20 Paw Patrol Costumes For The Entire Family

Including the dog.

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Naturally, because of the recent release of the Paw Patrol movie, costumes based on the adorable team of canine first responders are more popular than ever. There are tons of options for Paw Patrol Halloween costumes based off the show’s main characters — Chase, Rubble, Zuma, Skye, Marshall, and Rocky — plus a few of the other puppies who have supporting roles in the movie and on the show. You could even find some options for kids who might want to trick-or-treat dressed as Ryder, the main human character.

And the costumes don’t stop at toddler or kid sizes; there are possibilities for adults and even pets to dress in Paw Patrol costumes this Halloween. How cute would it be to have the whole family — including the dog — dressed as characters from your child’s favorite show? And an unexpected perk about most of these costumes is that they’re well-suited for cold weather, in case you’re expecting there to be a chill in the air come Halloween.


Chase is a favorite among Paw Patrol lovers. He’s a police officer German Shepherd with leadership skills and always ready for action. In addition to these classic Chase costume options, there’s also a light up version of Chase at Target.


Rubble, and English bulldog, is known for his construction abilities, like fixing train tracks or helping to rebuild things after they’ve been damaged. He also has his own spin-off show, Rubble & Crew.


Zuma is a chocolate labrador that can rescue people or animals underwater. He has a speech impediment that prevents him from pronouncing his R’s correctly until season 3. His superpower along with his challenges make him a relatable role model for young kids.


Skye is the main girl pup in the group, and she helps transport the other puppies to places and has excellent memorization skills. She’s another fan favorite, especially amongst young girls. There’s also a light up version of her outfit at Target, as well as a version of her costume for puppies.


Marshall the dalmation is, as you can probably tell, a firefighting puppy. He has a ladder to help other animals down from high places and an x-ray machine to check for injuries. Other Marshall costumes include this fire truck tunic, and this costume for dogs.


Rocky cares about the environment and has an ability to recycle wasted material. He’s a mixed breed pup and can solve just about any problem.

More Paw Patrol Costumes

Maybe your kid’s favorite Paw Patrol character doesn’t have a leading role, but is one that they identify with the most. If you’re looking for even more Paw Patrol costume options, there are so many more to choose from. Everest, an energetic husky who lives in a snowy landscape, was welcomed into the Paw Patrol team after helping them during a rescue mission. Tracker has super hearing skills that help him locate trouble. Liberty loves to help keep the city clean and has a great sense of humor.

Whether you grab a costume for your child or do a whole family group costume based off the show, you and your child will have so much fun with any of these Paw Patrol costumes.