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22 #BarbieCore Baby Names To Consider

Yes, even if you’re having a little “Ken.”

Inspiration for naming your baby can come from literally anywhere. Books, television, hearing it shouted at the park by another mom — there are no “wrong” ways to find a baby name you love, and sometimes looking at the most unlikeliest of places is a good start. Whether you were a Barbie girl growing up or not, taking a look into Barbie-inspired names or #BarbieCore baby names is a great way to find the baby name you’ve been dreaming of.

Look, you don’t have to name your kid Barbie or Ken or even Skipper (although all three are on this list). The beauty of #BarbieCore is that it’s timeless, it’s fun, it’s a little funky. There is a definite vintage feel to Barbie’s world and her friends, and those vibes can help you find the sweetest little baby name. Like how Barbie is short for Barbara, use that theme to find names for your little one that are actually just nicknames of more formal (and sometimes stuffy) names. Or you can get inspired by some of Barbie’s actual friends in her world, like Midge and Teresa. But the whole concept of Barbie is that you can do or be anything, as long as you try, and with that kind of energy, what moniker doesn’t work perfectly as a #BarbieCore baby name?

There is a mixture of baby names here for boys and girls, and some of these can even be gender neutral. So put on your Barbie pink, find a cozy spot in the Dreamhouse, and find the perfect #BarbieCore baby name for your own little Barbie Millicent Roberts.



What kind of #BarbieCore baby name list could start without Barbie? Short for Barbara, Barbie means “foreign woman” which feels kind of mysterious and lovely and tracks for it still being a pretty unique name. There aren’t a whole lot of Barbies/Barbaras anymore, but the name was in the top 10 for girls in the U.S. for 30 years (1928 to 1958).



Skipper is Barbie’s best friend and sister, her always-there-sidekick, and I honestly think it’s a super cute name for a girl or a boy! Skip is a sweet nickname, but I just love the plucky, I-can-do-anything vibe of Skipper.



Millicent is Barbie’s actual middle name, but so it has major #BarbieCore vibes. I also just love it! You can go for Millie for short if you want, but the name as a whole means “work” and “strong” and has some German origins.




Another nod to a member of the Barbie crew is Chelsea, the name of Barbie’s little sister. Like Barbie, Chelsea can do and be just about anything, so it’s a fun choice for your own little Barbie girl. It also has major Old English vibes thanks to Chelsea, England, and has gotten a little more unique than it used to be in the ‘90s.



Teresa is one of Barbie’s best friends and is the popular Hispanic doll that often comes in many of the same sets as Barbie. Clearly, Teresa is one of those names that will live on forever, as it has been in the top 1000 baby names for girls since, literally, 1900.



OK, let’s jump a bit out of actual Barbie-land and talk about names that have some Barbie vibes. Mae is definitely one of them, and has become popular in the zeitgeist thanks to Hilary Duff using the name for her third child. It definitely has the same old Hollywood, vintage vibes as Barbie, but it’s also one of those cute names that sounds like a perpetual nickname (also like Barbie). It’s a cute choice for any little girl.



Wait, we’re back in Barbie-land with this one. I mean, Ken is Ken, you know? It’s very traditional and honestly, if you name a baby Ken these days, I’d figure you were going for an old school vibe. It grows on you! And Ken has been a pretty great boyfriend to Barbie, always supporting her as she goes to the moon or becomes a pediatrician or runs for president.



Since Barbie is the shortened form of a formal, vintage name, let’s carry on with that vibe and talk about Peggy. Traditionally, Peggy is short for Margaret (I know), and means “pearl,” so it has a little bit of a nature feel there. But it’s just so unique these days, and I love how sweet it sounds. Bring back Peggy!



If you do like Margaret but aren’t keen on Peggy, Maggie is also a great choice of a shortened formal name that’s still spunky and fun.




For little boys (or girls, honestly!), Tommy also has those nickname vibes and is obviously short for Thomas. I believe Tommy is also the name of the little boy that used to come with some Chelsea sets in the ‘90s? I have a vague memory of having a Ken and Tommy set along with a Barbie and Chelsea set.



We’re on a roll with the nicknames-as-names and Suzie is a must. Make it short for Suzanne, Suzannah, or any other spelling and variation. (Susie with an S works, too.) The name even means “graceful lily” if you’re looking for a moniker that means something special to you.



I’m partial to Lucy because I have my own Lucy, but this is a name that’s gaining in popularity and is just darling. You could make it short for Lucille (I didn’t), but the name means “light” in either variation.



Charlotte is a name that has become more and more popular over the years, but has always been a steady favorite among parents. Make it a little more unique (and give it that #BarbieCore vibe), by calling your Charlotte “Lottie” instead. Lottie is just so lovely and fun, and I think it’s a nice change from Charlie, which is a common Charlotte nickname, too.



OK, is Kit the cutest nickname ever? Possibly. Make it short for Katherine (or Catherine, even) and it has the most immaculate vintage #BarbieCore vibes ever.



Tillie is such a fun name for a little girl, and is another nickname-for-a-formal-name as it comes from Matilda. So sweet.



Like Mae, Bea has become a little more popular over the years and could be short for Beatrice, Beatrix, or even Phoebe. No matter which name you choose, this sweet little Barbie-inspired name hits all the marks.



I am absolutely obsessed with the nickname Richie for Richard. It’s classic, it’s darling, it’s so vintage it hurts.



And same goes for Alfie, the shortened form of Alfred. This was a name I desperately wanted if we ever had a son, and my husband said absolutely not. Alfie is one of those great “old man” baby names, and it has serious #BarbieCore vibes.



Dive back into Barbie’s world and give Stacie a try! Stacie is also one of Barbie’s sisters, and the name has some vintage vibes, but moreso the ‘80s and ‘90s than the ‘50s. (Although it was popular then, too.) The spelling is sweet and unique, and honestly I love the fun vibe of Stacie.



More babies named Midge please! Midge was introduced in the 1960s along with Skipper as one of Barbie’s companions and best friends, and I think it’s time we honor her. Apparently in the ‘80s and ‘90s when Mattel revamped Midge, she came as part of the Happy Family set that featured her husband Alan and three children. Now, Midge is just Midge — a BFF of Barbie’s — but clearly this name can get the work done and be an all star in any capacity. Bring back Midge!



OK, and obviously Midge’s boyfriend/husband Alan deserves a #BarbieCore baby name mention, too. Alan is a great, solid choice for your little guy and has major traditional, vintage vibes. The name Alan also has several meanings: “handsome,” “cheerful,” or “precious.” I mean, does it get any sweeter than that for your little boy?



OK, let’s get deep into Barbie culture here. Francie was a doll from the ‘60s and ‘70s marketed by Mattel as “Barbie’s modern cousin” and her name was short for Francine. Francie didn’t stick around for long compared to Barbie and her other friends, but she deserves an honorable mention and also she has the cutest name in the world. Francie is so perfect for a little girl and you could make it short for Frances or Francine.

Whether you like the vintage vibes, the traditional name shortened into something cute vibes, or just literally want a Barbie-inspired vibe, these #BarbieCore baby names are the best options. Don’t forget their Dreamhouse.