Sleep Issues


Are Sleep Consultants A Scam?

by Katie McPherson

Maybe. But desperate, exhausted parents often have no where else to turn.

Resting Mom Face

Why It's Crucial to Get Good Sleep As A New Mom — Plus, Tips On How To Do It

by Carly Cardellino

According to a skin and sleep experts.

toddler boy sleeping, is it safe to give toddler melatonin to sleep?

Should You Be Giving Your Toddler Melatonin To Help Them Sleep?

by Abi Berwager Schreier

We asked experts if it’s effective and, most importantly, safe.


Toddler Sleep Regressions Do Happen, But You Can Survive ⁠— Here's How

by Jennifer Parris

Just when you thought you could sleep through the night again.


Here's What To Know About Putting A Baby With A Stuffy Nose To Sleep

by Ashley Jones

Their noses are so tiny, but their snot bubbles are so large — how does it all work?

Experts say it's rare for a toddler to sleep too much, but there are some signs that could signal a ...

If Your Toddler's A Regular Sleeping Beauty, Here's What You Should Know

by Ashley Jones

Most toddlers won't settle down for more than five seconds, but what about the ones who sleep more than usual?

tired mom and baby

Here's How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Earlier, According To Experts

by Jennifer Parris

Because you need all the rest you can get.

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Raising Kids

Here Are 5 Foods That Just Might Make Your Toddler Sleep Better At Night

by Grace Gallagher

It turns out your grandmother was on to something with the whole warm milk thing.

Little Kid

Is Your Kid Just Refusing Bedtime, Or Is It Insomnia?

by Cat Bowen

I mean, sometimes they just want to delay bedtime, but sometimes it's really a health concern.

Experts say there's no real trick to waking a sleeping toddler, but you can get them excited.

Next Time You Have To Wake A Sleeping Toddler, Try This Pediatrician's Trick

by Cat Bowen