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39 Hilarious Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

Talk about belly laughs.

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Announcing your pregnancy is one of those life moments that is truly as good as it's hyped up to be. But these days, how you tell people is almost as important of a consideration as when you tell them, because, well, social media. Sure, you can go the sentimental route, but if you take this moment to show you are approaching parenthood with a sense of humor (trust me, you'll need it), these funny ways to announce your pregnancy are the perfect inspiration for your big reveal.

As I learned with my pregnancies, you'll actually make your announcement several times: to your partner, to your closest friends and family, and then finally, to the "world" (or, your social media channels). Each telling is memorable (hopefully in a good way), and though you may be tempted to just blurt it out (especially if you've been keeping the secret for a while), planning something special and worthy of "the ‘gram" will ensure you can re-live the moment for years to come... particularly when your children are driving you up the wall and you need a gentle reminder of why you were excited to have them in the first place.

These 40 pregnancy announcements, ranging from silly to hilarious, will certainly bring a laugh as you reveal your bundle-to-be.


Make a food-filled pregnancy announcement

You can’t beat those pregnancy cravings. And Instagram user @leahladson and her family are enjoying all of them in this pregnancy announcement that features food, glorious food and family, too.


Make it into a movie poster

Life can feel like a movie when you’re expecting. So that’s what Instagram user @theboothesandazayn did when they wanted to announce their pregnancy. You might laugh so hard you’ll pee a little, too.


Get inspired by Bob Ross

Whether your pregnancy was planned or, um, a happy little accident, everyone will love this Bob Ross announcement. Featuring an image of the iconic painter with his paintbrush and an ultrasound image from Instagram user @wildercrafting, sharing the news that you’re expecting has never been more exciting — or calming.


Use a TMI funny pregnancy announcement

It’s, er, game on for Instagram user Mamissa5. Using a sonogram photo framed inside a letterboard is cute, but it’s the wording on this punny pregnancy announcement that takes it over the top.


Post a pic with a bun in the oven sign

Adene Sanchez/E+/Getty Images

Sure, you could stick a bun in the, you know, oven, or you could take a pretty sign and show off your pregnancy that way. Add an ultrasound image along with a pic of your bare bump for a sweet announcement.


Bump bellies with your bae

Taiyou Nomachi/DigitalVision/Getty Images

One of these things is definitely not like the other. If your partner has a pooch, (and a good sense of humor), then baring your bellies together can make for a really fun pregnancy announcement.


Show that it’s not a beer belly

You can create a cute pregnancy announcement just like @rachel_wifelife did when she posed in a white dress accompanied by a letter board — and some beer.


Shoot some sobbing siblings

Kids can never hide how they’re really feeling. If their faces (and aww, tears) are any indicator, Instagram user @melissa_beeler’s kiddos aren’t exactly thrilled about the news of a new sibling. But that’s just what makes this funny pregnancy announcement, you know, funny.


Show off bellies with your mini


Is it a burrito — or is it a bump? For a cute announcement, have your child hold up their shirt to look at their belly, too. Cradle yours so there’s no confusion that your child is about to be promoted to big sibling status.


Point out the pregnancy perks

Yes, there will be moodiness and late-night cravings for which they'll have to go to the store, but it's important to lead with the positive when making the big reveal to your partner. This funny card available on Etsy is the perfect reminder of the "perks" of your pregnancy bod.


Get saucy

This dad's face says it all. Take a page from @new_mama and use some Prego pasta sauce as a prop to make your announcement. Plus, you get to eat all the pasta while you do it!


Use those ice bags to announce your pregnancy

If you're a couple of a certain age, then you know exactly what song I'm referencing (and can probably still remember all the lyrics). For this announcement, have your partner hold a bag of ice in each hand and then stand next to them with your hands surrounding your bump. Ice, Ice...Baby!


Get a sperm-themed card

With this downloadable card from Etsy you can give props to the real MVP of your pregnancy... that little sperm who just kept swimming.


Use your Elf on the Shelf

If you’ve been trying to think of Elf on the Shelf ideas, put that doll to good use for your pregnancy announcement. Instagram user MinnyPrints used their elf to hold a sonogram photo and placed a sign that shows that they were “elfing” around and now, a baby is on the way. If you ask us, that’s a pretty funny way to announce your pregnancy.


Put a bun in the oven — literally

File this under literal translation. For this announcement put some buns in your oven (hamburger buns will do just fine) and either snap a pic to post, or have your loved ones try to figure out why there are buns in the oven. Hopefully it won't take them as long as it took this poor dad to realize what was going on.


Thank Tinder for your pregnancy

For all those online dating lovebirds, this onesie available on Etsy is a tongue-and-cheek nod to when swiping right goes really well.


Use a tantrum to your advantage

Have a child already? Does that child ever cry? Well, next time your little one throws a tantrum, snap a pic of your positive pregnancy test in the foreground, crying kiddo in the background, and boom, you have yourself a pregnancy announcement that can be captioned by saying, "Apparently, someone isn't very happy about getting a little sibling." See, there's always a silver lining to inexplicable toddler meltdowns!


Give a reason why you’re not drinking

There's only so long people are going to believe you're "on antibiotics," so you might as well let them know what's (really) up with one of these funny pregnancy announcement cards from Etsy. Not a margarita drinker? They also have cards featuring beer, champagne, and wine... because historical accuracy is important.


Have your partner pose with you

Okay, so maybe you weren't planning to have a baby right now, but here you are. I say lean in to the surprise factor and have your partner pose on the floor like they're passed out, with the positive pregnancy test displayed in front of them. Don't worry, your baby won't be offended.


Show that your partner doesn’t always play Grand Theft Auto

For those of you with gamer partners, this onesie truly speaks for itself. Though the hobby can sometimes border on obsession, this will surely answer the question of whether or not that's "all he does."


Wear a shirt that offers all the answers

Even though it's mostly well-intentioned, the constant questioning of when you're going to have a baby is super annoying. Playfully silence the questioning by wearing this funny t-shirt from Etsy at your next family gathering. Then be prepared to hear "What are you having?" just as often.


Show it off with some socks

I'm not sure when it happened, but socks have definitely become "a thing." Seize the moment and post up in these clever Pregnant AF socks from Etsy. A word to the wise though: You may have to explain "AF" to your grandma before you send that one out.


Let a letter board do the talking

Letter boards are all the online rage these days, so why not use one to (literally) spell out your big announcement? Can't think of anything funny to say? Check out this mom who used letter boards to hilariously track her pregnancy for some inspiration.


Feature your fur baby

If you really want to hit your announcement out of the park, I highly suggest getting your dog (or cat if you can keep them still) involved. This hilarious post from the account @charmingchickpea proves that even the sweetest of siblings are going to have some questions about that new baby joining the family.


Channel your inner Beyoncé

Like most things in life, when you need some inspiration for what to do just ask yourself, "What would Beyoncé do?" In this case, she told the world she was pregnant (with twins) using this photo on Instagram. So why not just use a little photoshop to put your face on her body and call it a day? Trust me, people will laugh.


Offer an eviction notice

If this pregnancy means one of your other children will be moving out of their crib to make way for baby, then you're in luck, because that makes for a very funny pregnancy announcement. Simply have your little one stand in their crib and then make an "eviction notice" sign with your due date as their crib eviction date. Sorry, kid... them's the breaks.


Get some wine labels

Sure, it might be 5 o’ clock somewhere — but that won’t really matter for you for the next nine months or so. Let everyone know that they can raise a glass to some good wine and the news that you’re expecting with this cute pregnancy announcement wine label from Etsy seller shopcdbdesign.


Pretend to puke

If you're making your announcement during cold and flu season, which seems to actually last all year now, take a photo with your head over the toilet (you know, like you're throwing up) and caption with "It's not the flu" and your due date. And then pray to the porcelain gods that you don't have to actually spend much time with pregnancy nausea.


Wear a silly shirt

Hopefully your loved ones have their reading glasses on for this one, because just like most things, the fine print on these shirts says it all. Way to go, you two! You did it!


Get them a tumbler

Awesome for a sister, an SIL, or even an honorary auntie, this Best Aunt Ever tumbler will make her drinks more delish. The stainless steel tumbler comes with a slide-close lid, and has a matching reusable straw so she won’t ever have to worry about sipping. The “Best Aunt Ever” is engraved into the power-coated tumbler, and it can keep your coffee piping hot and your water icy cold.


Buy some fake lotto tickets

Everyone’s a winner with these pregnancy scratch off tickets. They have the look and feel of real lottery tickets, and when your parents finish scratching off their winning ticket, they’ll feel like they won the actual lotto when the prize box reveals that you’re having a baby.


Let your woofie make the announcement

So far, it’s just been you, your partner, and your fur baby. So let the four-legged member of the family make the big announcement with this bandana from Etsy seller WhoaDogE. It comes in sizes extra small to large, and in almost every color of the rainbow.


Buy some baby clothes


Sure, you could frame that sonogram, but it would look even cuter all dressed up. Buy a newborn outfit (think a onesie or a dress), and place the pic on top. If you know Baby’s gender, you can even place a baseball cap or a floral headband on top to make it look like your little one is well on the way.


Make it a game

You want to share your big life update with your friends and fam, but you don’t want to just give it away, either. Make them work for the info with this Scrabble-esque shirt from BoooTees. Be sure to keep the camera rolling as people slowly figure out the message so you can see the reaction.


Bake the announcement

Put your cravings for cookies to good use. Bake up a batch of cookie dough, and then use cutters to shape the letters to form “I’m pregnant” or “We’re expecting”. Then when it’s time for dessert, serve the cookies on a platter for an announcement that everyone will want to take a bite out of.


Show it off with your shirt

It’s all in the details with this funny pregnancy announcement shirt. So see who follows the directions on the shirt when they read the fine print that announces your pregnancy.


Burn a pregnancy-themed candle

Your candle won’t be the only thing lit at your next gathering. This sassy MILF candle from TheBurntRoseshop will make your home smell great — and let everyone know you’re expecting. Choose from scents like Palo Santo Citrus, Mango Coconut, or Cactus Flower Jade. The 100% soybean candles burn for 60 hours, long enough for your guests to soak up the scent and the realization that you’re having a baby.


Show how Baby is turning your world upside down

A new baby can be so exciting ... and also turn everything topsy turvy. That’s why Instagram user @karolinapatrykcom showed off her ultrasound images, along with her older child being flipped upside down. It’s definitely a cute way to show off that you’re expecting.


Make a memorable pregnancy announcement

You can ditch the double lines in this hilarious postcard. Send it as a surprise to your partner, family, and friends who get your humor.

Whether you fill your shopping cart with props to stage an epic hilarious pregnancy announcement, or opt for a low key, but equally impactful reveal, these funny ways to announce that you are expecting will make this exciting time even better.

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