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Amy Duggar Censored A Photo Of Her Son In A Swimming Pool To “Protect” Him

“You never know who is seeing this picture.”

Amy Duggar King’s son Dax might not be 2 years old until October, but she is already thinking about protecting his privacy online. In a recent Instagram post, the Duggar cousin opened up about why she felt the need to censor a photo of her son swimming.

Amy and her husband Dillon King welcomed son Dax in October 2019, and since then he has become the star of her Instagram feed. Most recently, she shared a photo of her son in a pool, but then re-uploaded with a big blue heart over his shirtless torso because she was concerned it might show “too much skin.”

“I posted the unedited version, and then I thought to myself ‘is that too much skin? He’s just shirtless,” she wrote. “And then I thought you never know who is seeing this picture and what they are thinking and now I’m going to be extra careful and protect him!” She went on to say that she encourages “all parents to be very careful on what we post from now on.”

“I now have a new set of eyes and I’m more of aware of how someone can use anything for evil,” Amy wrote on Instagram. “It’s the sad truth, but something worth sharing for sure.”

While Amy didn’t give any specific reason or name behind her sudden desire to use extra caution, the recent cancelation of her family’s hit TLC show Counting On after the arrest of her cousin Josh Duggar on child pornography charges certainly came to the minds of her social media followers.

Amy Duggar censored a photo of son Dax.

Amy did not name Josh Duggar, who is father to six children himself and expecting a seventh with wife Anna, in her post, but she has made her feelings about these new allegations against him patently clear. “I will just say that whatever you do in the darkness comes out in the light,” she told Today Parents in May. “If you're going to look at such disgusting and sickening images, justice has to be served. To look at my little guy who is 19 months old... my heart and my brain cannot comprehend that. It blows my mind. It's heartbreaking and disgusting and evil. It's so evil. I want nothing to do with it."

Whatever prompted Amy to protect her son’s privacy in a social media post, she makes an excellent post. Little children cannot protect themselves and need their parents to make those decisions for them.