Rainbow Babies

Four women at a rainbow baby shower, sitting and smiling while holding their drinks.
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Rainbow Baby Shower Ideas To Celebrate A Very Special Baby

Your little miracle deserves a celebration.

Maybe the most important part of planning a baby shower is picking the perfect theme. The best themes will be a little reflection of the family that the baby is about to enter into — it might be based on something the parents are interested in. But sometimes, the theme can also be about the baby. If you’re a mom who is getting ready to celebrate the birth of a rainbow baby, then you might want to opt to make your baby shower very specifically a rainbow baby shower. Not only is this a sweet nod to your little miracle, but it’s also a colorful and fun option that comes with lots of photo-friendly decorations.

Once you’ve settled on a rainbow baby shower theme, it’s time to plan the whole rest of the party around that. Look for rainbow-themed invitations to set the mood, colorful decorations to scatter around the room, rainbow-themed favors to give to guests, and maybe even brightly-colored food and dessert options to really make a splash. With this baby shower theme, there’s no such thing as too much color. Here are some of the very best rainbow baby shower ideas — scroll through, and consider it a way to do a little less work on your part.

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Rainbow baby shower invitations

Invitations set the tone for a baby shower and should ideally let everyone know what the theme is. Custom invitations done by a calligrapher are lovely, but there are tons of options online that are more budget-friendly and may arrive to you faster. Etsy, Minted, and Zazzle are all great places to look for rainbow baby shower invitations.

Rainbow baby shower decorations

When looking for decoration ideas, try to go for items that look nice together. Rainbow-themed decorations don’t all have to be part of the same matching set — although that does make things easier — but they should have a cohesive look. For example, don’t mix muted rainbow shades with bright and colorful ones. Settle on one general palette, and go from there. Etsy has tons of decoration options and, in many cases, you can find matching sets so that everything goes well together without much effort.

Rainbow baby shower food ideas

The food might be the second most important part of a baby shower (with the parent-to-be being first, obviously). While all of the food doesn’t have to be rainbow colored, it’s fun to throw in a few on-theme items. Opt for rainbow salads or rainbow colored drinks, or you can leave it for the dessert table with a rainbow cake or rainbow cookies.

These Rainbow Black and White cookies can be ordered by the half-dozen or dozen from Dana’s Bakery. They’re a colorful twist on a delicious classic, and they’ll look great on the dessert table or passed out as favors.

Rainbow ribbon Jello

Making your own desserts? This Rainbow Ribbon Jello from Brown Eyed Baker will impress every guest there. Layers of different colored Jello form a rainbow and yogurt in between is a delicious addition. This might take some time, but it’s a real stunner.

Rainbow sangria

The mom-to-be might not be able to drink this, but everyone else can enjoy it. This Rainbow Sangria by Gimme Some Oven is almost too pretty to drink. Artfully arranging every glass to look like a rainbow is going to be difficult, so if you can’t do that, at least make a big pitcher that looks like a rainbow.

Rainbow fruit salad

For something easy and quick, opt for this Rainbow Fruit Salad from The Comfort of Cooking. It can be served as a side dish, as part of a brunch meal, or on the dessert table. You can mix up the fruit if you want, like doing honeydew for green instead of kiwis, or you can do it as is. It’s cute and simple, which is perfect.

Rainbow veggie sandwich

Make a few of these beautiful Rainbow Veggie Sandwiches from Two Peas and Their Pod to add to a selection of sandwiches. They might take some time, but they’re impressive looking and delicious.

Rainbow baby shower games

There are no rainbow-specific games to play, but you can still purchase game cards that are decorated with rainbows. Games are an integral part of any baby shower, so don’t skimp on these. You can find tons of options on Etsy and if you get your invites there, you might also be able to find games that match.


Even if you opt to do no rainbow food at all, the cake should be an exception. A baby shower cake is the most fun way to incorporate your theme and is great for photos. If you’re making your own cake, or having a friend make one, the below recipes are great and fairly easy to follow. If you’re having one professionally made, you can use these as inspiration.

Chocolate cupcakes with rainbow buttercream frosting

Sure, these are cupcakes and not an actual cake, but that doesn’t make them any less delicious. These chocolate cupcakes with rainbow buttercream frosting from Baked By Rachel are going to be a huge hit. Arrange them on a tiered platter to replace a cake or serve them alongside one. The frosting will steal the show — you can really use any cake underneath.

Rainbow bright cupcakes

These rainbow bright cupcakes from Bakerella are so cute, but they’re also a labor of love. After making the cupcakes, you’ll need to bake sugar cookies, cut them into rainbow shapes, and then color them to look like rainbows. Piping the frosting might also take some practice.

Rainbow ganache cake

Who doesn’t love a good ganache? This rainbow ganache cake from Cookies and Cups is pretty simple and lets you get a little creative. Brightly colored ganache is artfully drizzled over a cake to create a pretty rainbow effect. Have fun with it and add some cake toppers if you want more decoration.

Rainbow poke cake with whipped cream

Poke cake is extra moist, thanks to the condensed milk that sweetens it throughout. This rainbow poke cake from Dinner Then Dessert has a fluffy whipped cream topping that is ideal for anyone who doesn’t like frosting. You won’t be able to see the rainbow colors until you cut it open, but it will be a really fun surprise for everyone.

Rainbow cheesecake

This rainbow cheesecake from Eating Richly is, in a word, stunning. Made with bright layers, it looks incredible, especially when cut open. The no-bake graham cracker crust is irresistible, too.

Rainbow birthday cake

This might be called a birthday cake, but this rainbow birthday cake from Pint Sized Baker can be for any occasion. It’s fairly easy to decorate: You don’t need to know how to do any fancy icing tricks, you just need to place candies in a rainbow shape. It’s cute, bright, and fun.

Rainbow baby shower favors

Favors are a nice way to thank your guests for coming to celebrate you and your little one. You can go for something that is cute but practical, like bright magnets that can be used on their fridge or little candles. Edible favors are always fun, even if they won’t last very long. And you can always go with something that is just small and fun — rainbow keychains, for example, are adorable.

Rainbow baby shower outfits

The mom-to-be doesn’t have to wear an outfit that goes with the theme of her baby shower, but it’s always cute if she does. You can opt for something obvious and bright (like, literally rainbow-hued) or you can opt for something more subtle that still gets the point across.

Rainbow baby shower photo captions

You’ll almost definitely be posting photos of your rainbow baby shower on social media, so you might as well have some cute photo captions at the ready to go along with them:

  • “Dreams really do come true, my sweet rainbow baby, I’ve been waiting for you.” — Unknown
  • “When we lose one blessing, another is most often unexpectedly given in its place.” — C.S. Lewis
  • “Rainbows remind us that even after the darkest of clouds, and fiercest winds, there is still beauty.” — Katrina Mayer
  • “Rainbow babies fill our hearts with renewed hope and boundless love” — Anonymous
  • “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true” — Wizard of Oz
  • “None appreciates rainbow and sunshine better than he on whose parade it has rained” — Vincent Okay Nwachukwu
  • Where one thing falls, another grows. Maybe not what was there before, but something new and wonderful all the same.
  • The gold at the end of our rainbow is almost here.
  • We can’t wait to meet you, sweet rainbow baby.

Whether you incorporate all of these ideas into your rainbow baby shower or just some, it’s sure to be a beautiful celebration full of love, light, and happiness. Every miracle deserves to be celebrated, and this is no exception.