Caroline Hand

Caroline Hand is a freelance TV producer, writer of pithy commentary for Us Weekly's Fashion Police, and mother of two who likes to write about mom stuff in her spare time, when she's not busy obsessing over pop culture and celebrity gossip.
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Birth Plans Are Total BS, Because Of This One Major Flaw

The birth plan: everyone tells you to have one, and there are so many questions to address! Are you planning for a natural childbirth? Skin-to-skin contact upon delivering your baby? Are you keeping your placenta to encapsulate and eat later? (Hey, t…
By Caroline Hand

I Tried To Flip My Breech Baby Using Handstands, & *Voila*

Pregnancy is like a nine-month journey into the unknown. You know there’s a baby in there, but beyond that, it’s a bundle of questions: Will I get past the first trimester? Is it a boy or girl? How big is it? Are all of these endless tests going to t…
By Caroline Hand

The Babies Of The Resistance Can't Walk, But They'll Be Marching On Saturday

It's hard to believe we have been this angry and motivated for an entire year, but here we are, about to get out our pussy hats to mark the anniversary of the Women's March with a flagship march in Las Vegas, Nevada, on January 20, and more than 200 …
By Caroline Hand

I Am Proof That We Ask Way Too Much Of Women Who Can't Breastfeed

In the hours after my daughter was born, as I was recovering from a traumatic birth involving severe preeclampsia, a nurse at the hospital asked me if I planned to breastfeed. Duh, I thought. Of course. Breast is best and all that, right? “Yes,” I mu…
By Caroline Hand

I Had My Baby, But I Will Not Give Up My Pregnancy Pillow

Fact: I am three weeks postpartum and I cannot part with my beloved U-shaped pregnancy pillow. I won’t even entertain the idea. My husband and I affectionately call said pillow “the boat,” because of its Titanic shape and size, which takes up roughly…
By Caroline Hand