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34 Ideas For Breaking The Big News This Mother’s Day

Welcome to the club.

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If you have some big personal news you’d like to share on a day when you’re celebrating your own mom and mother figures in your life (cough *pregnancy announcement* cough cough), there are dozens of great Mother’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas that are better than any materialistic gift.

Whether you’re looking to make a heartfelt reveal or would prefer a pregnancy announcement that’s a bit more silly, there are countless ways to let your people know a new baby is on the way. For something you can buy, turn to Etsy, home to dozens of baby reveal t-shirts, mugs, and decor items that can assist in the surprise. Or, if the most important family events and news are shared around food, then check out some of these food-themed Mother’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas that will make this year’s extra special.

Of course you could pull off a DIY Mother’s Day pregnancy announcement too. From chalkboard messages to riffs on construction sites, you can have fun playing with the concept of building a baby to tell the world your news. And not to be overlooked, there are some announcement concepts for multiples. Twins offer all kinds of sweet and entertaining ways to announce. Just think double trouble, twice the fun, and plays on Double Mint Gum.

Whether you share your news in a subtle or over-the-top way, these Mother’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas are fun, sweet, memorable, and sure to make some people — looking at you, grandparents — cry the happiest of tears.

Mother’s Day shirts to announce your pregnancy

Use these t-shirts to say “I’m gonna be a mama” on Mother’s Day — either in person or on social media.

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Food-themed Mother’s Day pregnancy announcements

Want to crack up a Mother’s Day gathering with squeals? Serve baby-themed foods to announce your pregnancy. Here are a few Mother’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas:

  • Cake with the ultrasound on it — yes, you can have a cake maker take your ultrasound and superimpose it onto a cake for a super sweet treat.
  • Fortune cookies — you can make your own by using tweezers to slip an announcement into fortune cookies or order some from Bunting & Barrow.
  • Donuts with the sign “Eat up, Mommy doesn’t want to be the only one with a belly.”
  • Baby food appetizer platter — make a plate with baby carrots, baby corn, baby back ribs, or even baby bottle-filled drinks.
  • Munchkin donuts box — take a box of these Dunkin favorites and add a note that says “Our Little Munchkin arriving August 2021.”

Mugs to reveal your pregnancy on Mother’s Day

Surprise those you love — or just spread the word with friends on Facebook — that you’re expecting with these mugs perfect for a Mother’s Day reveal.

Pregnancy announcement scratch-off cards

Add a whole new level of anticipation by handing your friends or family faux lottery tickets to reveal your pregnancy announcement. These authentic-looking scratch-off cards will have everyone convinced you’re just being generous until they see the news that a baby is on its way.

Funny DIY Mother’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas

Why not have a little fun with your pregnancy announcement on Mother’s Day? Here are a few ways to add some silliness.

  • Construction site — Put construction tape across your crib and post a sign that says “Nursery under construction.”
  • Evicted — Make a sign that says “Eviction notice” and have your older child hold it in their crib
  • Include your stepchild — Have a stepbrother hold a sign that says “Did we just become best buds?” and then have mom hold a onesie that says “Yep”
  • Surprise family photo — Have grandparents stand behind you posing for photo then hold up a sign in front of you that says, “Psst. These two are gonna be grandparents.”
  • Expand the party invite — Make a sign that says “Our Mother’s Day party is about to get a bit bigger”

Artful Mother’s Day pregnancy announcements

Want a fancier baby announcement? Here are some tasteful options.

  • Framed ultrasound. Want to shock your own mother on Mother’s Day? Give her a framed image of your ultrasound for Mother’s Day.
  • Big sister smocked dress. Make a subtle statement by dressing your daughter in a smocked gown that says big sister or stencil it onto your older child’s shirt.
  • Top a cake. You can buy a beautiful cake topper or create your own that spells out “We’re Expecting”
  • Fill balloons with the surprise. Throw some confetti and the big reveal message in some balloons, then have your fam pop them to uncover the new.
  • Word search. Give your family a word search they have to unscramble that says “We’re expecting!”

Twinning pregnancy announcement ideas for Mother’s Day

If you’re lucky enough to be expecting multiple babies, Mother’s Day really is a terrific time to let your people know. And you can have so much fun with it. Here are a few thoughts to get you started.

  • Two baby onesies that say “Plot” and “Twist”
  • Chalkboard with the words “Double Trouble” written on it
  • “Oh Babies” balloons
  • A funny frozen yogurt topped with pickles that says “Eating for three.”
  • A giant sign that says “Taco Twosday just got even better.”
  • Take a picture of an open oven with two buns in it.
  • Post a picture of your ultrasound and caption it “Clone Wars”

Surely any of these sweet and sassy ideas will work for your Mother’s Day pregnancy announcement. So get planning and don’t forget to bring some tissues. There’s guaranteed to be some tears of joy.

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