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Baby Yoda
15 Baby Yoda Gifts To Make Jedis Of All Ages Happy

Whether you’re shopping for “The Child” in your life or a grownup Mandalorian fan, there are gifts out there for Baby Yoda lovers of any age.

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Baby animals in cute costumes are one of the few things in this world that are universally adored, which is exactly why Baby Yoda has captured so many hearts. Because this little green character from The Mandalorian is so popular, it’s safe to say that this year Baby Yoda toys and gifts are high on the wish lists of both new and old "Star Wars" fans alike.

“The Child,” as he’s actually called, has that ugly-cute thing down pat. We’re likely drawn to him because of “baby schema”, which is the scientific name for the nurturing feeling people have toward creatures with exaggerated features like big eyes or round faces, The Cut explained. Ugly-cute animals cause baby schema, which is why we ooh and aah over funny looking pugs with cartoon eyes and, apparently, small Yodas with huge ears and fabulous coats.

And this year, we finally know his real name! Fans have wondered since the show premiered whether little Grogu was actually a young Yoda, Yoda’s son, or an unrelated being from the same part of the galaxy. While viewers didn’t learn all the details about his family tree, one thing has always been certain: whoever Grogu is, he’s really freakin’ cute. Read on for Baby Yoda gifts that are sure to be as loved as this mysterious little creature.

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A Popsocket

Maybe they'll actually carry their phones more gently because it's Baby Yoda they're holding onto. This Popsocket is a great way to have a dose of cuteness with you wherever you go, and it makes it much easier for smaller hands to hold large phones. Plus it won't break the bank, and it makes a great white elephant gift.


This Keepsake Ornament

Baby Yoda looks like he's floating through space in this Christmas ornament, which might just become a family favorite. This little fellow looks just as precious mixed in with traditional Christmas ornaments, or on a totally “Star Wars”-themed tree. It's ceramic, so it would probably be best for older fans who can resist the urge to smoosh the cuteness.


A Long-Sleeved Tee

This shirt is guaranteed to garner compliments and start conversations. It's printed with a picture of Baby Yoda, and each tee is made-to-order, according to the Urban Outfitters website. There's a short-sleeved version too if your gift recipient lives somewhere a little warmer and needs this piece in their wardrobe year round.


The Cutest Bath Towel

Getting out of the bath may get a bit easier if your kiddo knows they'll get to look like Baby Yoda. This wrap towel has an attached hood plus cozy hand pockets and fun details like major Yoda ears (so Yoda should have no problem hearing you when you say it's time to get PJs on).


A Lifelike, Interactive Baby Yoda

For the ultimate Baby Yoda fan, this is the ultimate gift. This plush moves using a remote control with joystick, allowing him to move around, follow you, and make sounds. He also moves his arms and ears, and can even play hide-and-seek with his protector. His detailed face and wardrobe make this Grogu look like he just stepped offscreen.


A Concrete Planter

This planter is handmade with real concrete, so it’s a heavy-duty gift that plant lovers can use indoors or outdoors. It features Baby Yoda in his space pram with room to add a succulent, real or faux, to ride along with him. The Etsy seller can add on a succulent for $5 if you want it to arrive ready to gift.


This Adorable Bluetooth Speaker

This Bitty Boomer speaker is only 3.5 inches tall and not much wider, so it’s easy to toss in your bag and go! (Wherever I go, he goes, as Mando says.) The reviews say it’s easy to connect to Apple or Android devices and is louder than you may expect for its pocket-sized stature.


An Enamel Pin

Do you know someone who always has the cutest pins on their backpack, bag, or denim jacket? Adding this adorable Baby Yoda pin to their collection will definitely make them smile. It features his signature giant eyes as he takes a little sip from his mug. Pin it to your loved one’s stocking on Christmas Eve for them to find in the morning.


An On-Theme Toaster

Your friend or loved one can see little Grogu every morning with this toaster, which toasts him and Mando right onto the bread. Its small size makes it easy to store (not unlike The Child himself). And if the person you’re shopping for prefers mini waffles, there’s an equally adorable option for them.


This Backpack Featuring A Froggy Snack

If anyone else ate a frog it would be disgusting, but Baby Yoda fans would probably agree that it’s somehow adorable when he does it. This faux leather, embroidered backpack features The Child enjoying one of his favorite snacks, and is nicely lined with a printed fabric of more Baby Yodas.


Their Very Own Grogu

Speaking of Baby Yoda’s love of froggy snacks, this talking plush comes with his little mug and an amphibious friend. He’s cuddly enough for kids (or adults, let’s be honest here) to hug tight. With every squeeze, “The Child” will make one of 10 adorable vocal sounds from the show.


A Legit Chia Pet

For many people, all the “Star Wars” movies and spinoffs are really about nostalgia and remembering how fun it was to learn about this sci-fi universe for the first time. If you want to give them the most nostalgic gift ever this year, a Chia Pet of Baby Yoda would be the perfect present choice.


LEGOs To Build "The Child"

Star Wars LEGOs have been a popular gift for years, ever since the movies began, allowing fans to build their own TIE fighters, the Millennium Falcon, and characters’ helmets. This set gives LEGO lovers the building blocks to make their very own Baby Yoda figure. And somehow, even when his face is make of bricks, he’s still too stinkin’ cute.


A Makeup Brush Set

Mandalorian fans that happen to be makeup lovers: this one’s for you! Baby Yoda’s pod features an opening to store your favorite makeup brushes on your bathroom counter or vanity. The set comes with five brushes for your face and eyes, each with an adorable printed handle. Who knew makeup could be cute before you even put it on?


Two Collectible Figurines

If the Mando fan you’re buying for loves FunkoPops and other collectible figurines, this set of two from Hasbro will make a great gift. These Baby Yodas are just over 2 inches tall, and their poses are inspired by fan-favorite moments in “The Mandalorian.” There are others of him in his pram, practicing The Force, and pressing buttons while in flight.

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