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A mother giving birth to her baby in the hospital, in a story about childbirth videos.
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15 Real Birth Vlogs That Showcase Every Kind Of Delivery

If you’re wondering what to expect.

You can read books, talk to parents you know, and ask a thousand questions at your next OB appointment, but nothing can ever truly prepare you for giving birth. That’s because it’s impossible to predict exactly how your delivery will go. But, if you want a glimpse into what it’s like, childbirth videos and vlogs offer a look into what labor was really like for other new parents. Whether you know exactly what your birth plan is already or you want to weigh all your options, screening a few different videos can also help you see how every delivery method works.

If you’re pregnant, you’re probably already aware just how many ways there are have a baby. You could choose to give birth in a hospital, birth center, or at home, with medications like an epidural, without one, or with some alternative pain management, like using a TENS machine. There are people who are induced, those who have cesareans (C-sections), and those who try VBACs. If you want, you can even add a bathtub to the mix and give birth in the water. And for all of these choices you could make, there’s also the possibility that, for the safety of you and your child, your carefully laid plan has to change at the last minute.

Watching childbirth videos can not only help you figure out what the ideal birth looks like to you, but give you a front-row seat into the moments where real parents had to talk themselves through the unexpected. (And spoiler: they all do it with incredible grace, just like you would.)

Content warning: These videos show real, live births and have not been blurred or edited. Some viewers may find them graphic.


A childbirth video from a birth center mom

Not quite a hospital and not quite a home birth, this couple welcomed their twins at a midwife-staffed birth center. Their vlog gives a little glimpse into how they labored at home, when they decided it was time to get to the birth center, and of course, the birth itself. Also, if you’re hoping to deliver multiples vaginally, this mom pulled it off with twins like a champion.


An unmedicated hospital birth vlog

If you’re hoping for an in-hospital birth, hold the pain meds please, then this is the childbirth video to watch. It’s a realistic but positive glimpse into what that experience was like for one couple.


A hospital birth vlog with an epidural

If you’re team epidural, here’s a peek into how your delivery might go. This mom labored for some time before getting her epidural, and she talks a bit about the difference it made for her (and her sweet partner explains how it was actually kind of scary to watch the doctor give it to her).


A birth vlog about an unplanned epidural

This mom (wellness influencer Sarah Stevenson, a.k.a. Sarah’s Day) had hoped to give birth without medication, but ultimately opted for an epidural. She frames it so positively, saying she was proud of how far she had pushed herself mentally and physically. It’s a decision so many birthing people feel shame around even potentially making, so her perspective is really refreshing.


An unplanned C-section birth vlog

Having an emergency C-section is usually a scary experience. It’s an unexpected change when you’re already feeling vulnerable, and often it has to do with your baby needing vacate the premises ASAP for their health. Knowing what that process looks like — as well as some other things, like how long C-sections take and the reasons you might need one — can help reduce your anxiety about the possibility.


An unplanned, unmedicated birth vlog

Fair warning: this one’s not an easy watch. When you’re planning to have an epidural but your labor progresses too quickly, it can be terrifying to hear that you’re not going to receive the pain management you expected. These parents don’t shy away from showing it, but there is a happy ending to this birth story.


A planned C-section birth vlog

If you’re having a scheduled C-section and know it’s coming, it’s helpful to check out some vlogs about the experience. It can be a strange feeling leaving your house and knowing when you come back, your baby will be with you, so it’s nice to know a little more about what to expect the day of (like, what should you pack in your hospital bag?).


Water birth at home

Planning on a water birth at home? These parents did just that, and even included their two older children in the process so they could welcome Baby #3 as a family. Check out their birth vlog for a little peek into the process.


And a water birth in the hospital

Some hospitals are getting on board with water births by adding birth tubs to their labor and delivery rooms, which this mom took full advantage of when she delivered her little one. If you’re wondering how what’s usually a home birth method translates to a hospital setting, this video will give you a clearer picture.


A childbirth video from a home birth

These parents opted to deliver their baby in the simplest way: at home, in bed, just the two of them. If you’re considering a home birth but aren’t sure about whether you really want to fuss with setting up a birthing tub, start here.


A VBAC birth vlog

Having a VBAC — vaginal birth after cesarean — is a big decision for parents and their care team. In this honest childbirth video, you get to see one mom talking herself through the possibility that she may need a second C-section after all, and practicing acceptance of whatever outcome. (In the end though, she does get the VBAC experience she hoped for.)


A scheduled induction vlog

Childbirth videos from scheduled inductions can vary widely, so you should probably watch more than one. That’s because, depending on how much your dilated and how effaced (thinned out) your cervix is, your doctor may use different techniques to start your labor. This mom received Pitocin via an IV, but other parents have posted vlogs where their providers used Cervidil (a medicated vaginal insert that helps the cervix thin) or a Foley balloon, which dilates your cervix.


An unplanned induction birth vlog

Sometimes your labor is progressing slowly, which isn’t concerning by itself. But once your water breaks, doctors and midwives usually have a timeline for when you need to deliver by before your baby starts running low on amniotic fluid to hang out in. That’s what happened for this parent, who got Pitocin during her labor to help move things along and get her baby here safely.


A surrogacy birth vlog

Welcoming your baby via surrogate? Congratulations! Chances are you’re wondering exactly how the birth process will go, and how you can best involve everyone in the experience. This heartwarming video, a couple shares how they and their surrogate have such a sweet, special bond, and you’ll see their twins arrive safely and soundly.


A forceps-assisted delivery vlog

In some cases, doctors will use forceps to help guide a baby’s head through the birth canal. If it’s something you’re anxious or curious about, watch some videos in advance. For this birther, her baby’s head was stuck behind her pelvic bone and needed to be maneuvered out.

Hopefully watching some childbirth videos helps you feel a little more in-the-know, even if you can’t predict exactly how things will go for your own delivery. And, if these vlogs made you realize you have some planning to do, there are free, printable birth plan templates online that can help.