Star Wars

32 Star Wars Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dads Who Are Strong With The Force

Because Yoda best dad ever.

Is your dad a huge Star Wars fan? Does he do things like cover his hand with his mouth and breathily mutter, “I am your father” from time to time? Does he randomly talk in a Chewbacca voice? Then he deserves an intergalactic gift. Father’s Day is prime season to shower him with Star Wars paraphernalia. And, wow, is there a lot to choose from.

For the hipster dad who prefers to wear his Jedi allegiance on his sleeve, you could go the T-shirt route. The internet has hundreds of variations on Star Wars shirts, from “Yoda the Best Dad” to “Best Dad in the Galaxy.” And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to meld the theme with the holiday, consider some of these dad-centric Star Wars hats, cutting boards, cufflinks... heck, there’s even a Star Wars cakelet pan.

Naturally, there are also plenty of Star Wars toys to choose from and, sure, Dad can pretend he’s too old for that stuff, but let’s be real, he’ll absolutely love it.

But why stop there? Star Wars swag has permeated every possible retail crevice that exists. So whether you buy him a Stormtrooper toaster or a LEGO Millennium Falcon, he’ll certainly appreciate the force of your love.

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A Baby Yoda Mug

This mug really checks all of the boxes: Star Wars themed, Dad joke heavy, and Father’s Day appropriate. Can’t go wrong.

A Darth Vader Shirt

Your father’s inner nerd will love telling people at the grocery store on in line for the movie’s that his kids got him this “Best Dad in the Galaxy” shirt. It’s the ultimate Star Wars fan bragging rights.

A Star Wars Comic Book

Want to tap into some next level Dad fandom? Find him an obscure Star Wars comic book so he can really nestle in to some nostalgia on Father’s Day.

Star Wars Father's Day Card: Pop Up Darth Vader

You gotta send dad a card, so why not make it a Star Wars Father’s Day card? You can even up the ante with a 3-D pop-up card like this Darth Vader one he can display on his desk for all to enjoy.

A Yoda Best Dad Ever Cutting Board

Much like a Jedi, there’s no realm within the product range where Star Wars concepts can’t go. Take, for example, a Star Wars cutting board. Now dear old dad can be reminded how much you love him while chopping vegetables.

A Vintage Star Wars Toy

Take your dad back to his childhood this Father’s Day by giving him a retro Star Wars toy he can play with. Comic book stores are filled with these vintage models like this C3PO that can talk.

A Pair of “I Am Your Father” Socks

Necessity items like underwear and socks may sound boring until you consider buying ones with a Star Wars theme. These socks will give dad a laugh, but our comfortable enough to be more than a novelty item.

A Cheesy Star Wars Mug

As you can imagine, the cheesiness only increases the more Star Wars-themed mugs you search. Your Dad will appreciate this one.

A Dark Side Father's Day Card

If your Dad has always led you to the right side and not the dark side, he deserves this Father’s Day card.

A Star Wars Apron

Help Dad get ready to man the grill with this Star Wars apron. For the cook that loves making wookies, er, cookies, they can get their bake on while promoting their intergalactic appreciation wearing this in the kitchen.

A Darth Vader Ice Mold

Toast all your good times with dad by pouring him a drink made with a cube of Darth Vader ice. Made from BPA-free silicone, it’ll be easier to release Darth than it was to get Han Solo out of carbonite.

A Light Saber Tie Clip

The ultimate subtle Star Wars accessory, this light saber tie clip says “I’m all business and pleasure.”

A Star Wars Water Bottle

You can’t use the force if you’re dehydrated. Keep dad fully charged with this Star Wars water bottle.

A LEGO Millennium Falcon

Psst. Your Dad probably secretly loves LEGOs. So give him the gift of a flashback to childhood with this 1,353 piece LEGO Millennium Falcon.

A Dadalorian Shirt

Mandalorian, the follow-up Disney+ series to Star Wars, has been a megawatt hit. If the dad in your life hasn’t missed an episode, he needs this shirt. It’s “the way.”

A Star Wars Personalized Wallet

You can’t fly from Tatooine to Endor without spending a little cash, every dad knows that. So help him keep his Galactic Credit Standard safely stored in one of these Star Wars wallets.

A Grogu Face Mask

Keep dad safe no matter where he goes with a Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) face mask. Stretchy and comfortable, it’s one way you can use your own force to protect him.

Star Wars Father's Day Card: Boba Fett

Boba Fett is one of the most feared bounty hunters, but he’s a legit badass. Kinda like your dad, right? Give pops a cute cartoon version of Fett in this perfect Father’s Day card.

A Chewbacca Spatula

Would Chewy chew on pancakes? It’s fun to think so. And dad can percolate on all the wild and wonderful items Chewbacca might have chomped on while using this spatula.

A Pair of Death Star Cufflinks

Death Star cufflinks? If your dad has any kind of formal event coming up, these are the perfect accessory to make him look sharp.

An X-wing and Tie Fighter Tie

Dad can wear his favorite space battle on his chest with this X-wing and Tie Fighter tie.

A Darth Vader Silk Pocket Square

For the dad who likes to step up his look a little bit, the pocket square is a required accessory. But just because he rocks a square doesn’t mean he can’t sport his love of Star Wars too.

A Rebel Alliance Backpack

Is your dad a rebel? One of the one’s who stands up to fight for what he believes in? Perhaps he relates to Star Wars rebel alliance, a confederation of dissidents. Then he needs the gear to look the part like this Rebel Alliance backpack.

A Pair of Star Wars Sneakers

Yes, there is a nexus of sneaker heads and Star Wars fans and for those people there exists Nizza X Star Wars shoes from Adidas.

An R2-D2 Cap

What dad doesn’t need a new baseball cap? Ideal for summer, treat dad to this embroidered R2-D2 hat this Father’s Day.

A Star Wars Cakelet Pan

What tastes better than cake? A Chewbacca shaped cake, that’s what? And dad can make a whole batch with this Star Wars Cakelet Pan.

Channel your inner Jedi and give dad a gift that shows you that your love for him is even stronger than his love for Star Wars this Father’s Day.