The Coziest Halloween Costumes For Babies & Kids

What to wear if the forecast says if you’re looking at sweater weather.

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When your kid is weighing all their Halloween costume options, they’re focusing on what they love and what they (and maybe their friends) think is cool. The last thing they’re thinking about is the weather. But sometimes, an unexpected heat wave or cold front can really make trick-or-treating and uncomfortable. Nobody wants to be running house to house dripping with sweat, nor do you want to have to wear a jacket that covers up your entire look and doesn’t go with the theme of your Halloween costume. For those who are expecting Halloween to be chilly, these warm, cozy Halloween costumes for cold temperatures will keep your baby or kid nice and toasty.

What makes these Halloween costumes even better is that not only will they keep your child appropriately dressed if it’s chilly out, but your kid’s going to get a lot of mileage out of them for months. We all know that kids love to play dress up, and if you can find a cozy costume (especially one of their favorite characters), you might find that your kid is rocking their Halloween look for family movie nights, weekend breakfasts, basically anytime they feel like putting on something warm and cozy.


Max from Where the Wild Things Are Costume

The crown is attached (like a hood), so you don’t have to stress that you’ll lose the “accessory” part of the costume getting lost halfway through the evening. And the open-ended feet simply fit over whatever shoes your kid is wearing, so you don’t have to worry about it being too big or small.


Flamingo Costume

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Monday... You don’t need a special occasion to dress your baby in this absolutely delightful flamingo costume. It’s one piece (the headpiece is attached), and has button snaps at the bottom to make diaper-changes easier. Take note that you’ll have to find your own pair of tights or leggings as the legs aren’t part of the costume.


Skeleton Costume

If you’re looking for something your kid can literally wear day-to-day, this sweatsuit with skeleton print is cool, casual, and most of all, comfortable. It’s definitely the kind of thing they’ll want to wear to school regularly.


Ninja Turtle Costume

Thanks to the release of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem movie earlier this year, you’re going to see tons of kids (and adults) dressed as one of the crime-fighting mutated turtles. This Ninja Turtle costume has a little more padding than most versions for young kids, and the shell is removable for convenience.


Grogu Costume

It might be tricky to sit down in this thing, but it’s a great all-in-one costume that doesn’t require you to chase down additional accessories to pull off. The headpiece is separate, so your tot can take it off if they need a breather or have an itch. The ‘hover pram’ is attached to the jumpsuit.


Ewok Costume

Your baby’s too young to appreciate Star Wars, but you’re not. This adorable Ewok costume will keep yout little one nice and cozy during Halloween festivities if the temperature dips, and dressed as the original cutest Star Wars character.


Bat Costume

Picture how epic it would be if a bunch of kids from the neighborhood or your family dressed up as a colony of bats. This simple, comfy look is basically a one-piece sweatsuit with wings and it’s got cozy comfort written all over it.


Muscle Man Costume

Kids with a sense of humor will love this muscle man costume to show off their ‘muscles,’ and the padding will help keep them warm on a chilly night.


Duckling Costume

Dressing your little duckling up as an actual duckling will never get old. This one has a lot of extra padding that will make your tot look even more adorable, and also keep them warm. If your kid is a little bit older, there are cozy duck onesie costumes for them as well.


Sonic the Hedgehog Costume

When I was a kid, Sonic the Hedgehog only existed as a video game. The recent boom of movies and shows about the super fast Hedgehog means there’s a fresh new wave of young Sonic fans, and if they want to dress as him, this cute costume is a solid choice.


Skunk Costume

There’s nothing stinky about this adorable skunk costume that will keep your baby in a cozy fleece hug on Halloween. And if you think the front is cute, the back is just as good — maybe even better.


Tiger Costume

Ok, this is a pretty awesome costume for kids that could probably even double as pajamas. The only downside is that the tiger slippers pictured are not included, but you could grab them for $16, also from Old Navy.

These are definitely not the costumes you want your kid to be wearing if it looks like it’s going to be 80 degrees or hotter on Halloween. But even if your kid doesn’t end up wearing them on Hallows’ Eve, it won’t be a total waste — they’ll definitely find another occasion to wear them in the coming months.