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These Baby Boy Names Have Those Chill Libra Vibes

Because Libra babies like to keep the peace.

Even if you haven’t given astrology much thought before, you can’t deny the similarities the signs can have to parts of our personalities. You might be stubborn like Taurus, or highly independent like Aquarius. The same can be said of your baby-to-be, too, who just might develop some traits that are intrinsic to their sign. So as the scent of apple cider wafts through the air to let you know fall is not too far away, you might start thinking of names that can relate to the astrological sign Libra. If your baby’s arrival is but a few weeks away, these Libra boy names can show some significance to their sign.

But when does Libra even begin? Well, the dates for this sign start on September 23 and end on October 22. It’s the time of year when people swap out swimsuits for sweaters, and soups and stews simmer on the stove. It’s a magical time of year, and for Libra, who practices peace-making on the daily, it’s even more meaningful as the idea of gathering with friends and family becomes even more paramount. Something to keep in mind when you think about Libra boy names: Although Libra is practical, they’re also ruled by Venus, so they’re equally as passionate as they are pragmatic.

So if you’re looking for a Libra boy name, the ones below are inspirational and represent all the cool qualities of this astrological sign.




It can be hard to tear a Libra away from a lovely landscape. In fact, that’s where Libra finds their inner peace. So naming your little guy River is naturally an obvious choice. River doesn’t have any hidden meanings; the name River simply means river.



It’s always fun when your baby’s name is a hidden joke between you and your partner. That’s why, on the outside, Toby is a completely cool name for your kid. Sure, it might be a shortened version of Tobias, and means “God is good”, but it can also be a nickname of sorts for the month of October, which might be when your baby’s birthday falls.



You want a name that highlights your baby’s superior intellect. And that name, friends, is Hugo. It literally means “intellect” and “mind.” It’s of German, Spanish, and Portuguese origin, and derives from the Latin form of Hugh. It might be more subtle than other intellectual names, like Wisdom, Knowledge, or, you know, Einstein.



Honoring the fact that Libra is an air element, Neil might be a good fit. It’s an Irish boys’ name, and it means “cloud.” While Neil is usually spelled with an “I,” it can also be spelled with an “a,” such as Neal. It’s not the most common boy’s name, Neil has some serious staying power, since it’s been around for well over 100 years.



From the moment you held your baby in your arms, you knew that you’d love them with every single beat of your heart (and every other corny cliché you could come up with). So consider Aziz, a baby boy name that means “beloved.” That way, you can show the world that your baby truly is a representation of your love — or that night when you and your partner had one too many margs.




Maybe it’s your (gasp) seventh child. Or maybe you just couldn’t come up with another name. Seven can be a sweet baby boy’s name, though. But if you’re thinking, “Wait, September is the 9th month in the year,” you’re right. Seven refers to the fact that Libra is the 7th astrological sign in the zodiac. You can come up with a bunch of nicknames, too, like Sev or Sevi.



Your baby is brilliant. You know it. While he still might be too little to weigh in on current affairs, you just wait. He’ll be offering sage advice soon enough. And that’s what makes Alfred so amazing. It means “counsel,” which shows the depth that Libra will have in their relationships.



A gender-neutral name, Lennon is an Irish boy’s name. It means “lover,” which just might mean that your little guy will be a big ol’ mama’s boy, and have a ton of friends. Of course, Lennon is synonymous with a certain Beatle. You might find as many girls have the name as boys, which might be ideal if you’re looking for a name that doesn’t scream “boy.”



A name that has been around for centuries, David is a Libra name if ever there were one. It’s a Biblical name, from the David and Goliath story that still remains one of the most popular scriptures of all time. And David still ranks high in popular baby boy names, coming in currently at number 40. How it links to Libra, though, is in its meaning, since David means “beloved” — just like your baby.



You couldn’t ask for a better friend than a Libra. But instead of calling him Buddy, you should consider Bellamy. It’s not common, but it’s still cute nonetheless. It means “fine friend,” and is of French, English, and Irish origin. You might sometimes stumble across Bellamy as a last name, but as name for your little Libra, it’s perfect.



You’ll often hear it being used as a greeting, or a well-wish, but Shalom can be a boy’s name, too. It is of Hebrew origin, and it means “peace.” It started as a boy’s name, but it can be a girl’s name as well. It’s seen a steady rise in popularity, but it’s still quite unique.



A Libra can never stand idly by while two friends disagree. They feel the need to help friends heal and renew their friendship. That’s why Alexander, a classic boy’s name, speaks volumes about the character of your kiddo. It means “to defend” or “to help,” which is exactly what a little Libra does.



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Jaylen is a baby boy’s name that originates from the Greek. It means “tranquil healer,” which truly encompasses everything that Libra stands for: diplomacy, friendship, and kindness. It is also a derivative of Galen, which is equally as beautiful. Now only if your little one could heal those C section stitches…



Another name that signifies smarts, Ethan is a solid choice. It means “safe,” “strong” and “firm,” qualities that Libras have. In the Bible, Ethan is known for his wisdom and strength, which also parallels traits from this astrological sign.



There’s a certain sense of poise and control that Libras innately possess. Adel honors that notion, seeing as how it means “noble” or “elite.” It is of Hebrew and Old German origin. While it might feel short, Adel is a full name on its own. The name might be fitting for your own crown prince.

As you prepare for the birth of your baby, take a looksie at some of these Libra names to see which ones could potentially be a keeper for your kiddo. You might be inspired by Libra’s love of nature, love of kinship and family, their acerbic wit, or even the season itself. Because when it comes down to it, there really is so much to love about those sweet Libra babies that it just might be hard to choose a name for your lil’ pumpkin.