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Winnie the Pooh & More Family-Friendly Movies To Get You In The Mood For Spring

Spring forward into a new season with some fun movies!

Warmer weather, sunnier skies, and longer days are finally upon us. And while we can’t admire blooming flowers and freshly cut grass all day long, you can certainly celebrate the season with your family by watching one of the many fun and heartwarming spring movies for kids available to stream right now.

On this list, you’ll find movies set in the springtime like Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo and the 1934 Disney film Silly Symphony the Goddess of Spring. There are also some films that simply celebrate all of the beautiful things about the season (check out 2018’s Peter Rabbit). You’ll also find some movies about Easter — which falls on April 4 in 2021 — like the 2011 live-action flick Hop and the sweet animated film Guess How Much I Love You: An Enchanting Easter. Other options on this lists just give you that good “feels like spring” feeling that will surely put you and your little ones in a happier mood.

Whichever movie you choose to watch, there’s something on this list for everyone in the family to enjoy. So crack open a window (or turn on the air conditioning), embrace those short sleeves, and curl up on the couch for a spring-themed movie night.

Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo

It’s up to Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, and Roo to get Rabbit’s spring cleaning done so the Easter festivities can begin in this 2004 Winnie the Pooh movie.

Watch Winnie the Poo: Springtime with Roo on Disney+.

A Bug’s Life

This 1998 Pixar film takes you on the journey of one ant who searches for a band of warriors to help battle the grasshoppers taking over his home. Celebrate nature’s favorite season with these wonderful insects in this classic animated film.

Watch A Bug’s Life, rated G, on Disney+.


A pig with a knack for conversation finds his way with the help of some friends on the farm in this 1995 family comedy that will have you embracing nature’s seasonal joys.

Watch Babe, rated G, on HBOMax.


A deer named Bambi sets off to fulfill his destiny as prince of the forest in this 1942 Disney animated film that will evoke images of springtime.

Watch Bambi, rated G, on Disney+.

A Ring of Endless Light

In hopes of forgetting her troubles at home, 15-year-old Vicky begins assisting a handsome researcher who works with mammals and discovers that she can communicate with dolphins, in this sunshine-y film that will immediately make you think of spring.

Watch A Ring of Endless Light, rated G, on Disney+.

Bee Movie

Jerry Seinfeld lends his voice to Barry, a worker bee who makes honey, and sues humans when he learns they’ve been stealing the bee’s nectar in this film all about springtime’s biggest nuisance’s.

Watch Bee Movie, rated PG, on Netflix.

Bigfoot Family

When Bigfoot goes missing, it’s up to his shy yet tech-savvy teen to take on an evil CEO in order to save his family and wildlife preserve in this nature themed, springtime film.

Watch Bigfoot Family, rated TV-Y7, on Netflix.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte the Spider teaches Wilbur the Pig and other barnyard animals lessons about trust, friendship, and love in this animated movie musical that will give you all the springtime feels.

Watch Charlotte’s Web, rated G, on Hulu.

Guess How Much I Love You: An Enchanting Easter

This special, based on the classic picture book, Guess How Much I Love You, is a seasonally appropriate film that will celebrate the essential spring holiday.

Watch Guess How Much I Love You: An Enchanting Easter, rated G, on Amazon Prime.


A slacker finds himself very busy after he runs over the Easter Bunny and has to take over the rabbit’s duties in this film about the essential spring holiday.

Watch Hop, rated PG, on Netflix.

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

The forest-dwelling Lorax tells the story about environmentally self-destructive greed in this adaptation of a Dr. Seuss classic that will make you want to embrace the outdoors.

Watch Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, rated PG, on Netflix.

Over the Hedge

Forest animals face off against encroaching suburbia in this animated family comedy from 2006 that will make you want to embrace your furry neighborhood creatures this season.

Watch Over the Hedge, rated PG, on HBO Max.

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit and his family members wreak havoc in hopes of winning back the Manor House of Old McGregor in this animated film from 2018 that will have you craving those delicious springtime vegetables.

Rent Peter Rabbit, rated PG, for $3.99 on YouTube Movies.


Intersecting stories from one high school unfold in this Disney movie about the biggest social event of the springtime — prom.

Watch Prom, rated PG, on Disney+.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

Max, Gidget, Snowball, and the rest of the gang take on new adventures in this Secret Life of Pets sequel that will make you want to take your furry friend for a walk in this newly warm weather.

Watch The Secret Life of Pets 2, rated PG, on Netflix.

Silly Symphony the Goddess of Spring

The goddess of spring, Persephone, is kidnapped by Hades and brings about the winter season in this 1934 Disney animated short.

Watch Silly Symphony the Goddess of Spring, rated TV-Y7, on Disney+.

The Sound Of Music

Get transported to Austria in the springtime in this 1965 movie musical about a governess who won the heart of the Von Trapp family.

Watch The Sound of Music, rated G, on Disney+.


A delivery stork cooks up trouble for himself and a friend in the form of a baby girl in this hilarious comedy with a nature-themed twist.

Watch Storks, rated PG, on Hulu.


When the kingdom’s most wanted bandit is taken hostage by a teenager, Rapunzel, looking to escape, duo set off for a scenic adventure in this gorgeous film that will have you embracing spring.

Watch Tangled, rated PG, on Disney+.


A retired balloon salesman ties thousands of balloons to his house and embarks on an adventure filled with unlikely characters in this 2009 Pixar film that will take you on a scenic adventure throughout the season.

Watch Up, rated PG, on Disney+.