Aidan has a family crisis in 'AJLT.'
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Fans Are Worried Aidan's Parenting Crisis On AJLT Will Be The End Of Him & Carrie

Aidan might have to make a choice, and it probably won’t be Carrie.

Note: Spoilers for Season 2, Episode 10 of And Just Like That... are ahead.

We had to know that Wyatt Shaw was going to spell trouble for Carrie and Aidan. He made it clear from jump that he wasn’t interested in his dad rekindling a romance with Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), no matter how stylish and fun and ready to buy a huge apartment in Manhattan just so he could visit she might be. Wyatt just wanted his dad to be back in Virginia at the farmhouse with him. And so he ran away from his mom’s house, drank beer, and drove his dad’s truck into a tree. At 14 years old. Leaving Aidan (John Corbett), who had just been riding on a bliss cloud with Carrie, completely destroyed. “I should have been there,” he cries on the phone to Carrie from his car in the hospital parking lot. “I should have been there,” he says again even as she reminds him that Wyatt’s broken bones will heal.

The real question is, will Aidan and Carrie be fine by the end of Season 2 of HBO’s And Just Like That...? Or will this spell the end of their beautiful, perfect love affair? Fans think it might be the end. And so do I.

I predict that Aidan will have to choose between Carrie’s New York City version of him and the version of him that is a dad of three who lives in Virginia. I predict that he will start to associate that New York City Aidan with the guy who wasn’t home when his son came looking for him. When his son needed him. When his son came looking for him. When his son “just wanted to sleep at my dad’s house” and ended up in the hospital with a broken collarbone and two broken legs. And then he will start associating Carrie as the person who took him away from his sons. The person who cannot possibly understand the other Aidan.

As one fan noted, Aidan’s kids need him.

Another worried that Carrie bought that big apartment “for nothing.”

This fan can see the writing on the wall but, like many of us, is really hoping Carrie and Aidan can make it through.

This tweet says it all: “Carrie lives for her friends and Aidan lives for his family.”

At least one person is not impressed that a 14-year-old could end a beautiful love story.

When Carrie heard about Wyatt, she didn’t say she was “worried” until Aidan was crying on the phone. She was going ahead with her dinner party, going ahead with her life. Because Wyatt’s accident didn’t affect her life until it meant Aidan might be reconsidering their life.

Aidan and Carrie might come to an end on ‘AJLT.’Warner Media

Just as Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez) could never understand Miranda’s (Cynthia Nixon) need to be with Brady when he was heartbroken, Carrie’s bond with Aidan can only go so far. I predict that it will stop at the door of his Norfolk farmhouse, where he is more of a dad to his sons than he is anything else. I predict that choice will leave him feeling bereft. That Aidan will be left with a Carrie-sized hole in his heart yet again. And Carrie will be left with a giant apartment filled with memories with Aidan she will never get to make.

Because a choice will have to be made on And Just Like That... And that choice really can’t be Carrie.