Adam Sandler's daughters are growing up fast.
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Adam Sandler Is Every Dad Of Teens As His Daughters Want To “Go Do Their Own Thing”

“I am on the side going ‘Love you.’”

You could be forgiven if you assumed that Adam Sandler’s two daughters are all about spending time with their dad. He has included them in his career, showing his support for their acting dreams by casting them in several of his recent movies. With all of that love and support, they must just want to hang out with their famous dad any chance they get, right? Nope. Adam Sandler recently admitted that his daughters “still don’t talk” to him, because the power of being a teenager even eclipses the power of being a Hollywood star.

Sandler opened up about his relationship with his daughters, 17-year-old Sadie and 15-year-old Sunny, both of whom he shares with wife Jackie Sandler, on the red carpet for the premiere of his new movie Spaceman. A movie Sunny was cast in, we feel it’s important to mention, along with the animated feature Leo and the Netflix movie You Are SO Not Coming To My Bat Mitzvah with her sister Sadie. When Sandler was asked if his daughters liked to spend time with him on set, he explained, per People, “They still don’t talk to you. They go do their thing.”

Sandler hastened to add lest his daughters hear him, “They do the best they can, and then they go do their life. I am on the side going, ‘Love you.’ I say I love you a lot to them.”

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Sandler has opened up to his very relatable relationship with his teenaged daughters and their tendency to avoid talking to him unless they have to. He told Jennifer Hudson on her talk show in November that his daughters “don’t talk to me as much,” going on to explain that when he drives them in his van, “they go way in the back, by the way. They don’t even go in the row behind me. Like two rows back, I can hardly see them in the rearview mirror.” When he asks his daughters how they’re doing in the back, they’ll turn down their music and bark, “What?”

All of Sandler’s attempts to keep his daughters close, the chatting and the affection and movie offers, will be appreciated one day. But that day might be a long, long way off yet.