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Toys of Bluey and Bingo alongside a plate made with a Home Chef meal kit.
Home Chef

Bluey Inspired Meals (& Toys) Are Now Available From Home Chef

Menu offerings include Turkey and Bean Chili by Chilli (get it?) and Bandit’s Takeaway Pork Egg Roll in a Bowl, inspired by the episode “Takeaway.”

I think anyone can probably recall the heady joy of going to their favorite fast food chain to get some sort of kid’s meal primarily because of the toy that would come with it. Now, our kids can experience that same meal-centered thrill from the comfort of their kitchen with Bluey inspired meal kits from Home Chef. And, dare we dream, it will get them more invested in cooking and trying new foods? A mom can dream...

For a limited time, the meal kit company has partnered with BBC Studios to create meals that take cues from the show and are perfect for expanding little palates. The Family Menu will be available every week throughout April via the Home Chef website, and each box comes with a fun, collectible Bluey toy while supplies last.

Recipes will change weekly throughout the month and will arrive in a special interactive box. Menu offerings include Turkey and Bean Chili by Chilli (get it?); Bandit’s Takeaway Pork Egg Roll in a Bowl (inspired by “Takeaway”); and The Pizza Girls’ Garlic Parmesan Sausage Pizza (inspired by “Pizza Girls”), among others.

“Partnering with Bluey is a celebration of the happiness and quality time that defines both Bluey and Home Chef,” says Raquel Brown, brand director at Home Chef. “Through this partnership, we aim to turn every meal into a moment of shared delight and make family mealtime truly special.”

Home Chef

Of course, with two new episodes dropping worldwide in April — “Ghostbasket” on April 7 and “The Sign,” a very special 28-minute episode on April 14 — this is the perfect time to go all in on a Bluey theme. Perhaps you can make an event of it: cook your meal as a family (we know cooking with kids can be an absolute drag but it is how they learn), and then watch the episode while you eat it. Might I suggest a picnic blanket dinner in the living room? I don’t know what it is but it makes the whole “dinner and a movie” thing more exciting for little kids. You can also expand on your Bluey day with a variety of projects, coloring pages, games, and more with the Bluey website’s activities section.

Bon appétit!