pregnant woman in red bathing suit, sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool
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39 Cute Maternity Swimsuits


Pregnant and need a swimsuit? Here’s the good news. The apparel industry has finally gotten smart about designing cute maternity swimsuit styles and there are many brands and price points to choose from. Just look at this list of cute maternity swimsuit options.

Thanks to the dawn of the tankini, some moms might not even have to splurge on a two piece. They can just buy a maternity swim top. Or, for those more interested in a one piece, you’ll be happy to know that the mushroom look of yore is gone. In its place are sleek, sophisticated, SPF-protected, and, dare we say, even sexy maternity swimsuits.

And, because staying cool in the pool is just as important while pregnant as it is postpartum, swimwear designers have even crafted nursing swimsuits, so you don’t have to completely disrobe mid-swim to feed your baby. With their carefully concealed openings, moms can feel confident in their swimwear while still managing the important duties of motherhood.

But perhaps the best news of all is that attractive and comfortable maternity swimwear is now available for all shapes and sizes from petite to plus-size so everyone can enjoy the beach, river, pool, or nearest watering hole. Heck, when you’re growing a baby on a hot June day, even a run through the sprinkler sounds pretty enticing.

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One Piece Maternity Swimsuits

A basic one-piece swimsuit can be the ticket to freedom for a pregnant woman. It means she can hop in a pool and float away, released from the heavy bonds of her growing baby, without the worry that her swimsuit bottom is not fitting the way it should. These looks include comfortable takes on the one piece in simple colors and patterns.

Two Piece Maternity Bikinis

Even if you shied away from bikinis in the past, you may want to show off your baby bump now. So why not rock a bikini? Whether you’re going for a skimpy dare-to-bare look or something a bit more conservative, there’s something for everyone here.

Two Piece Maternity Tankinis

The thing about a tankini is it gives the coverage of a swimsuit with the freedom of a two piece so you won’t feel restricted in any water activities you enjoy while pregnant, and going to the bathroom is way easier in a two-piece, pregnant or not. These choices are flexible enough to not constrict your bump.

Maternity Nursing Swimsuits

It’s hard enough to get a sticky swimsuit off when you’re not pregnant. Try wriggling out of one while holding a wailing baby desperate to nurse. No fun. That’s not a problem, however, with these cleverly designed nursing swimsuits all with hidden snaps to let you easily nurse while enjoying the water.

Sexy Maternity Swimsuits

Is there ever a time you’ll feel more voluptuous than when you’re pregnant? So go ahead and show off your curves, yes all of them, with these sexy maternity swimsuits. Whether it’s an off-the-shoulder suit or a peekaboo tankini, each let’s you embrace your sensual pregnancy body.

Swimsuits with UPF

Ultraviolet Protection Factor, or UPF, is a standard used to measure sunburn protection in clothing. So UPF swimsuits are those that protect you from UV rays. If you’re sensitive to sun, these suits will give you another layer of protection while offering a fashionable look for your next pool party.


An essential element of swimwear, the cover-up allows you to go from pool to dinner, beach to boardwalk, and thankfully apparel designers have made them for pregnant women too. Rather than simply include kimono coverups, here are a few variations on the including a tube dress, jumpsuit, and even a duster.

Only thing you need now is some strong SPF and a great sun hat and you’re ready to make a splash.