Sex Drive

couple in bed learning how to talk about sex with your partner
Let's Talk About Sex

How To Talk About Sex With Your Partner

by Jennifer Parris

It's a conversation you can't afford to avoid.

Kinky pregnancy sexual urges are healthy and normal

You’re Not Imagining It: Pregnancy Can Make You Feel Kinkier Than Usual

by Meg St-Esprit

When your hormones soar, so does your appetite for adventure.

Sex during pregnancy is very safe, according to experts, but there are some things to consider.

The Complete Guide To Sex During Pregnancy

by Ashley Jones

Everything you need to know about getting down when you're expecting.

Feet in bed

Here's How Breastfeeding Can Lower Your Sex Drive

by Jesi Taylor Cruz

No, You're Not The Only One *Not* Having Sex While Pregnant

by Kate Miller

Pregnant Women Want To Have More Sex, & Men Don’t Know What To Do

by Sara Lindberg

Breastfeeding Can Do A Number On Your Sex Drive, But Here's When It Should Come Back

by Ojus Patel
Parents hold their newborn baby and take a mirror selfie while smiling

Here's The Real Deal With Your Postpartum Sex Drive

by Kelly Mullen-McWilliams
A man and woman in bed, as the man sleeps the woman is wondering which trimester her sex drive will ...

This Trimester Is, Apparently, When You'll Get Your Sex Drive Back

by Abi Berwager Schreier

How To Increase Your Sex Drive Postpartum

by Tessa Shull