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These Baby Girl Names Are Perfect For Your Laid-Back Libra

They’re such chill little creatures.

If you’re due to deliver in early fall, you’re in luck because you’ll probably be giving birth to a Libra. The pint-sized peacemakers among all of the astrological signs, Libra is a lover of many things, but especially keeping things calm. And while your baby might be diplomatic, that doesn’t mean that you’ll get a baby who’ll sleep straight through the night. If you want a name that is straight of the stars, you just might fall for these 15 Libra girl names that celebrate the season, the zodiac, and the sweetness of this astrological sign.

The seventh sign in the zodiac, Libra’s dates run from September 23- October 22 — smack dab in the middle of apple and pumpkin picking season. That’s why fans of fall (and purveyors of all things pumpkin spice-scented) will be overjoyed at welcoming a little Libra and thinking about Libra girl names. The air is crisp and cool outside, and you and your bump can feel all cozy loaded in layers because it’s the season of sweater weather. And as for their personalities, Libra is exceptionally pleasant, loving, and well-balanced, which is why their symbol is the balance scales.

When you’re looking for inspiration, these Libra girl names are cute and clever — just like your kiddo will be.




Natural names are lovely for Libras, since their outdoorsy nature makes them want to be outside all the time. So that’s what makes Skye a simple yet sweet name for your little girl. Skye (which can also be spelled without the “e” at the end), means just what you’d think: the big blue sky. There is an island off the coast of Scotland that can also be connected to the name Skye, but really, Sky works well because Libra is also an air sign.



The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, they say. And if your baby is the spitting image of you or your partner, Apple is a good pick (ha). Apple is an ode to the sweet fleshy fruit of the fall, and to all of those September weekends when apple picking is at its prime. Of course, Gwyneth Paltrow and ex-husband Chris Martin famously named their baby girl Apple back in 2004.



The birth may not have been all rainbows and sunshine, but now that you’re holding your little girl, well, it just doesn’t matter anymore. The baby name Iris means “rainbow,” which can be perfect if your little one is a rainbow baby. It’s another wink and nod to their zodiac element, and it kind of beats calling your kid Cloud.



Autumn is an absolutely beautiful name for your lil’ Libra. It’s a prettier option than naming your baby, you know, Fall. Because the Libra sign falls smack in the middle of the season, it’s a beautiful way to pay homage to the time of the year and the timing of your baby’s birth, too.



You can look into your baby’s eyes and just *know* that they’re brilliant. That makes sense, since Libras are known for their superior intellect. The name Sophie is of both French and Greek origin, and signifies “wisdom.” You could always name your baby Sophia (which currently ranks at number five in the top baby names, according to Social Security Administration), but Sophie is a whole lot sweeter.



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Crimson, ochre, gold, and burnt orange. There’s no denying the deliciousness of the fall landscape. Even though the name might hearken back to Gone With the Wind days, Scarlett is totally seasonal. The name is of English origin and it means “red,” of course. But in case you get confused with the spelling, the name Scarlett has two t’s, and the color scarlet has one. Some nicknames for Scarlett are Carly, Scout, Lottie, and even Letty.



If Libras are known for one thing, it’s that they’re gracious and good-natured. So in homage of your baby’s kind nature, consider Grace. It comes from the Latin word “gratia,” which means “grace.” It’s one of those virtue names (think Faith, Destiny, Hope, Honor), that is totally traditional and modern at the same time. It’s a name that will suit your little sweetie.



No, we’re not talking about kalamata or liguria here (although they are quite tasty). Olive as is a botanical name that aligns with Libra’s love of nature. The ultimate symbol of peace, extending an olive branch signifies good will, which is totally in line with a Libra’s natural instinct to have harmony among people.



Chalk it up to Venus as their ruling planet, but chances are your Libra baby is going to be a total mushball. You could name your baby Love, or you could opt for the precious-sounding Esme. It’s pronounced like Ez-may, (and not Ez-me). It’s of French and Persian origin and it means “beloved.” It can also mean “to esteem,” which might set up your little Esme to be a total girlboss in the future.



They say everything old is new again, and that’s the case with the name Mabel. Once considered an old lady name, Mabel is starting to see a slight resurgence (celebs like Bruce Willis, Chad Lowe, and Dermot Mulroney have all named their daughters Mabel), and this might be the reason why. The name, which is of Latin origin, means “lovable,” and really, isn’t that exactly how you feel about your baby? Plus, Mabel sound somewhat similar to Maple, another flavor of the fall season.



Although Libby is technically a nickname for Elizabeth, it’s the perfect name for a Libra baby girl. Why? Well, it can also be a nickname for Libra itself (Libby, get it?) The name is of English origin and means “pledged to God,” which might sound slightly more religious. And it’s actually kind of cool to make a nickname from the astrological sign itself, because while that might work with some (think Gemmy for Gemini or Ari for Aries), you can’t really do that with all of them (we’re looking at you, Cancer).



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She may only be minutes old, but you can just tell that your baby is wise beyond her years. So consider Sage, a baby name that has multiple meanings. Not only does it signify smarts, (which is what Libras are known for), but it’s also a gender-neutral name, too. For foodies, Sage is an important herb, particularly during the fall, when it’s often used to season poultry, pork, sausages, and (yum), stuffing and biscuits.



Looking for an Irish baby name for your soon-to-be Libra? Try on Aine for size. It means “splendor” and “brightness,” which is exactly how your little ray of sunshine will make you feel. Although it’s a pretty popular name in Ireland, Aine is slowly starting to make its way from The Emerald Isle to stateside. As for the pronunciation of those four little letters, it’s spoken as “Awn-ya” or “En-ya”.



Libras have an innate appreciation for all beautiful things. While Belle might have some Beauty and the Beast vibes, Bella (which means “beautiful” in Italian and Spanish) is also a pretty name. It’s also popular too, ranking at 64 for top baby girl names, according to SSA. That’s okay, though, because your daughter is the most adorable, right?



Your baby is absolutely breathtaking — and that’s a totally unbiased opinion, of course. Give your girl a name fitting her beauty, like Zuri. Of Swahili origin, Zuri means “beautiful,” and is pronounced Zur-ee.

As you sip your pumpkin spice latte and indulge in apple cider doughnut holes, rub your belly and try saying all of these names for your little Libra baby. You just might get a kick when you come across one that your little baby approves of.