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12 Birth Videos Of Twins & Triplets To Watch So You Know What To Expect

Quadruplets, too!

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Having a baby can be unpredictable enough, but when you’re having two (or three, or four), well, that’s a lot of variables. Watching childbirth videos can help you get an idea of what exactly you’re in for, and how all the possible ways you could give birth actually play out in real life. For some parents, seeing others’ twin birth videos, triplet birth videos, and quadruplet delivery vlogs might just ease your mind that things really will all be OK.

When you’re giving birth to one baby, you have a pretty clear path ahead of you: ideally you’ll have a vaginal birth, but a C-section is always a possibility, though it feels unlikely. When you’re giving birth to multiples, doctors are going to start talking to you about C-sections, inductions, and possibly NICU stays a lot sooner. March of Dimes says around 63% of multiples pregnancies end in pre-term labor, which means your care team is going to want you to know all the possible forms your birth could take.

And honestly, hearing all of that can be capital-S scary. There’s no knowing exactly how your birth will look, but you can help yourself feel a little more prepared — and maybe find new questions to ask your providers — by watching twin and triplet birth videos. And when you see all the happy endings, it’ll surely give you some peace of mind.


A vaginal delivery twin birth vlog

If you’re hoping to give birth vaginally, you’ll enjoy this twin birth vlog. This mom gives birth in an operating room, which her video says is normal for twin deliveries, so you’re able to have a C-section quickly if the need arises. So, her vlog is the perfect peek into how that process works.


A twin birth video with an emergency C-section

When you’re having multiples, you get told early on that a C-section could be in your future. This mom walks viewers through finding out she’d need an emergency Cesarean at 34 weeks, but does it in a calm way. The footage of her holding her babies while they rest up in the NICU is so, so sweet.


A C-section twin birth video at 32 weeks

These twin babies couldn’t wait to meet their parents, so they did as many twins do and made an early entrance. Mom went in to the hospital for contractions and bleeding, and her doctors gave her medications to slow her labor, but ultimately decided a C-section was for the best. Check out those adorable little babies at the end!


A quadruplet birth video

Quadruplets are rare, so if you’re having them, of course you want to know what to expect. This vlog shows two parents finding out they’ll need a C-section the following day, and welcoming four healthy, precious little babies.


A twin birth video about an induction

These parents had a scheduled induction for their twins, and were planning on a vaginal delivery for both. But, they found out one baby was transverse, and Mom wasn’t going to be eligible for an epidural, so they opted for a C-section. Everyone is happy and healthy in the end, so this is a positive, but realistic look at the roller coaster of emotions giving birth can be.


A vaginal delivery triplet birth video

They say you don’t get a medal for giving birth, but after delivering triplets vaginally, can we give one to this mom, please? A C-section is always a possibility with multiples, it seems, but if you want encouragement that vaginal delivery is possible too, this is the video for you.


A triplet birth video at 27 weeks

The idea of pre-term labor can be scary, and watching some birth vlogs about it ahead of time can at least help answer some questions for you. These parents talk through their labor journey in a calming way, and even show the excitement of pumping successfully to feed their babies in the NICU.


A triplet birth video with C-section footage

Curious about what C-sections actually look like? This video isn’t super graphic or anything, but you get a good idea of what the operating room looks like, and can see the doctors holding up each triplet for the parents to see when they’re delivered.


A C-section triplet birth vlog

This video is a little more emotional because this mom comes right out and says it — she’s scared. Her doctor is so comforting and assures her it’s a happy experience and she’ll be comfortable the whole time. Everything goes well, and the parents offer lots of glimpses of visiting their little ones in the NICU after birth.


A twin birth vlog

These parents arrive at the hospital to be induced at 34 weeks, and Mom gives birth vaginally to two healthy twins. The new parents have some tense conversations with their care team along the way, so if you’re looking for a video that’s 100% positive through and through, maybe skip this one.


Another twin birth video with a vaginal delivery

Watch as this mom and dad welcome their babies, Harper and Hudson, via a vaginal delivery (with an epidural, if you’re curious about that).


One more C-section twin birth video

All twins will come into the world at their own time, their own way. This particular duo were born via C-section and stayed two nights in the NICU to be monitored before heading home, happy and healthy.

However you’re preparing to welcome your multiples, watching twin and triplet birth videos (and quadruplets, too!) can help you get a better idea of what to expect.

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