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Amy Schumer Revealed Her Excellent Advice For A "Successful Marriage"

Hint: there are compliments and lots of pillows involved.

They host an Emmy-nominated cooking show together, they’re parents to one of the sweetest celebrity toddlers, 2-year-old Gene Fischer, and they always look happy and relaxed in an unpretentious way. Want to know their secret? If so, you’re in luck because Amy Schumer revealed her secret to a “successful marriage” in a new Instagram post.

Schumer and her husband, chef Chris Fischer, have been married for three years. Since the two tied the knot, a whole lot has happened. Gene was born, of course, but also a pandemic that saw the pair, like everyone else, stuck at home together. And what’s more, filming an unscripted cooking show called Amy Schumer Learns To Cook from their kitchen for the Food Network as little Gene made guest appearances and their nanny manned the camera.

So how does the couple manage to maintain their marriage through it all? According to a video Schumer shared on Instagram, by complimenting each other before sleep every night. Or by waiting for your partner to just lavish you with compliments from the other side of a pillow wall, which honestly seems like the best way to go about it.

Amy Schumer gives marriage advice.

“Every night, you’re supposed to give your spouse a lot of thoughtful, kind of like, compliments, I just read that,” the Trainwreck actress explained in the video. “So, you know, I don’t even want those... but for the benefit of our marriage...” Fischer, laughing from the other side of an impressive wall of pillows, dutifully recites, “I love you. You’re the best wife. You’re the best friend. You’re the best mom. You have the best bod.” At which point Schumer says, “Okay, now it’s going off the rails. Anything else?” Fischer covers his head with a blanket, job done.

Schumer isn’t cheap with her compliments for Fischer either, in case you are wondering. When their son Gene turned 2 years old in May, she shared an appreciation post about her husband on Instagram, a man she described as someone who “takes care of our family and is a husband and father beyond my wildest dreams.”

This compliment thing might not be a terrible idea. Although I think a pillow wall is also worth a shot. Boundaries.