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These candy-inspired baby names are a sweet choice for your little one.
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26 Baby Names For The Family Who Loves Candy

Because what’s sweeter than a baby named after chocolate.

by Autumn Jones and Abi Berwager Schreier
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Unique, Cute & Popular Baby Names for Boys & Girls in 2023

Everyone searches for inspiration when choosing a name for their baby. Family names, nature-inspired names, names plucked out of literature, internet baby name generator names (it’s a thing) — all these have been done before. If you want to go in a different direction when considering what to name your bundle-to-be, why not turn to your pregnancy cravings as inspiration? And if it's sugar that's been calling you to the pantry each night, a candy-inspired baby name is the perfect route for a mom with a sweet tooth.

Maybe it's a sign that the child you're carrying is begging you to shovel sugar into your mouth between every meal — that little one deserves a candy-coated name to suit their sweet personality. Bestowing a candy-inspired name on your child can be as fun as walking through a candy store. Whether you choose to be more literal, or get a little abstract, these names have fun and vibrant (not to mention delicious) roots.

If every name tells a story, your little sugar baby will tell the tale of the treats you two bonded over when you still shared a body. All those Swedish Fish you ate when pregnant were just the beginning of a lifetime of special moments shared between the two of you while passing a bowl of candy. Use this list of names to inspire your sweet tooth to choose the perfect baby name.



A classic name with Biblical roots, Ruth means "companion, friend, or vision of beauty". No one has to know your little vision of beauty was named after a Baby Ruth candy bar unless you want them to know. And anyway, it's totally possible to pick a name for more than one reason.



A legit name as well as a delicious candy (Reese's Peanut Butter Cups), this choice is also a gender neutral name. And if your partner is embarrassed by your insistence on naming your child after a convenience store snack, just tell them to tell friends you named your child after Reese Witherspoon.



Loving your toffee bars while pregnant? Pay homage to the Heath bar by making it your baby's moniker. This one is perfect if you're a bit of a romantic, too, or if you loved Wuthering Heights when you read it in high school. (Kind of strange that such a tragic literary character and a candy bar share the same name, right?)



The Almond Joy candy bar may be the inspiration for this name, but the name Joy shares the meaning of the word. Any child whose name is sweet and full of joy will surely be a ray of sunshine. And when they’re being persnickety, you can always bribe them with their namesake sweet.



Inspired by the Tootsie Roll or Tootsie Pop (whichever your preference), this name is perfect for a spunky little girl with lots of personality. Or fans of the classic Dustin Hoffman film. Or both. Take away the "s" and you have the name of a beloved character from the Facts of Life.


Kit (or Kat)

The Kit Kat Bar offers two cute names for inspiration. If you can't decide between the two, consider their origins for guidance. Kit (gender neutral) is short for Christopher or Katherine, while Kat (traditionally female) is also a nickname for Katherine. Or you could really go crazy and name your twins Kit and Kat.



If you are the ultimate fan of candy, and can't imagine naming your daughter anything but, go right ahead! To give her a more formal option for down the road, go with Candace or Candice. Who knows? Maybe Candice Bergen was named for her mother's obsession with caramels or salt water taffy.



Jordan almonds are those semi-sweet candy coasted almonds that resemble tiny Easter eggs, and yes, some people really do like to eat them. (No, they're not just for wrapping up in tulle and handing out at wedding showers.) The name can be used for a boy or girl and means to flow down. And it’s another covert title that only you and your fam can know the true meaning of if you want to keep your candy predilections a secret. Maybe you just love Michael Jordan. Or maybe you dream of visiting the Jordan River. Who’s to say?



The vintage candy bar, Oh Henry! is the perfect sweet inspiration for a classic boy name. Plus, if you have a sassy little babe who can be as sweet as caramel one moment and as salty as peanuts the next, this candy bar namesake is a perfect choice. (It's also just a super popular name these days.)



If your love of chocolate runs deep, consider a name that that sounds regal and delicious with Godiva. Truly nothing says sweet sophistication like the name for one of the world’s most elegant chocolate companies. Or the legendary lady whose hair was her favorite (only?) article of clothing. (Maybe stick with the truffles.)



The name Dulce means "sweet", which makes it a great choice for any candy lover who doesn't have just one favorite type of candy. Fun fact: Dulce is diminutive of the Middle Ages name Dulcibella, which is a tempting option as well. (Another obvious nickname choice for that one: Bella.)



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A fun name with a nod to Cherry Head candies, the name Cherry originates from the red juicy fruit. For lovers of all things cherry — cherry gummies, cherry saltwater taffy, cherry Jelly Bellies — what could be better? Better yet, when your child goes wild, you can nickname them Cherry Bomb.



Not only does this name honor a yummy chocolate candy bar, it also conjures up images of the mysterious and duplicitous Clark Kent (aka Superman). Or, if you suspect your child will be more class clown than superhero, you can always says you named him after National Lampoon’s Clark Griswold.



If you are honoring the tradition of passing on a family name, you can still use Junior as a nickname and pay tribute to your sweet tooth. Maybe he'll grow up to love movies, since Junior Mints are a traditional movie theatre snack. Sadly, "popcorn" doesn't work quite as well for a name.


Mary Jane

A classic name with a sugary twist, this combination of names means wished-for child and gracious. Which are two wonderful ways to describe your new baby. Here's hoping she's just as sweet as the classic candy, but hopefully not quite as sticky (because those things stay on your teeth forever).


Mike or Ike

Those chewy fruit flavored candies are more than just treats, they are a duo of names that will never go out of style (much like the candies themselves, which have been around forever). Mike and Ike are classic names for your little guy that will remind you of your pregnancy sweet tooth.



With both a candy inspiration (Starburst) and a celestial feel, Star is considered a gender neutral name and has a literal meaning, like a star in the sky. Wish upon a star for a baby as sweet as your favorite candy snack with this timeless name. (If you want to get really specific, add a middle name like "pink" or "orange" for your favorite flavor. Just kidding, don't do that.)



Remember Pixy Stix? Those glorious tubes of pure sugar that amped you up like no other candy on the planet? If those were your favorites and you’re feeling nostalgic, Pixie or Pixy may be a cute name for you to choose for your child. A Pixie is also a supernatural being in folklore and is portrayed as a small fairy, which makes sense since the name literally means fairy.



I was a huge fan of Dots — the delicious fruit-flavored gummy candies — though I think they’re a pretty underrated choice these days. You could even just use this name as a nickname for Dorothy, or have them go by Dottie if you’d like. But short and sweet Dot seems just perfect.



Carmella is a variant on the name Carmel, which means “garden or orchard.” But it’s also a wonderful tribute to caramels, the candy, or any candy that includes caramel in it.



An homage to the original famous candy man himself, Willy Wonka. It could also be short for William or be spelled Willie. The name Willy also means “desire” and “bold.”



Gingerbread houses contain lots of candy, right? And there are also candies that have ginger in them. Plus, Ginger is just a cute name on its own, no matter if it’s related to the sweet treat or just because.



According to the My Mexican Candy website, “Karla” is a brand of lollipops, as well as other types of candy. It’s a spunky take on a candy-inspired baby name.



I may have been in the minority here, but I loved those Bit O’ Honey bars when I was a kid, even though they came in the cheap candy packs you could get for Halloween. I don’t think my crowns would appreciate eating them now though.



The coolest candy around because it comes with its own dispenser and toy all in one, everybody remembers Pez. It has a retro, nostalgic vibe and is kind of a cool, spunky gender neutral choice.



York Peppermint Patties are the ultimate candy for adults, I think. They’re dark chocolate and peppermint combined, making it a distinctly grown-up flavor combo. The name York has the same vibes and feels pretty distinguished and proper.

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