Star Wars Day

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May The Fourth Be With You In These Instagram Captions

How will anyone know you’re a Jedi-wannabe without an Instagram post?

There’s nothing like a random holiday to make you want to go above and beyond, and Star Wars Day is no different. The epic holiday is on May 4 every year so that literally everyone you know can say, “May the Fourth be with you” and it’s the chance to lean in hard to your Skywalker, Obi-Wan, Yoda fandom. The beautiful thing about Star Wars is that it’s such a large franchise. From TV shows like Clone Wars to the incredible nine-movie saga to Disney+ originals like The Mandalorian (this is the way, friends), there’s something for literally everyone.

So put on your favorite Star Wars accessories, do your Leia buns or your Rey ponytail, and get ready for an epic day of reminding your children how lucky they are you don’t have Jedi powers. (Can you imagine? They’d literally get away with nothing.) These Instagram captions should inspire you to think up some fun posts to show off your love of all things Star Wars, and never forget: May the Force (and the Fourth) be with you.

Nostalgic Star Wars Day Instagram Captions

  • “The Force will be with you. Always,” said Obi-Wan Kenobi. And now I’m saying it to all of you. To the franchise that taught us to never give up, Happy Star Wars Day.
  • All I want to do is climb back into bed and watch all of the Star Wars movies in order. (Except for Phantom Menace. And really I just want to rewatch the original three over and over.)
  • The world needs Princess Leia, General Organa more than ever. Happy Star Wars Day.
  • May we all be as strong and faithful as Princess Leia today.
  • It isn’t always easy to choose light, but this Star Wars Day, I’m making even more of an effort to be the good in this world.
  • “Never be afraid of who you are.” Happy Star Wars Day.
  • “We had each other. That’s how we won.” — Lando
  • Star Wars may be a fantasy story, but the lessons are still true. Poe’s speech in The Rise of Skywalker is something we should always remember: “Good people will fight if we lead them. Leia never gave up. And neither have we. We’re going to show them we’re not afraid. What our mothers and fathers fought for, we will not let die. Not today. Today, we make our last stand. For the galaxy. For Leia. For everyone we’ve lost.”
  • “When you look at the dark side, careful you must be; for the dark side looks back,” said Yoda. Let’s remember this always, especially on Star Wars Day.
  • It’s Star Wars Day. This is the way.
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Funny Star Wars Day Instagram Captions

  • Happy Star Wars Day! Really thought we’d all have our own droids folding laundry for us by now.
  • May the Fourth be with you. And also with you.
  • Happy Star Wars Day! Thank you for giving me so much of my childhood, and for also giving us the insult “nerf-herder.”
  • It’s Star Wars Day, which means I can call my boys “stormtroopers” after wiping the toilet seat again from the consequences of their terrible aim.
  • Just another epic Star Wars Day here, raising my own little Jedi to use their powers to charge their own damn tablets.
  • May the Fourth be with you. And don’t forget the Revenge of the Fifth.
  • Just going to have John Williams playing in the background of everything I do today, like a real Jedi.