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Amy Schumer Said She Had Her Uterus Bronzed After It Was Surgically Removed

“I had it bronzed, you know, because of how difficult my pregnancy was.”

Amy Schumer is nothing if not transparent. It’s kind of the comedian’s brand. When she was going through her pregnancy with her 4-year-old son Gene, she was so open about her struggles that she had an HBO special called Expecting Amy documenting her experience. That’s the level of transparency we are talking about here. So really, no one should have been surprised when she told the hosts of Smartless that she had her uterus bronzed after it was surgically removed. The only surprising thing to us is that she waited to tell us in the first place.

Schumer joined Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes on their Smartless podcast on Monday, and almost immediately the subject of her uterus came up. Perhaps because Arnett was doing a bit about her trying for more kids that was less than ideal, considering Schumer has spoken previously about having her uterus removed due to extensive endometriosis.

“Jason asked me one time, like very rudely, because I actually had my uterus removed, and he was like, ‘Did you save it?’ And I was like, ‘I actually did save it,’” Schumer told the three men. The Life & Beth star, who is married to chef Chris Fischer, went on to add that she did a little something special to commemorate her uterus. “I had it bronzed, you know, because of how difficult my pregnancy was. I didn’t even think of this, but I get the chance to show this to you.”

She showed the three shocked hosts, but unfortunately podcasts are not a visual medium so her fans didn’t get a chance to see it.

Whether Schumer decided to try to bronze her uterus herself or have a professional do it, and we suspect it’s the latter, it now proudly sits on display somewhere in her home like a trophy. Which, in a way, it kind of is if you think about it. That uterus got her through a very difficult pregnancy, stretching to grow her baby boy Gene and keeping him safe. And now that she is finished having children, she really can just put that bronzed uterus on a shelf and marvel at everything it accomplished.