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Unique Baby Names That Mean Lucky

Names that celebrate their good fortune and yours.

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There are a lot of emotions one can feel when they’re going to have a baby. Excited, nervous, terrified, elated, serene, sick and, of course, lucky. Lucky that you get to be the one to raise this little person, fortunate that you’re in a place in your life where you’re ready to have a baby in the first place; becoming a parent can be an overwhelmingly grateful experience. These lucky baby names (as in, baby names that mean “lucky” or some variation of the concept) are a wonderful way to let your child know from day one that you feel lucky to have them. Or maybe it’s a way to bless them with good fortune and prosperity. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these lucky names from around the world.

Boy names that mean lucky

Some of these names mean “lucky” while others have a meaning similar to lucky, like “blessed.” (In fact there are a lot of names with this meaning.) Other names are associated with good luck practices from around the world, which can change from culture to culture. (For example, while the number seven is lucky in Western cultures, in Vietnam it’s unlucky, so definitely know your audience.)

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  • Felix (Latin; “happy, fortunate”)
  • Edmund (Old English: “wealthy protector”)
  • Macario (Spanish via Latin via Greek; “fortunate, supremely blessed”)
  • Asher (Hebrew: “blessed, happy”)
  • Ace (Latin; “one, unity”, a reference to the highest card in a deck)
  • Avyaan (Sanskrit; “one who has no imperfections,” this name is a title given to Lord Ganesh, the god of good luck in Hinduism)
  • Ayman (Arabic; “lucky, fortunate, righteous”)
  • Boone (English: “a blessing, good, lucky”)
  • Septimus (Latin: “seventh,” a reference to seven as a lucky number in many Western cultures)
  • Hannibal (Phoenecian; “grace of Baal, favored by Baal,” who was an Ancient Near-Eastern god associated with good fortune)
  • Benedict (Latin; “blessed”)
  • Barack (Arabic; “blessed”)
  • Onni (Finish: “luck, happiness”)
  • Kairos (Ancient Greek; “the opportune moment”)
  • Faust (Latin; “fortunate, enjoying good luck”)
  • Benoît (French; “one who speaks good tidings”)
  • Jalus (Tibetan; “rainbow”)
  • Parvaiz (Persian; “fortunate, victorious”)
  • Madron (Cornish; “lucky”)
  • Gadiel (Arabic; “God is my fortune”)
  • Bennet (English from Latin; “blessed”)

Girl names than mean lucky

These happy-go-lucky names for little girls run the gamut from sweet to sublime and, as with the boy names, draw not just from their language of origin but cultural practices that convey luck and prosperity.

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  • Carwen (Welsh; “love blessed”)
  • Shreya (Indian; “attributes of the Lakshmi,” the goddess of good fortune and beauty)
  • Penny (English; “small coin,” a reference to pennies being good luck)
  • Beatrice (Italian via Latin; “blessed”)
  • Bunny (a reference to a lucky rabbit’s foot)
  • Iris (Greek; “rainbow”)
  • Winifred (Welsh; “blessed peace”)
  • Felice (Italian: “lucky”)
  • Beata (Latin; “blessed”)
  • Evangeline (Greek; “good news”)
  • Jade (a beautiful, green stone, jade is believed to bring good luck in many Asian cultures)
  • Ngozi (Igbo; “blessing”)
  • Sadiya (Arabic; “lucky”)
  • Clover (a reference to the idea that four-leaf clovers bring good luck in Celtic lore)
  • Felicity (Latin; “happiness, goo fortune”)
  • Gwyneth (Welsh; “blessed, happy”)
  • Itzel (Mayan; “rainbow lady”)
  • Giada (Italian; “jade”)
  • Zada (Arabic; “prosperous, fortunate”)
  • Megumi (Japanese; “blessing, grace”)
  • Branwen (Welsh; “blessed raven”)
  • Fortuna (Italian; “fate, fortune”)
  • Fayola (Yoruba; “good fortune walks with honor”)

Gender-neutral names that mean lucky

Whether you’re Team Green or just want a lucky name that’s also versatile, this assortment includes names that are classic, quirky, and are solid options for boys and girls. Most of them are name words, so they don’t really require a definition or origin source, but others are lesser known or from non-American cultures and have equally sweet meanings.

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  • Chauncey (English; “luck, fortune”)
  • Fortune
  • Prosper
  • Guin (Welsh; “white, fair, blessed”)
  • Sudi (Swahili; “one who brings luck”)
  • Claiborne (French; “boundary of clover”)
  • Yuki (Japanese; “snow, lucky”)
  • Karma (Sanskrit; “fate, destiny”)
  • Merrit (English; “deserving of honor”)
  • Seven
  • Tashi (Tibetan; “good fortune”)
  • Cricket (In Chinese culture, a cricket is a symbol of good luck, wealth, and prosperity)
  • Blessing
  • Chance
  • Lucky

This list of boy, girl, and gender-neutral names that mean lucky should be enough to get you started.

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