These self-care products are perfect for pregnancy.
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The Best Pampering Self-Care Products For Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be tough. These beauty and wellness products bring a moment or two of bliss.

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Being pregnant means making more decisions per minute than ever before. From cold-cut sandwiches and sunny-side up eggs, to red wine and advanced yoga, you might be checking in with your OB-GYN before moving a single muscle. And then there’s the slew of questions that flood the mind after picking up a jar of skin care. Inevitably you’ll wonder, is this product safe to use while pregnant? Confusion is all but guaranteed in the often overwhelming period of pregnancy, but it’s reassuring to know that you can make most of these choices by coupling the advice of your healthcare providers with your own comfort level before proceeding. Because when it comes to self-care during pregnancy, there’s a lot of rejuvenation and joy to be found in the beauty aisles.

When thinking about topical beauty products, you can better understand how the FDA is involved in cosmetics safety, and the recommendations they do and don’t provide. If you’re interested, you can check out websites like The Environmental Working Group (EWG) and the non-profit organization’s data on chemicals and ingredients found in products. You might consider that common line-dulling ingredients like, say, retinol, or certain acids, may be skipped during pregnancy. But in the end, it’s helpful to have these conversations with your doctors to understand the potential pros and cons. “In addition to following your doctor or midwife’s direction, the most important thing you can do is trust your gut… literally,” says Kim Walls, a natural-products innovator and Founder of BEB Organic. “If anything from food to skincare, or even the smell of a certain flower makes you uneasy, avoid it.”

When you do find products that feel right, never underestimate the temporary relief and pampering a five-minute foot soak, a slow jaw massage, or a hydrating body mask can provide. For example, “Belly moisturizers and oils can be wonderful ways to feel nurtured and comfortable in pregnancy,” says Jessica Shepherd, M.D., board-certified OB-GYN, and chief medical officer at Verywell Health. “For skin tightness and general skin itching, these can be very beneficial.” Though if you’re dealing with a condition like Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy, which can prompt itchy skin, “it is always important to use products under the guidance of an OB-GYN, as the symptom of itching and its severity can often lead the management plan of the pregnancy,” Shepherd tells Romper.

Your doctors can also weigh in on the use of essential oils during pregnancy, and offer guidance as to how much to use and when, in addition to discussing potentially off-limits varieties.

So when you’re ready to indulge your senses, check out these popular and pro-picked products. Whether you can carve out five minutes or a half-hour in your day, they’ll likely go a long way in recharging your physical, mental, and emotional batteries.

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A Cooling, Dewy Mist

Pregnancy requires extra effort, extra work, extra oomph. You can cool down and take a breather with a few pumps of a refreshing mist, like this Anove blend made with peppermint and coconut fruit extract. Over makeup, it can make your skin look fresher and more dewy.


Moisturizing Belly Butter

The waterless balm is a recommendation from Shepherd, with natural butters and oils to deeply moisturize stretching skin. Consider the rich salve to help lock in hydration before bed.


Belly Oil For Dry, Tight, Itchy Skin

Depending on the formulations, oils can sometimes feel easier to blend and rub into skin. This one from the baby line Pipette uses calendula and vitamin E, and helps improve elasticity and moisture. It’s a good product, says Shepherd. “I would recommend it to expecting mothers dealing with dry, tight or itchy skin during pregnancy.”


Body Butter & Hair Conditioner

Dr. Shepherd recommends this organic butter, with shea, cocoa, mango butters and almond and coconut oil. Not only can it richly moisturize, but you can also use it to help condition your hair.


Massaging Stone & Oil

Tension can run throughout your body as muscles are taxed as never before. If you’ve never used a cool, smooth stone to gently massage over sore areas, you’re in for a treat (even more so if a friend or partner handles the tool for you). This set comes with the brand’s Nurturing Oil, which features sunflower and cranberry seed oil, but you can use the enclosed stone to work in any moisturizer. And when shopping for a moisturizer, keep in mind hyaluronic acid. The ingredient, Walls tells Romper, “occurs naturally in the skin and is an excellent ingredient to prevent dehydration and an itching sensation.”


Belly Mask

The serum that soothes skin via this biodegradable sheet is packed with aloe vera, glycerin, sunflower seed oil, and propolis extract. But not to be overlooked is the cocooning quality that this large mask can offer, which, when swathed over your belly, might make you feel cradled, and cared for. It sounds odd, but makes sense, right?


Silk Pillowcase

Is a silk pillowcase really necessary? Maybe. Maybe not. But sleeping while pregnant is difficult and often an uncomfortable proposition. So if a silky cool covering can help relax you (and lessen friction), it might be worth a splurge.


Exfoliating Polish

Certain acids may be off-limits right now, but a gentle granular powder like this can exfoliate and help even out the surface of skin. Mix it with water then massage with your fingers for a satisfying, soothing experience.


Moisturizing Lip Balm

Simple. Easy. Yes, please. This solid stick of coconut oil, beeswax, shea nut, and cocoa butter can ease tight, chapped lips (and probably slick down a rough cuticle or dry patch, in a pinch).


Moisturizing Balm

Everyone needs that everything balm. The shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil, and olive oil mix feels moisturizing, but not tacky or heavy. You can rub the solid balm between fingers before melting it into your face, chest, or anywhere else your skin needs a softening, feel-good boost.


Soothing Serum

This natural oil elixir (delivering watermelon and safflower seed oils, green tea extract and vitamin E, among other botanicals) is free of essential oils. It can be used in the bath, as a softening facial treatment, or even as a pre-cleanser (use a soft cloth to massage and rinse).


Epsom Salt Soak

Whether you pour some into your tub, or sprinkle some salts into a basin for your aching feet, this stand-by remedy can bring some relief. Just be sure to watch the temps and soak safely.

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