Prince Harry has a sweet drawing of his kids in his office.
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Prince Harry Has A Sweet Drawing Of Archie & Lilibet Displayed In His Home Office

It’s from a special moment in his life.

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Royal fans will remember when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released their final official family Christmas card in 2021. They had just welcomed daughter Lilibet in June, and posed for a photo on the steps of their Montecito, California home as a family of four. It was a special moment, and one that Prince Harry clearly wants to treasure every day: He has a drawing based on that special photo of him, his wife, daughter Lilibet, and son Archie in his office.

Royal fan, artist, and illustrator Jennifer Vallez created the special drawing of the Sussex family back in 2021, and recently spoke to People about how “elated” she was when the couple reached out to ask for an illustration from her. Vallez has done sketches of many royal family members for her Instagram page @royalsketchesbyjenv, and shared with People that her work caught the eye of Meghan Markle.

“I received an email from Meghan’s assistant expressing appreciation for my illustrations documenting the Duke and Duchess’ love story. They conveyed a desire to support my work,” she told the magazine. Markle had spotted Vallez’s rendering of the first Christmas card she and Prince Harry had released as a family of four, and went on to take 25 pieces that “told their love story” from the artist in total.

While she didn’t share which other items the couple took, Vallez was excited to find out that the drawing she had done of their family was in Prince Harry’s office. “I was aware they got my art when Meghan sent a lovely handwritten thank-you note,” she told People. “However, I wasn’t sure how they’d showcase it. The fact that one of my prints is now in Prince Harry's office is simply surreal!”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle love hanging artwork honoring family members in their home. In shots of their Montecito home shared in their Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan, a portrait of the late Princess Diana was seen hanging on the wall. And there were loads of photos of 4-year-old Archie and 2-year-old Lilibet in the documentary — pictures the couple normally keeps under wraps.

But this artwork, drawn from a photo taken at a time of great transition (when the couple had just welcomed their second baby, recently found their way to California, and were getting accustomed to life away from the royal family) appears to be significant to Prince Harry. So much so that he hung it in his office to see it every day.

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