Andy Cohen is a relatable single dad.
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Andy Cohen Trying To "Cherish" Parenthood After A Sleepless Night Is Too Dang Relatable

He says he “folded” by turning on the TV, but we call it “giving yourself a mental health break.”

Andy Cohen is a relatable single dad. Yes, he is a wealthy celebrity living in a rarefied world that would not be terribly recognizable to most of us. But when it comes to mornings with his two kids, he really is just like us. Exhausted, trying to remind himself to be grateful for these early years. Trying not to turn to the TV to occupy his little ones and failing before 8 a.m. Like I said, relatable.

The Watch What Happens Live! host recently took to Instagram to share a series of little vignettes from his morning at home with 4-year-old son Ben and 1-year-old daughter Lucy. “Up allll night with these sweet kiddos,” he wrote in an Instagram Story alongside a photo of his face looking exhausted, no offense. “I know I’m supposed to ‘cherish’ this time cuz it won’t last forever. but......”

Cohen followed this message with a video that saw him reading Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas to his son Ben just after 7 a.m., in September, reminding him that “it’s a while until Christmas and Hanukkah, but this is a little preview.” For his part, Ben didn’t appear all that interested, if we’re being honest. Probably tired from all that staying up all night.

Just over half an hour later, Cohen shared an update on his morning. “Lasted as long as I could without turning on the TV,” he captioned a photo of him sitting in front of the TV with Ben on his lap watching an episode of Peanuts, a coffee on the sofa beside him. “I folded around 7:50.”

He calls it “folded,” but we call it “giving yourself a mental health break.”

Cohen has been sharing his morning adventures throughout the summer, and they have honestly been pretty entertaining. Especially when it comes to his son Ben, who loves to eat chips and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for breakfast and carries a handful of bacon into summer camp as a bit of a security blanket for days when his “calculations” have told him he’s going to have a bad day.

Andy Cohen really is just like the rest of us. Trying to get through the morning with kids when he is tired and they’re tired and finally just giving in to the sweet release of putting on the television. Not every day has to be “cherished” with little ones. Some days can just be about surviving.