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Barbie has amazing Dreamhouses from around the globe.
20 Photos Of What Barbie Dreamhouses Would Look Like Around The World

All that pink!

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The full plot of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, in theaters on July 21, has been kept as a closely-guarded secret. The one thing fans do know is that Barbie (Margot Robbie) gets cast out of Barbie Land. Which is fairly devastating considering she has a super amazing house complete with a pool and a slide from her bedroom to take her right on down to that pool. So what does she do?

Well, JeffBet and U.S. News decided to come up with Dreamhouses for her around the world if she became a jetsetter. They used different factors to determine where Barbie would live like income equality (Barbie is a feminist, after all), education system, job market and health systems to figure out where Barbie might want to set up her new home. And fortunately for her, every one of these 20 homes is an absolute stunner. Plus, Barbie can really dig into that impressive wardrobe of hers for different looks based on all of these different locations.

“People all around the world and of different generations share the love for Barbie and have had at one point considered a life in the Barbie Dreamhouse,” JeffBet spokesperson said in a statement. “This analysis has truly captured the essence of each country from the weather to the amenities and the landscape.”

And all of that pink is truly fantastic.



If Barbie decides to go with this stately Swedish Dreamhouse, she’ll be forgoing the pool and the Malibu sun in favor for what looks to be her own private pond. She’s also going for a center hall look here and a real balanced proportion, which feels tasteful and appropriate for Sweden.



Barbie could really only do a mid-century modern home in Denmark, the home of hygge and minimalism and teak. She’s gone for a window-forward look with her home and a unique, clean design.



Barbie gets the most bang for her buck by heading just north to Canada, where the dollar is weak but the friendliness is strong. She’ll immediately make a whole host of new pals to bring over to this house in the snow, and those turrets and balconies make for a unique look that Canadians will tell her they appreciate.



Barbie heads to the Swiss Alps to enjoy some fondue and chocolate in Switzerland, where she has three levels of spacious rooms and loads of windows to look at the gorgeous scenery. I wonder if she’ll learn to yodel.



Barbie’s Dreamhouse in Norway looks like something out of a dream. So many rounded, soft edges and beautiful balconies and an almost see-through design. I wonder if the Norwegian elves had a hand in creating it.



If Barbie is planning on taking up spying a la James Bond and needs a base camp, she’s found it in her Finnish Dreamhouse. This place looks like a beautiful, pink mission control. We can only assume Barbie is plotting something from the upper deck of her snowy Dreamhouse.



Barbie heads back to the city to live in her German Dreamhouse, where it looks like she’s taking up an entire city block with her fanciful pink home. I feel like it should be noted that she doesn’t appear to have a car or a pool or any yard to speak of, which tells me she is living in Munich. She’ll love the Christmas markets, so that’s something.



Again, Barbie is living in a neighborhood where she has the nicest house on the block in the Netherlands. She’s gone for another mid century modern look, and continues to eschew privacy essentials like curtains or, indeed, even walls in some cases. Classic Barbie.



Barbie can put another shrimp on the barbie at her Australian Dreamhouse, where she really goes all out with a totally unique design. No straight lines, all windows and outdoor seating area. Oddly no pool, but I guess she’ll have enough beaches to visit.

New Zealand


Does Barbie’s New Zealand Dreamhouse put you in mind of a pink, open-plan Hobbit House? Or is it just me? She’s got views for days here and a big window that looks like a giant eye. A nod to the Lord of the Rings trilogy filmed on the island? Perhaps.



Barbie has gone classic again in Belgium and added a very cool, vintage pink car in the driveway. She appears to really love a center hallway look with ornate trim and a stately front door when she’s on the continent, and we can’t blame her. It’s a European look. Hopefully she’s cooking up some Belgian waffles in her kitchen to get the full experience.

United Kingdom


Barbie’s house in the United Kingdom appears to be the first one with curtains, which has me wondering if she’s finally bothered by the neighbors looking in her windows. It’s an enormous home with gingerbread trim and a more subtle shade of pink. Maybe she doesn’t want the Brits to look down at her for being tacky.



If you were expecting some sort of ski chalet for Barbie’s Austrian Dreamhouse, think again. This is her most space-age home yet, almost like a fantasy treehouse in pink with different pods attached by walkways and windows. If you look at her neighbor’s classic alpine home, you know she has the neighborhood talking.



Barbie’s Japanese Dreamhouse is like nothing we’ve seen before. She really got into the bubbles here, with lots of glass bubbles and few walls for a see-through look. She kept the landscaping to a minimum here too. She’ll have enough upkeep just keeping those glass bubbles clean.



If Barbie was going for a minimalist look in other countries, Franc brought out the maximalist in her. Look at all of those pink flowers and gables and balconies and turrets. It’s like something straight out of Bridgerton, very whimsical and sweet. Perfect for entertaining her new French friends with a certain je ne sais quoi.



Barbie’s pink Dreamhouse manages to overtake all the green in Ireland, which is no small feat. She has quite a dramatic staircase and really goes heavy on the curtains here. Does she think her Irish neighbors are too nosy? Or does she just want to enjoy a wee fish and chips in peace?



Barbie’s Luxembourg Dreamhouse is undoubtedly the biggest house in this tiny country. She almost has a garage here, or at least somewhere to park her sweet little car where out of the elements. She’s coming back strong with the windows and the modern design. I hope she’s letting some of the locals rent rooms, because she’s taken up all the space in Luxembourg with this one.



Barbie’s back in the sunshine in her Spanish Dreamhouse, and this one has plenty of room to have friends over for late night tapas and enjoy the scenery. Again, no pool, but there is a bridge heading up to Barbie’s doorway that could be over some sort of water. I feel like she always needs to have somewhere to swim.



Barbie went for all of it in her Italian Dreamhouse. The pool she can step straight out of her house into, the four levels of decks and balconies plus a rooftop balcony that spans the entire house. Presumably a pizza oven hidden somewhere discreet. This is truly la dolce vita.



Barbie’s Dreamhouse in Portugal somehow manages to fit in better with the surroundings than any of her other continental homes. The architecture is unique but also kind of traditional. She went for a modest staircase which is not like her at all. And she even has a pink cobblestone driveway. What’s not to love?

Barbie’s Dreamhouses across Europe and the United Kingdom (and Canada) all have their own unique beauty, just as the imaginary Barbie Dreamhouses across the most populated cities in the United States were all creative and aspirational. And isn’t that what Barbie Dreamhouses have always been about? Aspirational, outlandish, and just plain fun.

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