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'Star Wars'-Inspired Baby Names From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Because your baby is out of this world.

by Shannon Fiedler
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Baby names are always a challenging thing to decide. Why not just steal the best names from your favorite cinematic franchise, say… Star Wars? Think about it, the space opera has so many spin-offs and characters, you’re bound to find a Star Wars baby name that suits your fancy. Whether you’re looking to give your child a name to aspire to (think Luke or Leia) or want something that no one else in the class will have, Star Wars is an excellent place to start.

Just think of the options. You’ve got Stormtroopers and Jedis, mentors and guardians, heroes and villains. Not to mention all kinds of wacky alien creatures. Even the most background performances generally have a name, just take a look through the credits to get some fun ideas.

And to help you decide, here’s a roundup of all the best Star Wars names to choose from culled from the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Whether you want your baby to be known as Chewbacca (probs not, to be honest) or prefer a name like Leia, you can use this cast list to make the right call. But don’t forget, don’t underestimate the force when making your selection. It’s a powerful tool.



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This is a no-brainer. Luke is perhaps the greatest Star Wars baby name. The end all be all star of Star Wars, Luke is the guy who will save the galaxy and return the Jedi to power. He’s a symbol of honesty, bravery, and truth. What more could you want for your child than to name him after one of the most beloved characters in cinematic history?



Equally important, Leia is the fierce sister of Luke and the definition of girl boss. She doesn’t suffer fools and she’s smart as a whip. Plus, she’s got style for days with her cinnabon hair buns and sweet Grecian dresses. Tell your daughter she’s named after Leia and she’ll show you that she in fact is the ultimate princess in charge.



This is a tough call. Before he was Darth, Anakin Skywalker was the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy. So his youthful expression is one any parent could still find to favor with. Giving a child this name would be a great way to remind them to always avoid temptation and the dark side and to instead be a force for good.



A master Jedi, it’s Obi-Wan Kenobi who ultimately must contend with the defeat of his one-time protege Anakin. He’s a perfect example of a person who must wrestle with his choices and ultimately choose the right side in the end, even when he’s been betrayed and it hurts to do so. How’s that for a name that sets an example for a son?



If you want your child to embrace a c’est la vie attitude with a heavy side of humor, Han is a great choice. He’s a snarky, sarcastic character who is ultimately loyal to the end. What’s not to love about that? Plus, he knows how to rock a deep-v henley, something every young man should aspire to.



One of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy, Boba Fett is a threatening character who ultimately shows himself to be on the right side of intergalactic history even if he operates in a moral gray area. There’s a lot of mystery behind him if that’s what you’re looking for in a baby name.



One of the more unique Star Wars characters, Maz is a pirate queen who operates a cantina on Takodana. Even better, she’s more than 1,000 years old, so she’s seen a lot and is wise in the ways of the world. If your child seems like a bit of a sage, perhaps Maz is the name for them.



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Aunt Beru is Luke’s adopted mother, the wife of Owen Lars, the stepbrother of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. Her name is synonymous with sacrifice as she ultimately dies at the hands of the empire, a threat she always knew was there having raised an enemy of the state.



Lando Calrissian has style for miles. A smuggler and smooth talker, he always is put together and ready and willing to scheme against the empire. Want your child to have a quick wit to match their swagger? Name them Lando.



Did you know Mandalorian’s real name is Din? Yep, underneath all that armor is just a man who was rescued from an attack and rose to be a warrior. What a powerful name for a child.



Ok, this might be a heavy name to wear, but it’s a great one nonetheless. Yoda is the beloved green creature in Star Wars and acts as a guide for countless characters. If you feel like your child is already so thoughtful and older than their years, Yoda would be an appropriate Star Wars baby name.



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Who doesn’t love an Ewok? The furry characters are like alien teddy bears but underneath that sweet exterior are fierce fighters who will do anything to protect their planet and allies. They’re who you want beside you in a tough situation. Therefore Wicket is a great Star Wars baby name.



If your kiddo seems to have music in their heart even in utero, consider the name Max after Max Rebo. The blue somewhat elephant-esque character behind the Max Rebo band, he leads an interstellar jazz band.

If you want to make sure your little one grows up to be a Star Wars fan, picking one of these names will certainly get them started on the right foot.

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