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4 Best Postpartum Diapers For Your Post-Birthing Needs

Just say no to leakage.

Postpartum life is a wild ride. Your body is in recovery mode, but you’re also trying to navigate being a caretaker to a tiny human. It’s a lot. And the last thing you want to deal with is extra bleeding and discharge. But that pretty much comes with the territory. For some people, using a pad is a great solution. For others, symptoms might require something a little more substantial and for that here are the best postpartum diapers.

How Long Will You Need Postpartum Diapers?

You might be wondering how long will you need to wear a postpartum diaper. That’s really a case by case question only your body can answer. For some, lochia discharge might conclude fairly quickly following delivery. For others, you might want the added protection just to give you peace of mind weeks after you’ve given birth.

Benefits Of Postpartum Diapers Versus Pads

Pads can be a great tool in postpartum recovery, especially if you just need some protection for short errands or are at the end of your bleeding. But for people who just got home from the hospital, a pad really might not cut it. You’ll either spend all of your time swapping it out for new ones or experience leakage.

While a pad may provide greater ease of movement, a diaper is a considerably stronger protection tool given its coverage area. Best advice? Have both on hand for your return from the hospital that way you’ll be fully prepared. Plus, you can always give what you don’t use away to friends.

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Best Postpartum Diapers

Always Discreet

These postpartum diapers are ideal because they’re designed to look and feel just like real underwear. Made out of black lowrise cut material, their ruched design looks and fits like a normal panty. But the super absorbent fabric ensures comfort and no leakage. Made to hug a person’s curves, the word discreet is in the title for a reason. One Amazon reviewer described them as “a total postpartum must have!”

Rael Organic Postpartum Diaper

Rael Organic Cover Overnight Underwear is a favorite for a few reasons; designed to be used for periods, it already has the necessary absorbancy to handle a heavy flow of fluid. They’re also organic, a plus for those who prefer to invest in environmentally friendly feminine hygiene products. A four-layer core helps trap liquid so you can feel safe and secure wearing these postpartum diapers. In addition, the organic cotton cover material is made to be breathable so you won't feel like you’re wearing a childlike diaper.

Amazon Basics Postpartum Underwear

If you’re suffering from both bleeding and incontinence, consider Amazon Basics brand postpartum diapers. Their dry fit is made to absorb as well as wick away moisture to keep you more comfortable for longer. And thanks to the stretched design, you can pull these away from any bruised or stitched skin to avoid further irritation. These also do not contain latex, which is great for those who have an allergy to the material. Plus, you can order these discreetly online and have them delivered directly to your door.

Assurance Postpartum Briefs with Tabs

If you’re dealing with some particularly painful surgical wounds on your belly, pull down postpartum diapers are going to be a no-go. Instead, buy a brand like Assurance which comes with reattaching tabs on either side. This way you can pull the diaper apart sparing your sensitive skin in the process. These postpartum diapers are also appealing for their odor protection and wetness indicator that will let you know when it’s time to change them.

Don’t be ashamed about buying postpartum diapers. They’re a great solution to a tricky issue and they allow you to focus your attention on what’s important: that little bundle of joy in front of you.