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21 Delightful Spanish Baby Girl Names

From Eva to Xiomara, this list of both popular and rare names is sure to inspire.

With so many lovely names to choose from the choice of a girl’s name can be overwhelming. It is helpful for some couples to choose a particular theme or inspiration for their baby girl’s name to narrow down their choices. Parents get inspiration for names from all sorts of things, from their favorite travel spots, beloved books or movies, or their heritage. If the Latin or Spanish culture is of particular significance to you, consider a Spanish baby girl name.

The Spanish-speaking world covers a lot of countries and cultural influences, from Spain in Europe, to much of the continents of North America and South America. This rich geography has produced so many amazing and influential Latina and Spanish women throughout history, including Argentina’s legendary First Lady Eva Peron and Chile’s journalist and novelist Isabel Allende, not to mention U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. You will have no shortage of beautiful Spanish girl names to choose from for your newest addition.

Many of these names will be familiar, such as Maria and Anita —coincidentally the two main female characters of West Side Story — but there is a huge selection of obscure Spanish baby girl names with beautiful meanings, too. Most of these names trip off the tongue and, if you can roll your Rs, will sound lyrical and dramatic. Read on to see if one of these names feels like the perfect match for your new little love.



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Maria is a name with several meanings, including “rebellious,” “beloved,” and “of the sea.” It is also commonly used by religious families, as it is the Spanish version of the name Mary.



This name is rooted in the Greek word for “wisdom,” which is a perfect intention to set for the life of your new baby girl. She will need to be wise and discerning as she grows up in this world.



The feminine version of Gabriel comes from Hebrew and means “God is my strength.” Gabriel is an archangel that appears in Judeo-Christian texts; a fitting pick for an angelic newborn.



Meaning “golden,” this Spanish name is a derivative of the surname of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. It’s also the name of Colin Firth’s love interest in the cult classic Love Actually. Though that fictional Aurelia was Portuguese, you will find many names are shared across the romance languages.



This name is popular in both Spanish-speaking and Italian-speaking countries. It means “light,” which is a sweet attribute for a sunny, happy, child.



This name means “beloved” or “loveable.” Is there a more apt description of a brand new baby girl? Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes loved the name so much that they named their first daughter Esmeralda Amada and their second daughter Amada Lee.



This name is a derivative of the masculine name Simeon, which means “one who hears.” It’s a beautiful choice if you hope to raise a daughter who is empathetic and listens to what others have to say.



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While this name means “sorrow,” it can serve as a beautiful reminder of the ups and downs of life. It comes from the Catholic phrase Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, which means “Our Lady of Sorrows.”



From the Latin word valere, this name means “brave, strong, and healthy.” All three are perfect traits to wish for — and cultivate — in your baby.



Blanca means “white.” Some people believe this name should be reserved for babies with fair complexion and blond hair, but the prominent artists, actors, and singers named Blanca in current Spanish and Latin culture are nearly all brunettes.



This classic name, which was popular in the middle of the 20th century, is due for a comeback. It means “gracious and merciful.”



The Spanish version of Jocelyn, this name means happy and joyous — great wishes to bestow on your new addition.



The Spanish version of April, this name evokes flowers, spring, and new life. It’s a great fit for a springtime baby, but the word actually means “to open” or “the opening,” so is apt for any child who is a fresh start or a new beginning for their family.



Meaning “to rival or excel,” this name is an ambitious choice for a strong baby girl who will go far in life. Though similar to the name Amelia, they actually have different roots and a different meaning altogether.



The name Xiomara means “ready for battle,” and has had a small surge in popularity in recent years. If you dream of raising a strong girl who can stand up for herself and others, this might be a top name choice for you.



The beautiful-sounding Isla is the Spanish word for island. This makes the name a great choice for families who love adventure and travel — or possibly for a honeymoon baby?



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Babies are more precious than jewels, which makes this name a prized option. Esmeralda means “emerald” in Spanish. The deep green gem is also May’s birth stone. This name is sometimes spelled Ezmeralda.



Carmen has two distinct meanings, from the Latin, “song,” whose famous namesake is the titular star of Bizet’s opera, Carmen; and from Hebrew, “garden” or “vineyard,” and is related to Carmel, the mountain in Israel. This verdant name evokes life, joy, and jubilant feelings.



The name Rosalia means “rose” or “festival of roses.” Roses are delicate yet hardy. Their colorful blooms are protected by sharp thorns — what a poignant name for your little one. She’s beautiful and tough.



Natalia means “birthday” and specifically the day of Christ’s birth, Christmas Day, and also means “gift from God.”



Ending this list with the name that may have started it all: Eva, the Spanish form of Eve, which means “life.” As Eve is the first woman created by the Christian God, the name also means “giver of life.”

Choosing a name for your baby girl might feel daunting at first, but once you see the perfect name, it will just click. Whether you end up snuggling a tiny Carmen or Sofia, once you meet your daughter you won’t be able to imagine calling her anything else.