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You'll Just Love These Baby Names That Start With The Letter J

There’s something about the letter J that’s just right.

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Some people know the precise name they’ll bestow on their baby as soon as they see two pink lines appear on a pregnancy test. And then, there are those who can’t come up with a name to save their life. But even if you might not know the exact name that you’d like to give your baby, you might have fallen in love with a letter. And if you’re thinking about the 10th letter of the alphabet, these J baby names are almost too joyful.

Of all the letters in the alphabet, J is one of those that is pretty uncommon. In fact, the letter J (along with Q and Z) appear the least frequently in words, per to Grammarly. If there’s such a shortage of J words, you might think that there would be an equal scarcity of J baby names, too — but you’d be wrong. There are so, so many baby names that start with J for both boys and girls. You can go with tried and true classics like John or James, or go a bit more modern with Jaden or Javeon.

So if you’re jonesing for a J baby name, or just want to get a jumpstart on the whole baby-naming process, try out any of these J baby names that are just right.



A gender-neutral name, Jadore is a gender-neutral name. It means, quite sweetly, “I love,” and is a take on the French phrase, “J’adore”, which means, “I love.” When you look at your baby for the first time, that’s most likely what you’re going to feel — pure love. As for pronunciations, Jadore is spoken as “Jah-door”.



Jessica is a girl’s name with Hebraic roots. It means “rich” or “God beholds,” and comes from the Hebrew “yiskah.” Jessica not only has many spellings (Jesica, Yessica, Jessika, or Jesseca), but it has an equal number of nicknames, such as Jessie, Jess, Iska, or Jessa.



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The -iah ending for baby names is a popular trend right now, so if you’re looking for a J baby name that also includes an -iah suffix, how about Jamiah? It is a gender-neutral name that means “he who supplants.”It’s of Hebrew origin and can also be spelled Jamia or Jamyah.



There’s no denying that your baby is beautiful. So proudly proclaim how pretty they are with the J baby name Jamila. It is of Arabic origin and is the feminine version of the name Jamil, which means, “beauty” or “lovely.” You can spell Jamila as Jamilah, Jamilla, Jamiyla, or Jameela.



A Spanish form of Joseph, Jose is a popular baby boy’s name that begins with J. It means, “God will increase,” or “He shall add.” It’s originally of Hebrew origin, deriving from the name Yosef, but the Spanish version is pronounced “Ho-ZAY.” It’s often written with an accent mark over the “e” which indicates the stress should be on the second syllable.



Much like the name connotes, Jewel is a girl’s name that means “precious stone.” It’s of English origin and is a not-quite-common gemstone name, like Pearl, Opal, or Topaz. And if you were an 80s or 90s kid, you might have grown up listening to another Jewel: the singer Jewel who had hits like, “Foolish Games” and “Who Will Save Your Soul.”



Meaning “child of the gods,” Jill is a girl’s name of English origin. It is a nickname of sorts for Gillian or Jillian, which derives from the Latin name Juliana, meaning “youthful.” Over the years, Jill has become a standalone name, and parents have gotten creative with the spelling, ranging from Jil, to Jyl, and Jyll.



Jaliyah is a J baby name that has a few origins. It seems to be a version of the name Aliyah, which is a Hebrew word which means “ascent.” There’s debate whether Jaliyah might be of Arabic origin, in which case the name means, “lofty” or “sublime, exalted.” Since the Ja at the beginning the name is often equated to God, Jaliyah most likely means, “God’s ascent.”



Jennette is a girl’s name of Scottish origin. It means “God is gracious” and is a variation of the also equally Scottish name Janet. The name, which can be spelled Jeanette, is also thought to be of French origin as well.



If you’re looking for a J baby name that is also Biblical, you can’t do better than Jesus. The name is of Hebrew origin and means “God is salvation.” It comes from the name Yeshu’a, which also is the origin of the name Joshua. In Spanish, the name is pronounced “Hey-zoos.”



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While it might make you think of Mick, Jagger is a cool boy’s name that starts with J. It’s of Old English origin, and means “peddler” or “one who cuts” which makes sense when you think of a knife’s jagged edge.



Of the many Biblical boy’s names that begin with J, Josiah is the one that is really starting to take on some momentum. It’s of Hebrew origin, and means “God supports, heals.” And with the nicknames Joe, Joey or even Josey, that might explain why it’s become more popular.



Jonathan is a classic J baby name. It has a Hebrew origin and means “gift of Jehovah.” And if you like John but want more than one syllable, Jonathan is a more substantial option. Plus, you get that cute nickname, Johnny, too.



Jake can be a nickname for Jacob, but it still stands on its own as a modern baby boy’s name. It is of British origin and means “supplanter.”



As far as classic baby names go, you can’t beat Julius. The Greek name means “Jove’s child” and might make you think, naturally, of Julius Caesar. It’s cool all on its own, but even its nickname Jules is pretty impressive, too.



Popular back in the 80s and 90s, Jared still has some staying power when it comes to J baby boy names. It is of Hebrew origin and has ties back to the Bible, since Jared was a descendant of Adam and Eve.



Jeffrey is a boy’s name of German and English origin. It means “pledge of peace” and has many variations on spelling (think Geoffrey, Jeffeory, Jeffry, Geffrey, etc.). It’s a solid choice for your little man.



Jai is a baby boy’s name of Indian origin. It means “victory” and is pronounced with a long “I” sound at the end, although some others pronounce it like “Jay.”



Of British origin, Jarrett is a baby boy’s name. It means “spear brave” and is pronounced “Jare-et.” It is a form of Gerard, and is sometimes an English surname.



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Let’s say that you want a J baby name that doesn’t sound like a J baby name. Enter Javier, which is pronounced “Hah-vee-air.” It is of Mexican origin and is a twist on the English surname Xavier.



Joshua, which means “the Lord is my salvation,” is of Hebrew origin. It’s a Biblical name, too, and is often a popular Jewish baby name for boys.



Jeremiah is a baby boy’s name of Hebrew origin. It means “the Lord exalts” and ranks right outside the Top 100 of popular baby names. It’s one of those “iah”-ending names that have become so desirable as of late.



Regardless of whether hearing the name Jude makes you want to break out in song, Jude is a popular name nowadays. It means “praised” and is of Latin origin. Although it was originally a boy’s name, it is now becoming more gender-neutral, with many parents picking Jude for their baby girls as well.



Originating from the Hebrew name Jacob, James means “supplanter.” While it’s most often been a boy’s name, it’s now seen a big resurgence as a girl’s name, too, making it one of the few gender-neutral J baby names.



Meaning “youthful” or “love’s child,” Julia derives from Latin. It’s consistently been a classic, beautiful J baby girl name, and has the boy variation Julian, or the gender-neutral Jules.



With its meaning of “Jehovah increases,” it’s no wonder that Joseph has remained a classic baby boy’s name. There are not one but three Josephs in the Bible, which goes back to its Hebrew origin. It’s one of the most popular J names for baby boys, especially with the nicknames Joe or Joey.



Pronounced “Joe-nah,” Jonah is a baby boy’s name of Hebrew origin. It means “dove,” and is popular, possibly in part because of that whole whale tale from the Bible.



If you’re looking for a classic J baby name, look no further than John. Throughout centuries, it still stands as one of the most popular baby boy’s names out there. It’s a Biblical name meaning “God is gracious” and is of Hebrew origin.



Once the most popular name of the 1970s, Jennifer still has some staying power even today. It means “white shadow” or “white wave”, and is of Cornish origin. It’s a variation of Guinevere, and before that, the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar. You can change up the spelling by adding (or subtracting) n’s and f’s (think Jenifer or Jeniffer), but it’s the nicknames — like Jennie, Jenny, and Jen — that make Jennifer timeless.



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Jacob has stood the test of time in terms of baby names that have endured. Jacob still ranks almost near the Top 10, and means “he who supplants.” It’s of Hebrew origin, and with its awesome nickname, Jake, it’s easy to see the appeal.



Jabari is a Swahili baby boy’s name. It means “valiant,” thanks to the Arabic root word, Jabbar. Don’t be surprised if you find a few Jabari’s in your kiddo’s future class, since this name has slowly started climbing in popularity.



Ooh, la la! Jacques is (obvs) a French boy’s name. It’s pronounced “zhahk” although you could give it a go with the J sound at the beginning. Although it’s not popular stateside, it also has the nickname Jack, which might make you say “oui” to adding it to your list of possible name contenders.



Jada is a girl’s name that is of Spanish origin. It means “jade” and was originally a boy’s name in the Bible. In Hebrew, it means “he knows,” but is now more feminine.



If you want to give your little guy a name steeped in nature, then look no farther than Jafar. It means “stream” and is Arabic in origin. It’s not popular, which might be in part due to the fact that Jafar was the antagonist in Aladdin. But it’s still an awesome name nonetheless.



Jaelyn is a baby girl’s name which means “Yahweh may protect.” It derives from Hebrew and has a bunch of different spellings, like Jaylin, Jaelynn, Jaylen, Jaelin, and so on. Nicknames can be Jay or Lynn, both of which are pretty.



Jacinda has multiple origins, coming from the Spanish and Portuguese. It means “hyacinth,” which is an original way to give your girl a floral name that isn’t as obvious as Rose or Lilly.



Okay, so the meaning of Jael, which is “mountain goat,” might not sound so amazing. But the name, which has a Hebrew origin, has some strong connotations: Jael is a badass heroine in the Bible.



Sure, you've heard of Jason or Jacee, but this cool unisex name feels fresh and modern. Jace is a boy’s name and means "the Lord is salvation.” It’s of Hebrew origin, but if it’s not being used as a nickname for Jason, it could definitely work for a girl, too.



Johanna is one of those names that feels at once ethereal and timeless. It can be pronounced Yo-hanna or Jo-hanna, depending on your preference. It’s of Hebrew origin and means “God is gracious.” And yes, if you give your girl the name Johanna, make sure that the H is pronounced, because that letter (along with your little girl) should never be silent.



Of Persian origin, Jasper is a boy’s name. It means “bringer of treasure” and is the English version of Caspar, one of the three Wise Men who brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh to baby Jesus. It’s grown in popularity, and with its cool nickname of Jas or Jaz, it’s easy to see why.



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If you think your little baby is the crown jewel, then Jade might be a good pick. It means “precious stone”, and was once thought to have magical powers. It has British origins, and could be a good name for a baby born in May, since its birthstone, the emerald, is also green.



Of all the J baby names out there, Jalen is one of the newer ones. It derives from the Greek word “galen” which means “healer, tranquil.” Who knows, maybe giving your baby a calm name will make them chill, too.



Of course, the name Jasmine might bring that Disney princess to mind, but there’s a lot more going for that name than Prince Ali. It has Old French and Persian origins, and refers to the beautiful flower. Jasmine can be spelled a bunch of ways, including Jasmin, Jasmyn, Jazmine, but no matter what letters you use, it’s still pronounced with a short “I” sound, and not, you know, “Jas-mine.”



Jordan is of Hebrew origin and means “flowing down.” It’s a very popular gender-neutral baby name, made popular by Michael Jordan. But before basketball, the River Jordan (where Christ was baptized) held Biblical significance.


Jessamyn (Or Jessamine)

With a mix of Persian and French origin, Jessamyn is a very unique J baby name. It means both “jasmine” and “he sees.” It’s pronounced “Jessa-min” and can have cute nicknames like Jess, Jessa, Jessie, or even Minnie.



Jack is a nickname for John. It has British origins, and is very, very popular, both as a nickname as well as a first name.



A spin on the more common Jessica, Jessa is slowly becoming a more mainstream baby name that starts with J. It means “He sees” and is of Hebrew origin.



Move over, Biebs. Justin has been a pretty popular baby boy name since the early 1980s. It derives from the Latin word that means “upright” and “righteous,” thanks to the word “just” in the name.



This is one of those old-timey names that seems to be making a comeback. That might be in part to its sweet nicknames, like Jo or Joey. It is the French feminine variation of Joseph, and it means “Jehovah increases.”



When it comes to cool baby names, you can’t touch Jett. It means “free” or “black stone” and has been “jetting” up the baby name charts in recent years. And while you might think that Jett is a boy’s name, it’s actually gender-neutral.



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Jemma is a girl’s name which can be a nickname for Jemima. It means “dove” and is of English origin. But based on its pronunciation, you might think of the word “gem,” which makes sense, since your baby is probably a precious stone to you, anyway.



Jason is one of those J baby names that has been around since forever. It dates back to Biblical times, and still remains a popular name today. It means “healer” or “the Lord is salvation” and with its switched up spelling of Jayson, it’s becoming even more popular.



Sure, it’s a simple baby name that starts with J, but don’t confuse Jane with plain. Hailing from the Hebrew, Jane means “God is gracious.” And if you’re a fan of the Brontes, you might love naming your little one after the great literary heroine, Jane Eyre.



Although it starts with a J, Joaquin is pronounced with an H sound. It’s a name of Spanish origin and means “God will judge.” Joaquin is pronounced “Hua-keen.”



If you’re over the moon about your new baby, what about going a little farther galactically and calling them Jupiter? It’s a boy’s name of Latin origin and means “the supreme god,” which is appropriate if you think your baby is planetary perfection.



You won’t be wondering where Romeo is when you give your baby girl the name Juliet. Of course, it calls the classic Shakespearian tragedy to mind, but Juliet is an English girl’s name that means “youthful.” You can spell it also as Juliette, and nicknames like Jules, Jule, or Juju might make you forget all about the Montagues and Capulets.



While it might sound like some syllables are missing, Jax is a baby boy’s name entirely on its own. It can be an abbreviated version of Jason or Jackson, but Jax (with its cool X on the end), is pretty popular today. It’s of British origin and means “son of Jack.”



You can’t help but smile at the name Joy. It’s a girl’s name of Old French and Latin origin and means, as you might have guessed, “joy.” It derives from the French word “joie” and represents hope and happiness, which is exactly what your little baby means to you.



Once a boy’s name, Jameson has now become gender-neutral… and a modern girl’s name to boot. It’s English in origin and means “son of James,” which doesn’t matter if you give it to your baby girl. And in case you’re curious, Jameson is pronounced “Jay-ma-sun” and not “James-son.”



Jackson is one of those names that originally started as a surname and became a first name. It means “son of Jack” and “God has been gracious” and is of British origin. And if you don’t want to say the entire name, the nickname Jack is absolutely adorable.



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Months often make a great name for a newborn. And June, which originates from the Roman mythological goddess Juno, is one of those old-fashioned names that’s making a strong resurgence. Now, if you’re having triplets and want your babies to have J names, you can always call them January, June, and (yep), July.



Of Latin origin, Jillian is a girl’s name that means “youthful.” It’s a feminine derivative of Julius, and is one of those common, yet not quite common names. It’s also spelled as Gillian and still pronounced as Jillian, but can be confusing with the G.



Short for Jedediah, Jed is a Hebrew name which means “beloved of God.” And if you have a Star Wars fan in your home, Jed (without the I) might make the name more meaningful.



Is there even a question how and when Jolie became a popular name for girls? It’s a French girl’s name meaning “pretty,” and when you think of its Angelina inspiration, it’s easy to see why. You can also spell Jolie as Joli, Jolee, or even Joliee.



A boy’s name, Javen is a boy’s name of Arabic descendance. It means “youth” and is pronounced “Jay-ven.” Alternatively, you can also spell it Javan, Jeven, or Jaivan as well. With its nickname of Jay, it couldn’t be cuter.



Of French origin, Jacqueline means “supplanter.” It’s a girl’s name, and is the French female derivative of Jacques. It’s an utterly elegant first name for a girl, and can be spelled a slew of ways, including Jacklyn, Jacquelyn, Jackielyn, and more. Plus, nicknames like Jackie, (or even Jack) are sweet.



Joel is a baby boy’s name of Hebrew origin. Traditionally pronounced “Joh-ul”, it means “Jehovah is the Lord.” Although Joel is typically a boy’s name, it has a female version, Joelle, which is also pretty.

If you’re looking to carry on a J name for a family member or loved one, or just love the sound of J, these J baby names can help you pick out the perfect name for your joyous, jubilant, and jolly J-named baby.

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