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Ashley Graham Juggles Three Kids While Using A NoseFrida In Adorable New Photo

“Octo-mom takes on a whole new meaning.”

Ashley Graham is proving to be a mom who can juggle it all... literally! In recent Instagram post the model shares a look at what raising three sons is like. In the picture, Graham is in her pajamas, cradling one of her sons while the other two tug at her leg, also wanting mom’s attention. Graham is clearing the infant’s nostrils with NoseFrida, a popular tool parents use to clean their kids’ noses until they are old enough to do so on their own. “Octo-mom takes on a whole new meaning,” the 35-year-old captioned the picture. The down-to-earth, relatable stance is one all parents of toddlers can relate to.

“But you’re crushing it!,” one follower commented. Another offered a few words of encouragement. “Oh - and Also - you’re doin’ a good job, Mama!!! 👏👏👏 Hang in there!!! - The days are long…..but the years are short!!!”

Australian actress and model Yasmin Scott wrote, “How on earth did you breastfeed twins with a toddler! I'm struggling with 1 with a toddler.”

Graham shares sons Issac and twins, Malachi and Roman, whom she welcomed in January 2022, with her husband Justin Ervin. She told Romper in an October 2022 interview the inspiration behind her kids’ names was personal and spiritual. All of her sons’ names are Biblical, which seems fitting since the couple met at church.

“Malachi also is a messenger of God,” she told Romper about the origin of the twins’ name. “For us, meanings mean so much and we want our kids to have great communication just like we do. So: messenger of God.”

Graham recently spoke about her juggling as a mom of kids under the age of three. She called it an adjustment; from moving ( the couple relocated from New York City apartment to a New Jersey, shortly after she gave birth to the twins) to buying new baby gear. Not to mention the hassle of breastfeeding two infants at the same time.

“As a parent, you have your good days, and you have your 'Oh my god, I've made it through this day' moments,” she told Parents.

No word on if the couple plans on further expanding their family but as far as personal times, it seems those moments are far and in between.

“Spontaneousness doesn't really exist when you have three kids under 3, as far as date nights go,” she shared with Parents about her and Ervin’s quality time.

But hey! That comes with the territory when parenting a toddler and two infants!