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What To Wear To See The New Barbie Movie (Plastic Underwear Not Included)

Hint: there’s a lot of pink

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Whether you’re going to see the new Barbie movie on opening night or waiting for a less-crowded weekend to watch Margot Robbie dazzle, there’s one thing you’re going to need: an outfit plan. Knowing what to wear to go see Barbie is a must. The incredibly popular doll is a fashion icon, so it’s kind of a must that you get a little glam to go see her on the big screen. (Or, at the very least, find a comfy tee with the Barbie logo on it.)

This list has everything you need to give yourself the ultimate Barbie lip and even hot pink shoes and bedazzled accessories to round it all out — make sure to have a Barbie mani/pedi, too. There’s a big selection of mommy-and-me matching Barbie looks available to shop right now too (including swimsuits for celebrating after you see the movie), as well as fun outfits that just bring the Barbie vibes, whether you want a retro feel or a bright Malibu Barbie look. Going to see Barbie should feel like a full-on event, and having yourself plenty of Barbie movie outfit inspo will make you feel like a true Barbie girl, in a Barbie world.

The perfect Barbie pink dress

Barbie is absolutely known for rocking pink, and these pink dresses are so fun for the Barbie movie premiere. There’s a glittery option for a night out with the girls (or a date night with your own Ken/Midge), some classic pink dresses, and even a super comfy one with raglan sleeves

Vintage & retro Barbie outfit inspo

If you want to get even more specific with your Barbie vibes, try finding a dress that brings out some sweet retro and vintage Barbie feels. These dresses give off Malibu Barbie vibes, ‘70s and ‘80s Barbie vibes, and even a pink option with black-and-white stripes that reminds me of the original Barbie in her classic striped swimsuit. A lot of these make a big statement, but so does Barbie.

Barbie tees and tops

If you want to go simple and comfy (and warm since we know how freezing those movie theaters can be), try any of these Barbie logo tees, tanks, or sweatshirts. They are so fun and will remind you of playing with Barbies as a kid and seeing that iconic logo up and down the Toys R Us aisles.

The matching Mommy & Me Barbie looks

Even if you aren’t going to see Barbie with your kids, you need some matching mommy-and-me Barbie looks to wear the day of or for a celebration after. And these also look great even without your little Barbie mini if you want to fly solo to the Barbie movie.

The best Barbie shoes (and they aren’t even plastic)

You don’t need plastic feet with mega-high arches to pull off some great Barbie shoes to wear to the Barbie movie. From classic Crocs with Barbie charms to pink cowboy boots, there are plenty of options, regardless of what you’re wearing. Dress up, dress down, pick whatever makes you happy, just like Barbie would want you to do.

All of the Barbie jewelry & accessories

Even the simplest Barbie comes with a ton of accessories from statement earrings to bags. These Barbie-themed accessories give the perfect oomph to your Barbie movie look so you can feel super cool and glam.

The ultimate Barbie mani & pedi

Not every Barbie has painted nails, but the ones that do really go for it. Create your own perfect Barbie mani and pedi with any of these shades, including a set of fun pink French press-ons.

The perfect Barbie pink lip color

And maybe the most important detail? Your Barbie lip. No matter what you’re wearing, Barbie is always known for her perfect Barbie pink lips. Think you can’t pull off a pink? Kirsten Jaskela, a color expert at Lip Lab, begs to differ. “There's a pink for everyone out there!” she says. Your own shade of Barbie pink doesn't have to be what you would picture a classic pink, she adds. “You can have an orangey pink, you can have a reddish pink, you can have a purpley pink, or a very light baby pink.” Blending your own custom shade of lipstick or balm at a Lip Lab location is a blast, but you can also find your best Barbie pink out there in the world. Here are Jaskela’s top tips for experimenting and finding your perfect pink:

1. Remember that all pinks are not the same on all lips. “Seeing a color on someone else and saying, ‘Oh, I want that color for myself,’” can lead you astray, says Jaskela. “Everyone has such a different tone to their lips, in addition to their own undertones of their skin, so something that looks good on your best friend, who even has a similar skin tone, might not look good on you, and vice versa.” Don’t be afraid to experiment, but also don’t get discouraged if something that works on your bestie (or, say, Margot Robbie) doesn’t look right on you!

2. Find the best pink for your complexion by paying attention to your skin’s undertones. If you have a warmer undertone, a warmer pink, like an “orangeish pink or a coraley pink” might look best on you, and if you have cool undertones, try something on the cool spectrum, like a purpley pink.

3. The finish makes a big difference. The same shade in a matte will feel — and look! — different to you in a glossy, sheer formula. So play around — and don't be afraid to go for a color that’s brighter than you think you want, says Jaskela. Just give it some time before you decide if you can pull it off: “When you sit with a color for a little bit on your lips, it’ll start to grow on you!”

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