Andy Cohen had a great Halloween with his two kids.

Andy Cohen Helped Himself To His Kids’ Halloween Candy

And he’s now a big fan of Reese’s Thin.

Andy Cohen just enjoyed his very first Halloween as a dad of two, and he absolutely made the most of it. He took his 3-year-old son Benjamin and baby daughter Lucy out trick-or-treating in the West Village of New York City. And perhaps best of all, he “discovered” a new kind of candy while clearly rummaging through their loot after the trick-or-treating was through. So all in all, pretty much a perfect night.

The Bravo host took to social media to share a series of images from his Halloween night in the West Village with his two children and the spooky decorations people had put up on their homes had at least one big fan. His baby girl Lucy. Held in the arms of a friend of Cohen’s, Lucy was “transfixed” by the ominous sounds and flashing lights coming out of homes as kids ran around collecting up candy. And can we just say, Lucy made just about the cutest little princess you ever did see. Even though she did look a touch befuddled in a photo from the evening.

Andy Cohen had a fun Halloween with his kids.Andy Cohen/Instagram

As far as Ben Cohen’s costume, he and his dad had been dealing with a bit of a conundrum in that department. First Ben wanted to be a really fierce lion but when his costume arrived it was a little too tame, his dad explained in an Instagram video last month. Then he wanted to be a skeleton but there was a big yellow bow tie that felt a little too “chorus boy” for both Cohen and his son.

At the end of the day, it looked like they might have ditched the tie and gone as matching skeletons.

Andy Cohen had a great Halloween with his kids.Andy Cohen/Instagram

Finally, the moment that every parent secretly waits for after trick-or-treating. Scavenging through the loot and eating some of that hard-earned candy after a long night. Cohen was excited to discover Reese’s Thins, which he ate on camera (which means Ben will have evidence) and called a “spa” candy. He really looked to be enjoying it too.

Andy Cohen had a fun Halloween with his kids.Andy Cohen/Instagram

Andy Cohen might be a fairly new parent, but he already has the perfect Halloween on lock. Fun with the kids, put them to bed, then eat candy. Heaven.