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20 Sweet Father's Day Pregnancy Announcements He'll Never Forget

It’s going to be a pretty special day this year.

by Lindsay E. Mack
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If you have big news to share around the middle of June, then consider combining it with one of the most heartwarming summer holidays: Father’s Day. Pregnancy announcement ideas for Father’s Day can be sweet, silly, or totally sentimental. You’re probably going to get a few laughs (and/or tears) after sharing the happy news, no matter how you do it.

So whether you’re divulging the news to your partner, your dad, father-in-law, or any other special person in your life, Father’s Day is a beautiful occasion to let everyone in on the secret. The holiday is already about celebrating family, so it’s an ideal time to mention the fact that yours is growing. If you feel like it’s time to tell people you’re pregnant, then it’s a beautiful occasion. With that in mind, don’t feel any pressure to pull off a big, extra announcement if that isn’t your thing, because a heartfelt phone call or even social media post can definitely get the job done. On the other hand, if you want to make this announcement A Big Thing, then by all means bust out all the celebratory moves you want. Whether it’s low-key, over-the-top, or even kind of joke-y, these Father’s Day pregnancy announcements are all lovely and sweet celebrations of your baby.

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Give them someplace to write down their feelings

Because they’re definitely going to have a lot of feelings when you break the big news, this little journal not only tells them what’s up, it gives them some blank pages to record their emotions (or just write down a bunch of exclamation points).


Make them think they’ve won the lotto

What’s better than winning the actual lotto? If you’ve got a dad or grandpa who can’t stay away from the lottery, these fake scratch-off lottery tickets that reveal the best prize of all: A baby. (Though some cash would be nice, as an added bonus.)


Surprise dad with a onesie

If receiving a present for Father’s Day alone doesn’t clue in your partner, then this adorable onesie will certainly help deliver the good news. Have a camera ready for the reaction shot.


Sneak an ultrasound pic somewhere he’ll see it

Casually leave the ultrasound pic on your partner’s pillow or behind the coffee maker. See how long it takes for the news to sink in.


Take the grandparents by surprise with this wine label

Give your own dad a Father’s Day bottle of vino he’ll never forget. This clever announcement label will fit over his favorite bottle.


Have a Zoom call to remember

Have a friendly Zoom call where the ultrasound pic is just off to the side or in the background. See how long it takes for your caller to spot your new decor.


Put an actual bun in the oven

It’s a super punny move, to be sure, but just place a literal bun in the oven and see how long it takes your SO to put the pieces together. You’re sure to have a good laugh once the news clicks.


Gift a new dad pregnancy announcement t-shirt

If you don’t already have kids, your guy probably isn’t expecting to receive a gift on Father’s Day. You can surprise him with a gift that reveals your pregnancy in a fun and quirky way like this T-shirt that gives the news with a nod to those dad jokes he makes constantly.


Post some funny Insta captions

Post some pregnancy announcement Instagram captions to tell everybody all at once. Add a cute line about the holiday, too: “Next year, we’ll have a whole new reason to celebrate Father’s Day even more!”


Make some eggs

Ask for help from your father or partner when cooking (or even just pretending to cook). When they crack open this egg, they’ll get a little message sharing your amazing news.


Say it with a pizza

Make a *very* special request from your favorite pizza place. Honestly, the pizza pregnancy announcement itself is beyond precious, and then you still have a whole pizza to enjoy. It’s the best, basically.


Include the dog

If your canine is the current baby of the family, then make a pregnancy announcement with the dog. Have your dog pose in front of a signboard that reads, “Happy Father’s Day — I’m getting promoted to big brother!”


Chalk it up to pregnancy

Write a “Surprise, I’m pregnant!” type of message on your SO or father’s driveway in bright sidewalk chalk. (Maybe enlist the help of your most artsy friend, too?) Then have your surprise recipient walk outside to the happy message.


Post something low-key on Facebook

Post a pic of your partner with the caption: “Guess who’s celebrating next Father’s Day?” Prepare for the deluge of well wishes.


Say it with emojis

Take a cue from Halsey's pregnancy announcement on Instagram and make use of baby-oriented emojis. Dropping a simple pacifier emoji into your texts can say everything.


Let a cake do the talking

Want a not-so-subtle way to share the news? Surprise your SO or dad with a cake, and top it with this super-fancy topper. Everyone will know the news in no time.


Announce the sibling’s promotion

Have your current child hold a sign that says, “I’m being promoted to big brother/sister soon!” and take a pic. Share it on your social media channels or quietly show the pic to your family on Father’s Day.


Take a baby shoes pic

It’s a classic at this point, but there’s something so irresistible about the baby shoes pic. Simply take a photo of your and your partner’s shoes alongside some brand-new baby shoes, then share away.


Give your partner a pair of “dad shoes”

Surprise the dad-to-be with a pair of quintessential “dad shoes,” AKA fresh New Balance sneakers. They’re dad-tastic.


Give a surprising Father’s Day card

Need to share the news with your own father? Give him a Father’s Day card with a little extra info written on the inside about becoming a grandfather.

When you make your pregnancy announcement on Father’s Day, it’s guaranteed to be extra special. He’ll never forget this holiday.

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