33 'Star Wars' Memes To Celebrate May The 4th

The internet is a pretty magical place, especially for Star Wars fans. There's no better way to celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4 than with some May the 4th Be With You Star Wars memes and you can thank the internet for every last one.

According to Time, the Iron Lady herself is apparently responsible for May 4 becoming Star Wars Day. Margaret Thatcher was elected as Prime Minister of England on May 4, 1979, just two years after Star Wars was released. That evening, an ad in the London Evening News read, "May The Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations."

If I could find the person that came up with that ad line and give them a hug, I would. Because you know what? Star Wars is amazing and deserves its own day. And as the world continues to freak out about the latest Star Wars film released last year, along with its undying love for the original films, it makes this May 4 even more special. If you haven't seen Star Wars VII yet, I suggest you get right to it before the movie is ruined for you with social media's outpouring of May the 4th Be With You memes. But if you have seen it and you're ready to spread the love of your favorite saga, here are 33 Star Wars memes perfect to celebrate the day. As always, may the fourth be with you.


I Left It Right There

I've been waiting a really long time to reattach that thing, you know.


Alderaan Places, All Of Them

OK, there's nothing like a Star Wars dad joke, I'm not sorry.


Your Camera Roll After Your Toddler Gets Done

Actually, my 2-year-old may have better aim than Stormtroopers.


It's A Hard Knock Life

Instead of treated, you'll grow up to trick everyone. Instead of kisses, you'll kill your own wife.


Every Time

Get it together and then we can be friends.


Palpatine Feels

I mean, this is accurate.


Especially When The Remote Is Out Of Reach

And when Netflix wants to know if you're still watching.


Family Affair

Can we please get a prequel of the Solo family before Kylo went bad? Please?


Co-Workers Are The Worst

It was just a question, geez. Let it go.


And Then You're Broke In May

At least buy something a little more subtle.


You Just Wait, Jedis

It's all fun and games until I terrorize all of you.


Me, Every Day

The world can wait, mama needs more sleep.



Everyone needs a friendship like this, OK?


Do They Even Practice At The House?

Practice makes perfect, Stormtroopers. Get yourself a t-ball set or something.


Legit Question

It'll definitely be a revenge of the fifth if you've been playing a Star Wars drinking game all night.


CSI: Death Star

Burn from Kenobi, d*mn.


Oh Han

This will never get old.


BB Is Always Hungry

But I do love a good pun.


And I Can Remember That Like It Was Yesterday

But, you know, we'll talk later.


He Just Wasn't Looking Hard Enough

Prepare yourself for all the updates though.


Hit By A Smooth Jedi

Could you tell us that you're OK? What's wrong with your voice?


Back To The Death Star

Doc Brown could've saved everybody, I know it.


I Must've Called A Thousand Times

Yet still, no one will join me.


Ewoks For The Win

Stormtroopers are merely obstacles at this point.


That Seems Safe

Not always so bright, are you, Luke?


Vader Got Tricks

Draw again!


It Rhymes With Sith!

I'm still laughing at this one and I'm not ashamed.


Oh Poe

Please spare him because yum.


Oh There You Are, Luke!

Where the hell have you been? And who is Rey?!


It All Makes Sense Now

Finally, someone gets it right.


I'll Take On This Burden, Too

It shouldn't take me too long, I promise.


Guess Who The Worst Stormtrooper Ever Is?

I would rule at this game.


No, But Seriously

Luke's beard is going to be epic though.