Adele performed for her son Angelo for the first time.
Cliff Lipson/ CBS ©2021

Adele Said She Was "So Nervous" To Perform For Her Son Angelo For The First Time Ever

“It’s the absolute honor of my life to have you here tonight, baby.”

On Sunday night, Adele performed live for the first time in years. She stood in front of a crowd of A-list celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Lizzo, Melissa McCarthy, and Drake, belting out some of her most popular hits alongside new songs from her album 30 for her One Night Only special for CBS. The singer admitted she had “never been so nervous in my life” after the concert on Twitter, but not because of all those celebrities. One Night Only was the first time Adele performed in front of her son Angelo.

Adele’s 9-year-old son Angelo, who she co-parents with ex-husband Simon Konecki, had never been to a live performance from the “Easy On Me” singer until Sunday. And it was more than just a big deal for his mom.

“This is the first time my son has ever see me perform,” Adele explained at her concert, adding, “It’s the absolute honor of my life to have you here tonight, baby.”

“I’ve never been so nervous in my life!!” she added on Twitter.

Adele sang for her son.

While Angelo has never officially been to one of his mom’s concerts, he has certainly heard her perform before. In fact, when Adele recorded the title song for the James Bond movie Skyfall, she was pregnant with Angelo and he was not a fan. “I was heavily pregnant actually when I did the vocals for Skyfall,” Adele said in an interview with Vogue. “So, it was the only song that I recorded while I was pregnant with [my son] so my voice was a lot lower and he also hated it when I was singing the high notes. He’d kick around inside of me.”

This time around, it seems likely that Angelo was more appreciative of his mom’s work. Especially now that he understands that she’s kind of a big deal. Adele told Oprah Winfrey in her Sunday night interview that Angelo recently checked out the social media reaction to her music and said, “people really like you,” as HuffPost reported. She added that she had taken him to a Taylor Swift concert before and he was amazed at how many people were there “because he used to come to my stadium shows for my rehearsals and it’d be empty. He’s like, ‘So many people come to her shows,’ ’cause I’d make him leave before they all arrived,” Adele explained. “It was so cute and so funny.”

Now Adele and Angelo can enjoy her concerts together. And that really does seem like such an incredible honor.