Pregnancy Announcements

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18 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas Break The Good News To Your Family

One word: puns.

Whether you’ve been trying to get pregnant for awhile or it happened on your first try, there’s nothing quite like holding that positive pregnancy test and getting to share the news with your partner. After the initial wave of excitement (and shock) wears off, you’ll get a second wave when you realize you get to share the news with people you love. How to tell your family you’re pregnant totally depends on your personal style, but there are tons of fun and unexpected ideas that will surprise them.

Maybe you just like to blurt out the news, or maybe you like a carefully planned pregnancy announcement (like a riddle or a gift). It can be fun to tell your family that you’re expecting in a dramatic way (especially if it’s the first time your parents become grandparents and your siblings aunts and uncles). Whether it’s a fake lottery ticket that doesn’t win you any money but does reveal the news (yep, those exist) a bottle of wine with a new label, or something as simple as an ultrasound picture or a card, these pregnancy announcement ideas for your parents, grandparents, and siblings are sure to get some shrieks of joy (and be sure to have a chair nearby for the grandma-to-be who gets a little too excited).

How to tell your parents you’re pregnant

  • Write a letter from the baby to your parents, informing them of their new role as grandparents
  • Frame your ultrasound picture (and wait for them to notice if you’re feeling tricky)
  • Buy a bottle or pacifier for your parents to keep at their house, and add a note
  • Act like you’re showing them a regular picture on your phone, but swipe to an ultrasound image or a picture of a positive test
  • Wrap a few baby books to keep at their house— bonus points if it’s a book specifically for a grandparent to read to their grandchild
  • Deliver the news with a cute card
  • Make them solve a pregnancy announcement riddle

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How to announce your pregnancy to your siblings

  • Bring wine to dinner and swap the label with an announcement
  • Give them a cute personalized mug sharing the news
  • Casually call them aunt or uncle
  • Ask your siblings or in-laws if they like to babysit
  • Wrap a positive pregnancy test in an phone box (just make sure the top of the test is on)
  • Give them a fun card that shares the news for you

How to tell your grandparents you’re pregnant

  • Write out “great grandma” or “great grandpa to-be” in icing on a cake
  • Make a play on words with the word “great” by writing a card that says “World’s Greatest Grandparents” or “We’re expecting 2023 to be a great year” then tape an ultrasound picture inside
  • Challenge them to a game of charades or Pictionary and break the news
  • Give them a fake lotto ticket that announces the pregnancy; when they scratch it off, the final spot says, “We’re having a baby!”
  • Give them a baby onesie announcing their new title

Telling your family and in-laws your pregnant is something you don’t get to do too often, especially for the first time. Sure you can always just casually tell them the news (that’s always been the approach in my family, but it’s also fun to draw the moment out by making it more of an event). From personalized mugs to pregnancy announcement scratch-off tickets and sweet books they’ll get to read when the baby comes, there are a ton of clever ways to tell each individual family member you’re pregnant in a unique way.