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25 Star Wars Toys & Gifts The Biggest Tiny Fans Can Get Behind

It’s (not) a trap!

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“May the Fourth be with You,” the punny riff on the famous Star Wars saying, traces its start to 1979, according to so called geek holiday experts. But even after 44 years, it remains relevant to super Star Wars fans. So what better time than May 4 to share your love of Luke and Leia with your child with a Star Wars toy or gift?

The galaxy of Star Wars toys is never-ending, so there’s truly something for everyone, from the newbie fan to the veteran aficionado. And with the recent arrival of Disney+’s Mandalorian series, there’s even more deep space swag to snag. If you haven’t succumbed to a Baby Yoda purchase yet, now is the time. Not to mention the seemingly hundreds of thousands of action figures, LEGO sets, light sabers, plush Ewoks, playing cards, scooters, and even Darth Vader shaped stereos available.

Which is to say, “May the Fourth be with...” might take on new meaning this year. It might instead be used as an insider Jedi mind trick used to stop parents from overindulging their own childhood Star Wars passions to prevent them from purchasing a whole AT-TE Walker filled with Galactic Republic collectibles. Remember, folks, you’re doing it for the kids.

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A Light Saber

How can you fully embrace the Star Wars universe without the assistance of a light saber? This model lets you channel the Dark Side with three AAA batteries.


A Darth Vader Stereo

Whether your little Star Wars fan wants to hear the “Imperial March” on repeat or just wants to rock out to some Katy Perry, this tiny Darth boom box can sync with your iPhone or other device to play their favorite tunes.


A LEGO Millennium Falcon

LEGO lovers, Star Wars has your number. The block biz has made dozens of Star Wars models, but this one is a must have: A Millennium Falcon from the Rise of Skywalker.


A Vintage Chewbacca

Chewy has been a beloved part of the Star Wars series since day one. If your kid feels an affinity to the giant Wookie, this vintage action figure makes a great gift.


An Interactive R2D2

Not only does this R2D2 replica look the part it moves, makes sounds, and even displays an image of Princess Leia just like the real thing. This remote operated toy will blow your child’s mind.


A Chewy Mask

Want to get your kid’s Halloween costume in order months in advance? Then consider this Chewbacca mask that makes his signature roar when the mouth opens.


A Pack of Storm Troopers

Love them or hate them, Storm Troopers are a signature part of the Star Wars universe. And for kid playing pretend, they’re a necessary addition. This pack comes with four Storm Troopers in various positions.


A Lando Action Figure

Captain Lando Clarissian goes from a smuggler extraordinaire in a selfless leader in the fight against the Empire. Now kids can own their own version of this hero.


A Baby Yoda

One of the hottest holiday sellers last winter, this animatronic Baby Yoda remains a hit thanks to his giggles, snoozing sounds, and “Force nap.”


A Star Wars Mobile

Teach your baby to loves Star Wars from the crib with a mobile decked out in the series’ characters. You can even customize it with your favorites.


A Star Wars Little Golden Book

Yes, books can be considered toys if they open up a child’s imagination to a world beyond their own. In this book, “A Galaxy for Everyone”, Little Golden Books celebrates the diversity of the Star Wars world.


A Baby Yoda Key Chain

Never let your child get locked out with this key chain they’ll love. Made by Etsy vendor NanoniByMJS, it’s Baby Yoda’s signature ears — an easy to spot icon kids will hang on to.


Star Wars Monopoly

A collector’s item for any Star Wars-loving fam, here’s a game you’ll play for years to come. Teach kids about counting and making change while learning about Luke, Leia, and the rest of the crew.


A Star Wars T-Shirt

With a colorful tee a child can show off their Star Wars knowledge and subtly share their passion for all things Jedi with their pals. This shirt takes it one step further by showcasing two stars: Baby Yoda and Black Panther’s Shuri.


A Luke Skywalker Simulation Helmet

Synchronized LED lights and 3 speakers make the wearer of this Luke Skywalker simulation helmet feel like they’re really flying through some of the biggest Star Wars battles.


A Pack of Squishy Disney Figures

Action figures are great, but they’re not suitable for the tiniest fans. That’s where these introductory Disney Star Wars Squeeze Toys make a perfect alternative.


A Plush Darth Vader

Ever little kid needs a snuggle buddy and doesn’t Darth Vader deserve love too? Give your child a plush Darth they can take with them everywhere.


A Yoda Puzzle

With 1,000 pieces, you can entertain your family for hours with this Yoda fine art puzzle. Just remember, there is no try, only do.


A Storm Trooper Watch

A child can take pictures and videos with this VTech Storm Trooper watch. With 30 digital and analog Star Wars clock face designs, it also includes a voice recorder that can make them sound like a Star Wars character.


A Star Wars Sticker Book

Packed with 60 reusable stickers featuring Star Wars characters, this book is hours of fun for a buddy fan. And with easy-to-peel-off pages, it’s great for small hands.


A Star Wars Play-Doh Set

BB-8 and R2-D2 aren’t just robots, in this Play-Doh set they’re tools to make all kinds of stamps and shapes.


An R-Series Droid

Not everyone wants a C3P0 or R2D2. Some people love the other droids who make up the Star Wars world. This droid, for instance, was “rumored to have spent time at the Black Spire Outpost on Batuu before being relocated to its new outpost at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge” — a fun addition to a budding fan’s collection.


A Playskool Millennium Falcon

Star Wars toys span an all ages. Proof? This Playskool Millennium Falcon designed for even the littlest Han Solos in training.


A Set of Mandalorian Walkie Talkies

“Come in, Pelli Motto. It’s Mando.” Now your little bounty hunter can explore the outer reaches of the New Republic but still be home by lunch with this walkie talkie set.


A Boba Fett Helmet

Any kid or child at heart can role play that they’re Boba Fett with this helmet. Press a button and the viewfinder pops down, then red lights flash for the official Boba Fett look.

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