Take A Look Inside The Barbie Movie's Very, Very Pink Dreamhouse

Did you know there’s no water (or elements) in Barbie Land?

Margot Robbie is very excited about the Barbie movie Dreamhouse, and we can see why. The star of Greta Gerwig’s hotly anticipated movie, in theaters on July 21, recently gave a tour of her pink home in Barbie Land for Architectural Digest, and it is exactly as marvelous as you imagined when you were a kid. Right down to the slide from your bedroom to your own private pool. And yes, this is a feature of Barbie’s home, thanks in part to Margot Robbie herself.

Robbie recently opened up to Kelly Clarkson about her one request for starring in the Barbie movie. She wanted the house to include a slide from the bedroom down to a pool, and of course Gerwig complied. The slide is, in fact, Robbie’s favorite part of the Barbie Dreamhouse, even if she admitted in an interview with Architectural Digest that it’s “not very practical.” Practical or not, when Robbie saw the set she couldn’t help feeling like things were a bit “surreal,” she told AD.

“I’d spent so long looking at the miniatures and the models and the drawings and the design of what it was gonna look like, and then when you see it firsthand in real life, it's all there, and it's really exciting,” Robbie explained to the magazine.

And very, very, very pink. From Barbie’s dining area right down to the pink slide into a pool without any water. Because elements don’t exist in Barbie Land.

Margot Robbie gave an impressive tour of Barbie Dreamhouse.AD/YouTube

Pink was the name of the game for Gerwig when she was working with designers on the all-important set. “I can’t even tell you the meetings we’ve had about pink,” she said. “We like, sat with all these different kinds of pinks and we were like, ‘what is the pink? And how do the pinks interact?’” Gerwig also came at the set with a sense of nostalgia, saying, “When I was a little girl, I liked the pinkest, brightest things.”

There is every shade of pink available in Barbieland.AD/YouTube

Barbie has her own entertaining area including a pink stone double-sided fireplace, which was all part of Gerwig’s idea to make things look “beautiful” without edging over into being too classy.

Barbie lives without walls.AD/YouTube

All of the Barbies can see each other at all times because they live without walls, sitting in their pink houses looking out onto their perfect artificial skyline. And beautiful fridges stocked with decals of artificial food. The good news is that Barbies probably don’t need food.

Barbie has a fridge full of artificial food.AD/YouTube

Weirdly, Barbies still go through the motions of having showers and taking bubble baths even though they don’t have water. The bubble bath looks fun regardless.

Barbie must have awfully dry bubble baths.AD/YouTube
Barbie’s Dream House is iconic.AD/YouTube

Outdoor spaces in Barbie Land are incredible too, with a fake stream running past houses, convertible cars, and perfectly pink sitting areas.

Barbie has a heck of a wardrobe.AD/YouTube

When it comes to picking out her outfit for the day, Barbie just opens up her wardrobe to find a perfectly accessorized outfit of her choosing at the ready. She simply twirls and the outfit appears on her body. And when it’s time to go to bed she does the same again, a little twirl to get her perfectly pressed pajamas so she can head off to sleep and try not to think about death in her seashell-shaped bed.

Barbie has an incredible bedroom.AD/YouTube

Barbie’s Dreamhouse was created with nostalgia and affection and, as Ryan Gosling said, “artistry and playfulness.” And perhaps most of all, a sense of what we all felt as kids playing with our Barbie Dreamhouses. That feeling like we could have that ourselves someday. And now we can.