18 Signs You're Basically Cersei Lannister, For Better Or Worse
by Chrissy Bobic

Let's get one thing clear before we go any further here. While I may be a die hard Game of Thrones fan and know all of the bad things Cersei has done, I do not condone copying a lot of her actual actions in real life scenarios. For example, sleeping with my brother is definitely not on my, um, to-do list. But the sort of badass woman power that Cersei exudes and stands for is undeniable and something I totally support there being more of in our (boring) world, far from (awesome) Westeros.

If you're a serious Game of Thrones fan, then you've witnessed Cersei Lannister née Baratheon, at her shining best and absolute worst. Need I even mention her famed walk of shame? And if living through a brute of a father, a husband who raped her on their wedding night, and a purely evil son, has done anything for Cersei, it has made her stronger.

Incest/murder/freaking insanity aside, how can we not want to be as hardcore as she is? I don't know who else can sit atop the iron throne (because yes, she has done so a few times), and look better than Cersei, in all of her smirking, non-fuck-giving glory. And the woman's hair game is just on point, for what it's worth. Even in the stills from the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, homegirl is rocking her "shameful" haircut as only she can.

There's seriously something to be said for the sheer, stone-faced boss-ness that Cersei brings to every one of her scenes. Like, sure, she may have been far from welcoming to Winterfell's sweetheart or Highgarden's princess, but I look forward to pretty much anything Cersei-centric on Game of Thrones. I mean, by now, we've all but totally given up on any happy endings for any of our Game of Thrones peeps, so why not keep our hopes high for the coolest bad bitch on the show, right?

If you're even half as awesome as Cersei Lannister — you've done your share of questionable stuff, violently love your kids, and have also developed a penchant for giving zero fucks and taking absolutely no shit from anyone — then you can appreciate that those are her best qualities to mimic...if you can pull it off, which so few of us can. Here are 18 signs you might have the soul of Cersei living inside of you (god help your enemies):


You Are Fiercely Protective Of Your Family

When it comes to outsiders, you might take a while to warm up (if at all), but like Cersei, you hold a certain loyalty to your family. Namely, your children.


You Aren't Easily Intimidated

Remember when Cersei slapped Joffrey across his smug little face? And how about when she calmly and clearly let Little Finger know who was in charge? Yeah, I can't help but admire her ability to not bow down to almost anyone who has power.


You Say What's On Your Mind

Because where is the fun in not being totally blunt and cool at the same time?


You Aren't Afraid To Just Do You

Which is basically doing anything you want. Because a true boss doesn't let anyone or thing stand in her way.


You Don't Need To Lash Out To Give Insults

Anyone can yell and scream, but you've mastered the fine art of teeth-gritted insults and calmly dishing out punishments for people screwing you over.


You Don't Let Anyone Belittle You

No matter how much more powerful than you they are, or how much higher up on the rungs of society as a whole, you own your badassery regardless of who you're dealing with.


You Aren't Into Stereotypical Gender Roles

In fact, they pretty much mean nothing to you at this point. Just some inate ideas.


You Rise Above The Haters

Like Cersei, holding her gorgeous head up as she took her walk of shame through King's Landing, you don't let anyone get you down about yourself or your life choices.


In Fact, You Rarely Think Of Them

What do you think about your haters? Oh, that's right — you don't.


You Love Whomever You Want

This may not be the best example since Jaime is who Cersei loves and he also happens to be her brother, but incestuous relationships aside, you consider yourself free to love whomever you love, judgments be damned.


You Know How To Party

Sure, you can be all cunning and vindictive when the situation calls for it, but you can also let loose and just party your ass off, not giving any sort of f*cks about what anyone else thinks.


You Aren't Above Mind Games, If Only To Express Your Confidence

You exude the sort of confidence that makes you almost invincible in any sort of argument or downright fight.


There Are Very Few Things You Aren't Super Honest And Direct About

Some people might call you brutal in your honesty, or even mean, but you know you're just being real.


You're All About That Whole "Keeping Your Enemies Close" Thing

Cersei knows how to play on pretty much everyone around her, and so do you. I won't say they're your pawns, but you're kind of someone who knows how to get what you want, right?


You Can Shut Someone Up With Just A Look

You know the one look I'm talking about, complete with a cocked eyebrow and smirk that borders on friendly, but ultimately lands with a solid, fear-inducing "eff you."


You Aren't Afraid To Show Real Emotion When It Matters

It's easy to come across cold-hearted most of the time, but like Cersei, when it comes to the things and people who matter the most, you aren't about hiding your human emotions.


You Do What You Have To Do To Thrive

Maybe it's not always the easiest course of action, but like Cersei, you know how to play up what you've got in order to get what you want or need.


You're Kind Of Fearless

How to put this... You don't give half a shit about anything that anyone else has to say about you. You have faith in yourself and your ability to stick up for yourself and not back down easily, if at all.