, if you’re planning a special outfit, don’t forget about all the cute baby shower nails to scroll through online. Whether you’re an avid salon goer or you’re thinking of dabbling in nail designs for the special occasion, you’ll love all of these ideas.

When picking out your perfect baby shower nails, definitely peruse the ol’ Instagram before you head to your appointment. Search for things related to your theme, like bear, flower, or rainbow baby shower nails. You could opt for pink or blue nails to celebrate your boy or girl, or bookmark some baby pink and blue designs that speak to you, especially if you haven’t revealed the gender of your baby yet. And those of you having baby sprinkles: you need sprinkle nail designs for your shower. They’re so stinking cute.

So, here are 17 adorable baby shower nail ideas to start getting inspired. There’s something for everyone here, from the neutral nail gals to the ones who go all out.


Simple & sweet baby shower nails

If you stick to neutral nails year-round, you don’t need to deviate into the pinks and blues to pull off super cute nails for your shower. Just ask your nail artist to add some little footprints over top of your usual polish shade.


Pink Bows & Sparkles

If you’re having a girl, this pink set will probably speak to you. The designs aren’t so pink you’ll get tired of them, and just sparkly enough to feel extra special (as they should).


3-D Bow Charms? Yes, Please!

Baby boy on the way? Bow nails can still be blue, and if your nail tech has three-dimensional bow charms, now is the perfect time to try them out.


Pearly Blue Tips

Whether your tips need to be pink or blue, these little pearl accents on French tips would be so cute for your baby shower nails. They’d be extra adorable for a high tea or garden party-themed shower, clutching a little cuppa.


Mix-And-Match Baby Shower Nails

If your baby’s gender is still a surprise, you could always incorporate pink and blue into your nails. These flowers and little half-and-half tips are so cute, and would work on short or long nails.


Pastel Heart Baby Shower Nails

Again, why choose? Mix pink and blue into these sweet little heart designs, or ask your artist to work with colors from your baby shower’s color palette.


Pink & Blue Tips On Long Nails

If you love your long, almond-shaped nails, this look will definitely speak to you. Again, 3-D nail accents are having a bit of a moment, so ask your tech if they have any flowers, pearls, or bows on hand to complement your French mani.


Rainbow Baby Shower Nails

If you’re having a shower for your rainbow baby, then you know the celebration feels extra special. These little pink rainbows would be perfect to celebrate a baby girl on the way.


Pastel Rainbow Nails

Love the rainbow nail idea but want to include all the colors? This gorgeous set has a pastel (but still vibrant and joyful) palette on a natural nail color base, so it’s rainbow without being too in-your-face.


Garden Party Baby Shower Nails

OK, if you’re doing a brunch, tea party, or garden theme, you have to show this photo to your nail artist. The flowers, the frames, the ruffly little bows — they’re seriously the cutest nails ever.


Little Footprint Baby Shower Nails

Real talk: teeny tiny baby feet are one of the cutest things on Earth. Get excited to see all 10 little toes in person with cute nail art like this for your baby shower.


Baby Sprinkle Nails

Lean way into the sprinkle theme if that’s what you’re having with these adorable frosting tip nails. They’re so festive and fun, you’ll hate to see them go at your next appointment.


Shorter Sprinkle Baby Shower Nails

If you don’t have the space for drippy icing tips, you can stick to the sprinkles only for short nails. You can play with the base and sprinkle colors to match your shower’s theme, too.


Teddy Bear Baby Shower Nails

Are you doing a We Can Bearly Wait theme? First of all: adorable choice. Now, think of all the cute bear nail art you could have, like this detailed teddy bear set complete with balloons.


Floral Teddy Bear Nails

If you have your little bear’s first name picked out, add their first initial and some tiny floral accents to your teddy bear set.


Bright, Happy Baby Shower Nails

For a summery, beachy, or retro-themed shower, these nails would be so on point. Mix up the colors to match your palette, of course. And when your shower is over, you’ll enjoy that they don’t look so baby shower-y, so you can rock this set for a few extra weeks.


Sweet, Simple Floral Nails

If you’re typically a minimalist when it comes to your nails, but you want a little bit of a design for your baby shower, dainty hand-painted flowers might be the way to go. Just add them to a few nails and keep the colors subdued. These would be beautiful on any nail length.

However you do your nails for your baby shower, the point is that you should feel extra special and beautiful on the day. So, whatever designs will make you feel like the guest of honor, get them!