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These Middle Names For Girls Have So Much Meaning

From timeless classics to edgy to totally unique.

There are plenty of things about being a girl-parent that are frustrating and challenging, and a lot of times it starts with finding a middle name that flows well with their first name. Sure, struggling to come up with a list of middle names for girls is by no means the hardest thing you’ll deal with as a parent, but it’s still an incredibly irritating way to start the journey. For a task that should be pretty simple, it can be kind of a pain to deal with.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, my husband and I had no trouble coming up with her middle name, because we knew it was going to be after my great-grandma (who was still living at the time). When we became pregnant with our second daughter, though, the task was a lot more challenging. Since there weren’t any other family names we liked, we had to create a list of middle names for girls from scratch. For us, it had to be a name that flowed well with her first name, wasn’t overly trendy, and had a good meaning. I’m not exaggerating when I say we enlisted the help of a spreadsheet and our (then) 2-year-old to finally make a decision.

The process was long, but ultimately worth it because we love the name we landed on. So in an effort to help save you some time, here are some of the best middle names for girls that are worth considering for your little one.



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It doesn’t get much more timeless than the name Grace. It’s gorgeous in general, but it’s especially great for a middle name since it flows well with so many first names, whether they’re also classic or totally unique.



Take any name and stick “Mae” at the end of it, and it’s suddenly so much cuter. Mae is another name that’s been around seemingly forever. It means “bitter” or “pearl” and, let’s be honest, has a nice little ring to it.



There’s something about the one-syllable names that make them especially great options for a middle name. Kate definitely falls into that category. It means “pure” and it’s a nice balance between being a well-known name without being overly used.



Claire (or Clair) means “bright” or “clear” and is a seriously underrated name if you ask me. It’s somewhat similar to Clara or even Catherine, but it has a more modern feel to it (even though it’s been around for well over a century).



This is the middle name my husband and I ultimately landed on for our second daughter. We loved it because it means “beautiful” and our oldest daughter loved it because it’s the name of a Disney princess. Both are valid reasons for choosing such a pretty name.



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What more could a parent want than for their little one to be full of joy? Not only does this name have a great meaning, but it’s also a nice one-syllable name that will flow well with a wide variety of first names, and make them all the more beautiful.



Meaning “pasture” or “meadow,” Leigh is another one of those names that sounds like it could be added at the end of just about any first name, with the exception of names ending in “y” (it might be a bit of a mouthful). It’s really pretty, not overused, and not so unique that it’s strange.



There’s no hidden meaning behind the name Sky (or Skye), it’s literally the name of that big blue thing you see overhead every day. Despite its obvious origins, Sky is an excellent middle name choice for anyone who wants something that’s less common.



Isla is another name that’s really pretty, well-known, but not over-used. However, it’s not something that can be easily tagged on to just about any first name. Still, if you can make it work with your daughter’s first name, it’s a lovely addition.



Much like Mae, Joy, and Grace, Paige flows well with nearly any first name you can think up. It’s been steadily growing in popularity since the 1950s, but even though it’s a well-known name it’s nowhere near as popular as something like Marie or Elizabeth.



For anyone looking for a middle name that is both unique and gorgeous, consider Lux. It means “light” and is not at all popular (yet), plus it will flow really well with a lot of equally gorgeous first names.



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This is a name you may not hear too often, which is a shame because it’s really pretty. It’s not something that will work with every first name, but it will certainly add some sparkle to any of the names it does flow with.



Harley is an excellent middle name choice for anyone who is a fan of motorcycles or pretty underrated names. It has a lot of versatility as far as first names go, and it’s that perfect balance of unique but not strange.



Rae is essentially the cool, edgy twin sister to Mae. They both have a similar sound, except Rae is used much less and doesn’t seem to have that same sweetness factor that Mae does. For those reasons, it makes for a fantastic middle name.



While Louise is a fine middle name, its abbreviated Lou is a lot more fun. It means “renowned warrior” (which is pretty badass) and hasn’t really been on the popularity radar for a few decades now. Plus, if it’s good enough for Cindy Lou Who, it’s good enough for your baby girl.



If you’re looking for a pretty middle name then you should consider Jolie, because it literally means “pretty.” Unfortunately, it really only works with a handful of first names (like, say, Angelina), but if your daughter’s name is one of them then this should definitely be added to your short list of options.



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Gwen is the shortened name for Gwendolyn (which is equally as pretty) and means “white circle.” Aside from Gwen Stefani, it’s not a popular name at all but it’s a solid option for anyone seeking a pretty, one-syllable name for their little girl.



Since it’s a three-syllable name, if it’s paired with the wrong first name Violet can be a real mouthful. However, when it follows a complementing first name, it’s really beautiful. Even better, since it only works well with a small number of first names, you don’t run the risk of it becoming over-used.



Giving your daughter the middle name Sofia instantly adds a little elegance to her (that’s what I think, at least). It’s a Greek name that means wisdom and goes back centuries, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that it really started gaining in popularity (and it’s been steadily rising ever since).



It doesn’t get much more classic than Rose. The name saw the height of its popularity in the first half of the 1900s, so if you’re hoping to give your daughter a family name, there’s a good chance this was the first or middle name of at least one of your ancestors.

Every parent puts a lot of thought and care into choosing their baby’s name, it’s a job we all take very seriously. Once you have your daughter’s first name picked out, the best thing you can do is to round up possible middle names and then work your way through the list, listening to how the first name sounds with each one. It may take some time, but you’ll eventually land on something you love. And, if all else fails, follow my oldest daughter’s lead and pick the name of one of your favorite Disney Princesses.