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22 Cute “Y” Names For Baby Boys

These names might make you shout “Yes!”

Whether you’re looking for a classic name, a classic name with a twist, or something that feels completely fresh and modern, there’s probably a Y name for boys that matches your criteria. “Y” itself is a mercurial letter — sometimes a vowel, sometimes a consonant. It dates back to both the Phonecian and Greek alphabet. If there’s a name you love that starts with either “J” or “I” but has just become too common for your taste, there’s most likely a variant spelling with “Y” that has the unique flavor you’re looking for. (For example, if you want to honor a John in your family but already have tons of relatives, the name Yohan might be perfect.) The Y names aren’t quite as unusual as boy names that start with “U,” but nor are you going to find any “Y” baby names on the list of most trendy names from 2022. Choosing a name for your new baby boy can be a daunting task, but looking at lots of names from a given letter can help narrow down your choice to something that you’re going to be thrilled say (or to yell, as the case may be.)



Yuri is a sweet-sounding name that has meanings in both Japanese and Russian. It Russian it means “farmer,” and in Japanese it means “lily.” If you’re looking for a different spelling, the name has many, including Youri, Yurii, and Yuriy.



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If you love the work of Irish poet William Butler Yeats, this name might a perfect choice. It means “the gates” and could be a great way to inspire your little one’s interest in poetry.



Also sometimes spelled “Ywain” this Welsh name means “youth” or “well born.” As fans of King Arthur likely known, Yvain was one of the original Knights of the Round Table.



Pronounced “Ya-eer” this Hebrew name means “God will enlighten.” Your little boy might enjoy that meaning if he goes through a phase where he likes to be a bit of a know-it-all, as most kids do.



This name is of Hebrew origin and means "supplanter." It can also be spelled with just one a, though the double a is the more traditional spelling. If you like the sound of the name Jacob but want something more unusual, this name might be the one for you.



This name is of French origin and means "God is gracious." Your little boy would share it with famous French musicians and athletes, but it’s pretty rare in the U.S.



Josh or Joshua is a classic choice, but it’s been extremely popular for decades. This variant spelling is much more rare, and will mean your little boy won’t have to share his name with any other Josh’s. This “Y” name for boys is of Hebrew origin and means "God is salvation."



The Sanskrit word “yash” has quite an impressive meaning: success, splendor, majesty, luxury, riches, eminence, and fame. For such a little name, it packs quite a punch.



As you probably could guess, this is a variant of the name Joseph. This spelling has Hebrew and Greek roots and means “God will give.”



If you love the sound of the name Yosef, but want something a little more playful, this adorable nickname can stand as a name all its own. It means “God will give” or “God will add.”



If you’re hoping for a peaceful and calm little boy, you might choose this name which has the lovely meaning “dove.” Though the name Jonah has gotten more and more popular, this variant is still unusual and will make your little boy stand out.




Yahir is the rare Y boy name that has cracked the top thousand most popular names — since 2002, it’s hovered near the end of that list. It’s a variant on Yair and also means “he will enlighten.”



Yves St. Laurent remains the most famous bearer of this name, but unlike certain fashions, this classic name won’t go out of style. It’s French and means “yew tree.”



Whether or not your little one makes an entrance around Christmas or not, you might want to consider this festive name. It has English origins and means “winter solstice.”



Though it’s best known stateside as the name of the famous Connecticut university, this Welsh name has the down-to-earth meaning “fertile moor.”



If you’re expecting your first and have Japanese heritage, this name might feel custom-made for you. It means “brave first born son” in Japanese.



If you’re drawn to nature names, like Sky, Ocean, or Tree, Yew should be on your list. The yew tree has deep symbolic meaning in many cultures, including symbolizing death and resurrection in Celtic mythology.



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Pronounced “eeig-dra-seal,” this name has an amazing meaning: in Old Norse mythology, the Yggdrasil tree was the immense, sacred tree that held up and nourished the whole universe. Your little boy will probably have to travel to Iceland in order to find anyone else who shares this rare name with him.



Though you won’t see this name often in the U.S. yet, it’s gotten majorly popular in Turkey. It means “handsome.”



Like Yuri or Yossi, this name has a sweet and playful feel. In Japanese it means “good” or “respectful.”



If you’re expecting twins, you might want to put this name on your list. In Norse, it means “twin.” Ymir and Yggdrasil could be an awesome twin combination if you want to go all in on the Norse names.



If you like the sound of the names Nigel but want something more unique, this Hebrew name might be right for you. It means “God will redeem.”

Y names for boys come from cultures all over the world, and many come from humankind’s oldest and most enduring stories. Whatever name you choose for your little boy is sure to be perfect.